Miley Cyrus Revamps Gimmick / Readies New Single ‘Malibu’

Published: Thursday 4th May 2017 by Sam

Miley Cyrus earned praise and critque in equal measure when she traded her traditional pop rooting for a faux-edgy take on Urban.

Indeed, out went the girl next door and in came the grills, Mike-Will collaborations, and cringey attempts at twerking. Case in point…

Well, after a period of reflection (brought on perhaps by the lukewarm response to her 2015 “mixtape” ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz’), Cyrus is re-branding.

She poses it up in a number of demure shots for Billboard Magazine, who she opened up to about her new direction.

Stripping things back, she appears to have ditched the plethora of Urban super-producers found on ‘Bangerz’ and ‘Petz.’ Instead, she’s written most of her as yet untitled new album herself, with producer-writer Oren Yoel.

Billboard describes the sound as acoustic, folky, and rootsy with occasional lean towards epic Pop.

The masses will get a taste of new Miley when her single ‘Malibu’ lands next week (May 11th).


We’re all for the change. It was necessary.

Her antics were becoming a farce and the level of cultural appropriation was unavoidably offensive.

She has an interesting voice, so hopefully this go round she pairs it with content that doesn’t feel like it was ripped from ‘Hip-Hop 101 For Beginners.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. We Fall Dowm May 4, 2017

    Bangers was really a DOPE album, she did her thang with that. I’m rooting for miley so hopefully her new music will be good and she shouldn’t release her album until next season of the voice when she’s back on.

    • DanYiel Iman May 5, 2017

      Ok I purchased it & it’s awesome ??!!

  2. Jasmine May 4, 2017

    She is young enough to reinvent the direction wheel when it comes to her albums. I think she will be fine with whatever direction she chooses.

  3. gina May 4, 2017

    so she’s ditching the bad rihanna impersonation and growing up now. good for her.

  4. Fancy BISH May 4, 2017

    So THIS is why Katy Perry tried to copy her style! Katy’s team knew Miley was about to drop new music…but it seems like Miley is changing her style so Katy is the one stuck with the bad Bieber haircut! Katy just can’t win lol #BonVoyage

  5. Francis May 4, 2017

    Bangerz it’s a good album, Miley’s best till date, but I always thought that this style suits her better.

    I love her backyard sessions!

  6. Dustin May 4, 2017

    You guys are seriously the worst. So Christina Aguilera wasn’t just swapping gimmicks when she went from XXXtina to “Aunt no other man”? Miley is a performer, she can try on as many looks as she wants. She also happens to be a talented vocalist. I think it’s time to unfollow and find another urban music blog cause your output is trash.

    • XYZ May 4, 2017

      Think so too, as this blog became annoying as hell. But actually there aren’t that many urban blogs, aren’t they? But I’m open for recommendations

    • Dev May 5, 2017

      Difference is that Christina has actual talent and an ability to sing a variety of music. Also, Christina was doing r&b pop from the beginning and the change came with a gap but not looking so forced. Miley’s “urban” moment seemed like it was decided in a meeting by a team instead of a natural progression….

  7. JOHNVIDAL May 4, 2017

    So basically she has not artistry of her own whatsoever and completely changes from era to era as if nothing had happened. Not that we didn´t know but this confirms her last era was a super try-hard laughable mess.

  8. AmbeRussell May 4, 2017

    Bangerz wasn’t fully urban (wrecking ball guys). But I’m not surprise, her acoustics back yard performances indicated that she might go that route.

    • Francis May 4, 2017

      I agree with u! This change doesn’t come from nowhere, people must be forgetting that her dad was a country singer and her godmother is Dolly Parton.

      I think this new style will be good for her.

  9. XYZ May 4, 2017

    Come on, tgj. Don’t act as if bangers wasn’t a good album. Her twerking started to get on my nerves as well, give you that, but that album was really dope.

  10. SNF May 4, 2017

    Keep it.,

  11. Liam May 4, 2017

    She always revamp with her albums I’m sure the music is still gonna slay…..she hasn’t made a bad album yet so I’m piqued to hear the new music

  12. Belladonna May 4, 2017

    I just love her she just what I like in a star & she’s s*** so I can’t wait to hear the new music. And she was never all Urban. Wrecking ball was a massive pop hit!

  13. @ASAPicon May 4, 2017

    IF she can serve up another Party In The USA anthem, Im here for it

    • DanYiel Iman May 5, 2017

      lol I never heard that song a day in life but I only heard it at Wal-Mart & became a fan!!?❤️

  14. Cherylsoldier May 5, 2017

    Here for country miley her new era is coming ❤️

  15. Tahj May 8, 2017

    F.U ft french Montana was my favorite song from bangerz

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