Xscape Stun In New Promo Pics

Published: Friday 19th May 2017 by Sam

Reunited and it feels so good!

R&B group Xscape have reformed and are looking make a splash with a return to the stage in July at the Essence Music Festival. The ladies are also gearing up for reality project chronicling their comeback.

To whip up buzz for both ventures, Kandi, Tiny, Tamika, and LaTocha have unwrapped gorgeous new promotional snaps.

Looking better than ever, the quad are certainly proving that grown women can serve aesthetic too.

Peep another shot of the singers below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Honestly Truly May 19, 2017

    Even though TLC is bigger Xscape might just overshadow their comeback. Welcome back ladies

    • G7Pat May 19, 2017

      Tuny n kandi r very relevant 20 years later…adds the new generation to the interest of it all..smart business ladies they r

    • Caleb May 19, 2017

      HELL no. They not about to I believe overshadow s***.

    • Shenika Mcrae May 20, 2017

      Well I feel. They should have put on some more.clothes,with what they got on,respect,they body,ya feel me

    • Linear May 22, 2017

      How, when Xscape is only reuniting for a tour? TLC is reuniting for an album AND tour…and I promise you that TLC’s tour (even if it doesn’t break any records) will be better received than Xscape’s.

  2. Gee May 19, 2017

    Xscape are coming back for blood this second coming.

  3. iCritic May 19, 2017

    Thought homegirl in the middle first pic was a cleaned up Azealia Banks. ?They slayin!

  4. Trose May 19, 2017

    Come thru ladies

  5. KING MELANIN May 19, 2017


  6. Jeans May 19, 2017

    Their biopic will trump TLCs. Love these ladies. I’m so excited. They look gorgeous. Wow!!!

    • Caleb May 19, 2017

      Trump the TLC biopic in what department? Certainly not ratings.

      • KimKong May 19, 2017

        Shut up Caleb?

      • Travesty May 24, 2017

        just for the record caleb, Xscape pulled the most viewers EVER in the history of Unsung so they still got the Fever for the Flavor of the Ruru nah mean…

  7. stan May 19, 2017

    the first pic looks more cohesive, but they all look good in both pics!

  8. Islandboi242 May 19, 2017

    Slay slay slay slay

  9. DanYiel Iman May 19, 2017

    TLC is known for that Pop-Mess that y’all kids looked forward to & I only like T-Boz voice Left Eyes raps fit the groups vibe, never found Chili voice to be anything special!! We all know her sound from IG!! ??‍♂️ Xscape has come to clean house in R&B because they’ve only put out PLATINUM ALBUMS!! ❤️❤️?

    • Caleb May 20, 2017

      Every TLC studio album was Platinum or more as well so what is your point?

      • MiMi May 20, 2017

        You know Tiny and Kandy wrote for TLC Right!

      • Majorette May 20, 2017

        If u got it, sincere about it, show it

    • Linear May 22, 2017

      DanYiel Iman is an idiot.

  10. TingTing May 19, 2017

    TLC released a dope promo shot as well Sam .

  11. Caleb May 20, 2017

    All these ppl coming for TLC in the comments need to stfu. Why you trying to tear them down to uplift your desperate housewives?

    • ? + ✈ = ? May 20, 2017


    • Ebaby May 20, 2017

      Never desperate! tLC done they thing, but the 90s was my teenage years and vocally TLC can not touch them. Not hatein speaking truth, white boy

  12. Tutorial May 20, 2017

    They were a great group. But rnb is dead. And in the age of black women hating each other and literally tearing each other down, I won’t even waste time and effort getting excited because it won’t last. Shame. I grew up on these women and this is rather epic but like I said, it won’t last.

    • Ebaby May 20, 2017

      Hating on black women much huh? All black women aren’t what’s depicted in the media…are you a black women? Speak what you know shorty

    • Majorette May 20, 2017

      R&B is not dead. We sing songs and played instruments. We did not use other artists records to yell over. We created the music.

  13. Letissue Mapps May 20, 2017

    Thats whats up ..they are my favorite group singers…. and love their back in the days songs

  14. Betty Ward May 20, 2017

    I am happy

  15. Teresa McKenzie May 20, 2017

    I think that they are extremely beautiful I love it…MS DIVAS!!!!!!!

  16. Dionna J Wiley May 21, 2017

    I can’t wait these ladies back like they left some I’m ready to see Xscape

  17. Carol Fagala June 22, 2017

    Live Escape music and will be watching the freat things to come for them. Haaaaaay?!!?

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