Awkward: Camila Cabello Talks Fifth Harmony’s New Single ‘Down’

Published: Friday 9th Jun 2017 by Sam

The aftermath of Camila Cabello‘s departure from Fifth Harmony has seen both acts largely stray from any mention of the other.

Indeed, in Cabello’s case utterances of 5H have been replaced with “the group,” while her former bandmates have stressed their renewed sense of “sisterhood” and improved “communication” in virtually every interview.

All ambiguity was thrown out of the window, though, when 20-year-old Cabello stopped by 92.3 AMP to plug new single ‘Crying In The Club.’

In a bold move, the hosts not only questioned her on 5H’s comeback offering ‘Down,’ they also asked her if she regrets how she left the group.

Watch the ouch, ouch, awkward moment below…

That definitely made for a butt-clenching watch.

Still, Camila handled herself well and, in a true testament to media training, kept the focus on her own activity.

Her album ‘The Hurting. The Healing. The Love’ is presently set for a September release, while Fifth Harmony are expected to deliver their third LP before.

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  1. sleazy June 9, 2017

    girl bye it feels natural cus you planned on leaving years ago…….. But your SIA single is boring

  2. steve June 9, 2017

    After I watched 5H on GMA I saw all the reason why she left. Those girls can’t sing live, there is always the back-up pre recorded music to sing to. The dance was so wack, Normani and Dinah had to hold it down. The only reason why they sell is their hot body and because they cut across many races. With the single Down there is no growth just the same old thing recycled.

    • DanYiel Iman June 9, 2017

      That’s a LIE they sound better without her whimpering soprano tones so stop ✋? ? that!!

    • gina June 9, 2017

      and this girl can sing? lmao she sucks just as much as that group does.

  3. Tim Brown June 9, 2017

    She was protected in that she is competing with the single artist! Chile…..

  4. Ttgtvtv June 9, 2017

    But you know I m like peace you know naturally you know it was cool you know… exactly how I act when someone is talking about my ex that I regret dumping

  5. #ispeakfacts June 9, 2017

    Poor girl… she should have stayed in 5H! I really don’t see much happening for her success wise! As for 5H… they actually look better as a foursome but I don’t see longevity with them….

  6. Yella June 9, 2017

    She can barely say a full sentence. Artist like whitney and mariah were already well-spoken at that age with 100000000x more talent.

    • truthteller June 9, 2017

      She’s never been very articulate, but English isn’t her mother tongue. When I see these solo interviews, it convinces me even more she’s missing that something to go it alone

  7. cocobutta June 9, 2017

    Like a ? caught in a trap

  8. Jeans June 9, 2017

    Y’all haters! I like Cam. And CRYING IN THE CLUB IS MY JAM!!!

  9. SMH June 9, 2017

    Funny how this groups’ whole situation is bigger than their actual record sales lol. You would think they sold like 50 million records judging by all their hype lol.

    • AmbeRussell June 9, 2017

      They really don’t have huge hype. Don’t be fool by a few articles on this site and a few loud fans. We see his all the time: few loud social media fans and blogs hyping something up, when the real world doesn’t know anything they are talking about or care

  10. AmbeRussell June 9, 2017

    I mean, what is she to say? SHE left the group, SHE released solo music and SHE can’t be mad at anyone or think they were gonna crumble because she left. She wasn’t Diana of the group and was a lead singer or letoya and was kicked out and decided to go solo. And she wasn’t Beyonce of the group and the other girls weren’t pcd aka back up to a “Nicole”.

  11. Who cares June 10, 2017

    You left something you were a part of and you expect me to believe you hacen to heard old song? Girl bye! You heard the entire song and watched the video several times. Truth is the timing of her leaving was off. She’s will regret for sure

  12. @vernonbruintjies June 16, 2017

    she worked hard with 5H and she just drop the girls like that “I am unhappy with it”

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