Report: Beyonce & JAY-Z’s Twins’ Names Revealed?

Published: Friday 30th Jun 2017 by Sam

While the world awaits the first glimpse of Beyonce and JAY-Z‘s new twins, a new report is heavily hinting at their names.

According to TMZ, the company that looks after the image rights for power couple just filed trademarks for Rumi Carter and Sir Carter.

Interestingly, the trademarks are for fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags, sports balls and rattles and other novelty items.

The Carters, who reportedly welcomed a boy and girl, made a similar move following the birth of their now five year old daughter Blue Ivy. 

For what it’s worth, Rumi means “beauty” in both Japanese and Bengali. As for Sir? That just has a cool ring to it.

In any case, with this now “out” in the media, surely confirmation is imminent? Stay tuned.

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  1. Coolio June 30, 2017

    Damn i wanted brooklyn and houston but i guess thats cute too congrads carters.
    Bey prob in the studio right now.

  2. B2B June 30, 2017


    • Fancy BISH June 30, 2017

      ResPEK lol ??

    • Kareem James June 30, 2017

      it will actually be Sir Sir Carter

  3. Pray for the youth June 30, 2017

    Rumi is cute. I wonder if it’s true, if Rumi is a girl or boy. I would appreciate Sir better if it were spelled differently. It’s something about that spelling I don’t like. ‘Sir’ to me is like a porno name…
    It only makes sense to me with the last name. I like it together. Sir Carter. I would call him that all the time and never call him just Sir if that’s him name. Like North West. North West was a dumb name though.

    • Pray for the youth June 30, 2017

      Oh. Reportedly welcomed a girl and a boy. Didn’t read that. I think two boys would’ve been cool but okay. They’re like the real Proud Family family now.

  4. Suicide Blonde June 30, 2017

    Sir is just ridiculous, Rumi on the other hand could have been named after the great Persian poet Rūmī, but I doubt it since poetry and The Carters, well ?

    • The Side Eye of RA June 30, 2017

      Let’s just leave it at that. I doubt they know Rumi from Remy.

      • Suicide Blonde June 30, 2017


    • Just Saying June 30, 2017

      And you probably just saw that on the Daily Mail or another showbiz site tonight yourself having never heard of that name before in your life ? #NotFoolingAnyone

      • Suicide Blonde June 30, 2017

        Well, I’m passionate about poetry, one of my many passions, my favorite is Rimbaud, very different poes/eras, I did saw the daily mail post, do they mention Rumi? I didn’t read the article ? but I follow them, anyway, what I wanted to say is that loving poetry and not knowing Rumi is like loving music and not knowing The Beatles.

      • Just Saying June 30, 2017

        For someone who supposedly loves the arts I’m surprised you would insult the art of music and the millions of people in all continents of the world who love music but dont necessarily have the same resources by using The Beatles as an example.

      • Suicide Blonde June 30, 2017

        Well, if you love music, not matter where you are from, you study its history, music’s biggest act = The Beatles, simply as that, at least in modern times, I’m pretty their history is well documented, unlike Mozart, just an example. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into or where you coming from, if you’re passionate about music, you learn its history, from the Paleolithic to our time. I bet most people on this site can tell you the history of popular music, at least from Elvis to…….Beyoncé, because they were interested in learning about something they love.

      • Suicide Blonde June 30, 2017

        Sorry for my typos, ? problems.

      • Just Saying July 1, 2017

        That’s exactly my point. Not all people have resources to study the history of music. In all poor corners of Asia, Africa middle east etc. And music is not just Pop. The Beatles are only prevalent in Western Pop Culture.

    • Justmeeeee July 1, 2017

      You sound like a Fool….

      The Beatles were nothing but RE- packaged Rhythm & Blues for white people # Fact

      Before you waste time responding with a Lie,
      Just know that they even admitted this out of their own mouths… ( but we already knew this)

      It’s on YouTube. Look it up. # FACT


  5. Beingmeiz June 30, 2017

    What’s so special here. Some people are jobless though ? ? ? ?

  6. Kareem James June 30, 2017

    These names are strictly for business purposes. I can actually see these names being brands, but I would not me naming my kid Sir, I’m sorry.

    • Suicide Blonde June 30, 2017

      Rumi is impossible to get a trademark. The name is very popular among the Sufi Muslim community.

  7. Meme June 30, 2017

    Sure they are cool names because they’re Beyoncé kids. Anyone else would have gotten dragged.

    • Hmmm…. June 30, 2017

      I don’t see why anyone would be dragged for having the name Rumi and i’ve met a few Sirs in my life. I personally don’t love the name but it’s not really a Hollyweird name. It’s not as strange and unusual as you’d think.

  8. Just Saying June 30, 2017

    Her kids names go nicely together if this is true. Not a fan of Sir but I actually know a little boy called Sir – its quite common in the caribbean. So don’t know why people acting like the name is made up. You’re the ignorant ones.

    • Suicide Blonde June 30, 2017

      Well, Sir is still ugly as a name, Rumi on the other hand is cute, even if it is uncommon in the western world.

      • Just Saying June 30, 2017


    • Hmmm…. June 30, 2017

      Agreed. I’ve come across people with the name. It’s not my fave but it’s definitely not made up.

  9. Monica Fan June 30, 2017

    The names are actually interestingly unique and authentic – Not just hollywood stupid. Rumi in particular is very classy. Hope the babies are doing well.

  10. oopsisuckeditagain June 30, 2017

    these people are out of control. to give children these ridiculous names and then trademark them immediately after their birth to start pimping them out is just bizarre. can nothing be sacred?

    • 2haute4tv July 1, 2017

      Did you ever think that they trade marked the names so that other people would not exploit them? You’re miserable.

  11. RealNegro June 30, 2017

    I love the name Rumi, but Sir not so much. Sounds like he’s been knighted by the Queen. But wait………?

  12. Avi July 1, 2017

    Ugh. I hope these names aren’t true.

  13. truthteller July 1, 2017

    Rumi is a nice name, but it doesn’t mean “beauty” in Japanese

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