TLC Explain Limited Left Eye Appearance On Final Album

Published: Friday 23rd Jun 2017 by Sam

TLC are readying their final album for release next week.

Due on June 30th, the promo run for the fan-funded project has seen T-Boz and Chilli touch a number of platforms. Billboard is one of the most recent and the ladies certainly made it count.

When quizzed on the presence (or lack thereof) of the late Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, the trio’s surviving members reveal an issue with their bandmate’s estate.

Peep this excerpt:

Lopes’ absence is felt on TLC, although there is one brief interlude crafted using an audio clip of her ripped from the internet. Watkins and Thomas say that Lopes’ estate — which released a posthumous album, Eye Legacy, in 2009 — is to blame. “The family, they held onto the other stuff,” says Watkins, as Thomas rolls her eyes. “I guess maybe they wanted money or something. I don’t think she’d be happy that people are trying to hold her vocals hostage.”


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  1. Fancy BISH June 23, 2017

    The album will flop, so Left Eye’s legacy is still intact…I don’t know why they are acting like this album is short bus extra special, cause it’s not…it’s a throwaway of $400,000 if you’re asking me…it sounds cheap af, with no concept in sight…LOVE TLC, but they never succeed on vocals and talent alone…they need IMAGE, PRODUCTION, high quality VIDEOS, stacked background vocals from Debra Killings, strategy and marketing…they are a QUALITY package, not some bargain bin ish…but they will call me a hater like it’s 1995 and they are actually still poppin in these streets…I’m gone…good luck ladies!

    • TingTing June 23, 2017

      ALL 3 of their legacy’s is still intact .. even if the album does flop , who gives a damn ? these ladies don’t have sh*t else to prove to you or anybody else .. they made their mark . Of course their image played apart in their success(as any other artist) but don’t discredit their talent ! TLC is responsible for TLC’s sound ! NO ONE ELSE ! Debra did background for them as well as for many other artist .. but there are plenty of songs without her as well. She was just used as a 3rd element because Lisa didn’t sing.

      • Fancy BISH June 23, 2017

        I didn’t mean to sound like the whole group’s legacy wasn’t intact…it IS…I’m commenting on how this interview comes off delusional about the actual MUSIC that is on this particular “album”…and with no concept AND for it to be self-titled, it falls flat as Caitlyn Jenner’s booty! Self-titled albums, and I quote from Gaby Whitehill, “marks something in an artist’s career – it’s either your first body of work, a change in direction, a musical transition – or simply a monolithic statement that screams ‘THIS IS ME’.” WELL, this new album sure as heck does NONE OF THAT.

      • Fancy BISH June 23, 2017

        AND PLEASE don’t discredit Miss Debra Killings’ contribution to TLC’s goosebump inducing vocal slayage! “When I need to feel love, why wait for so long”…THAT’S ALL HER on that bridge with Chilli in the front providing lead over her vocals…Debra left the studio with sweat, flour and chicken grease on her face from COOKING those vocals chile…”Let’s take our time baby, love lasts forEVER”…ALL HER AND THEN SOME, with Chilli on lead…I won’t keep going, but I could boo boo

      • TingTing June 23, 2017

        Learn the term “discredit” before speaking it . you spoke the obvious DUMB ASS . I acknowledged Debra singing background did I not ? she’s just not on EVERY song . Obviously “Let’s Take Our Time” is Chilli and Debra because who else would it be ? T-BOZ ISNT ON THE TRACK AT ALL .. The full project isn’t even released but yet your speaking as if you’ve heard every song .. TLC’s sound is T-BOZ , LEFT EYE, & CHILLI ! it can never be duplicated . There’s a reason why Debra has remained in the background all these years . If you wanna “keep going” I suggest you get some sense and learn not to bring a knife to a gun fight “boo boo”.

    • #Yandy June 23, 2017

      Please go somewhere and be quiet! It’s folks like you who don’t have a CLUE about the impact that TLC has already had. They’ve done their thing, AND they have the fact that they are the biggest selling American girl group of all time. If nothing else, this album is for their true, diehard fans, which clearly you’re not. Big record labels can afford big budget videos, etc. These girls have been there and done that, plus a whole lot more. Their REAL fans will appreciate this new album for what it is and be happy with the fact that they can hear new music from this legendary group one more time. And for the record, no one asked you! :/

      • Fancy BISH June 23, 2017

        OH PLEASE LOL…I’m gagging and coughing by laughing so hard…I’ve been A DAY ONE FAN, since I was 11 years old! YOU like mediocrity from TLC…just admit it, you LOVE these mediocre songs boo boo…the INTRO alone to Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg SH!TS AND FARTS on ALL THESE SONGS…3D was GARBAGE TOO…since we talking, LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.

      • Sam June 23, 2017

        Accepting mediocre work doesn’t make you a fan. Regardless of the reason, whether it be budget or lack of concept the music is trash this go round. Still a fan but an honest one. If these were new artist would u buy the material?

    • Its me guwrl June 23, 2017

      You r a disgustn little qween. H0 no1 care about u and everyone hates qweens like u. Yo mammy should be arrested and charge for bring your grotequest ass in this world. Biiiiitchhh!! #TLc

      • Fancy BISH June 23, 2017

        That’s all you got? You STANK, RANK, fish smelling HEFFA lol…go gag on a nutsack and then wash yo ASSS…and remember, just a SPRINKLE A DAYYYYY, watch your HOEE FADE AWAYYYY lol

    • Travesty June 30, 2017

      youre an idiot! like lisa would of said…. Eat 1000 d****!!!!

  2. #TeamTinashe Stan June 23, 2017

    Whats the point then?

  3. Gee June 23, 2017

    Without any Lefteye contributions this album is not a TLC album point blank period. Honestly this album should not see the light of day if all the members are not apart of it.

    • TingTing June 23, 2017

      Please ! you people kill me ! have you not listened to the other TLC albums ? Lisa was barely on any of the rest except the first album. Her contributions was getting smaller and smaller by each album.

  4. FAF June 23, 2017

    why shouldn’t her estate be compensated for using her vocals

  5. TingTing June 23, 2017

    Her family was asking for TOO much money .. they’re money hungry ! they were gonna get a percentage of the money if her vocals were used regardless.. T&C are literally the only thing at this point keeping her legacy alive .. her family is doing nothing but sitting on all her unreleased music + artwork

  6. ThatMessJuice.Flop June 23, 2017

    I personally didn’t expect any contribution from Lisa coz uhm she’s passed…like really ppl c’mon

  7. TingTing June 23, 2017

    ANYWAYS ! Sam .. TLC just released a new track called”American Gold” and it’s dope as hell

    • TLC TRUE FAN 2018 June 24, 2017

      I agree. I love American Gold. I just posted praise and my take on all 4 songs.

  8. @ASAPicon June 23, 2017

    Family should share the recordings and not bury them, thats selfish and greedy

  9. eric June 23, 2017

    I never like the argument that an artist has nothing to prove and diehard fans will be pleased. If you have a strong legacy, no one is asking for you to build on it, but you should at least honor it by giving your new project the same quality that made you successful. In my opinion, a diehard fan is someone who is honest because they love and respect the artist and they know what the artist is capable of producing. As a TLC fan who met these ladies at a meet & greet two years ago, I am not excited about this album. It is not a very good representation of who they are and that’s just the truth. The DJs out here have been roasting TLC on live radio; they are not the kind of comments you want to leave in people’s minds with your last album. I still like TLC, but I’m disappointed at the same time.

  10. Ajax June 23, 2017

    Chili has no class after seeing a few interviews with her she could definitely use a adjustment on her attitude. Not sure ? what caused this change or maybe she just hid it. T-boz is still classy and a pleasure to listen to

  11. Justafan June 24, 2017

    Man. To say alot of us are dissapointed at this TLC era is an understatement. I appreciate they out there performing and putting put tunes but they LACK good production and they need better branding looking like amateurs. It’s like they learnt nothing from their golden years….

  12. TLC TRUE FAN 2018 June 24, 2017

    TLC is back. I personally LOVE all 4 tracks that have been prereleased. Unfortunately, we live in a hateful world. There are negative comments that TLC is not the same group without Left Eye. This is a given & they are different. However, you must recognize that the remaining members still have something powerful to say and that is important.
    The awesome songs released so far:
    Way Back – I enjoyed how they sang this song and payed homage to great artists. A true sign of continued success is the acknowledgement of your peers, past & present. TLC does this awesomely with this smooth summer groove.
    Haters – I feel like this song is a modern day Unpretty. Rather than telling haters to continue to hate on them ala Jill Scott, TLC, chooses to tell people (the HATED) to continue with their lives as if those people don’t even exist. This works for those whose are posting negative comments here as well. “People are going to say what they say. We don’t care about that anyway.”
    It’s Sunny – A true throwback! I love the sampling of the old school Earth, Wind & Fire song – September – ingenious!! It’s highly unlikely that you would hear rappers going that route. This song is uplifting & refreshing.
    American Gold (released recently) – This is their most political song. When folks bleed, they are basically bleeding gold because of their rich ancestry. This song is saying a lot. I feel like it discusses the death of the average Joe as well as the loss of superstars.
    Finally, I want to commend TLC for continuing to give us great music. They actually sat down and thought about giving us a message. Unfortunately, not everyone will get it because they are too busy looking for flaws.

  13. Travesty June 30, 2017

    yeah the sister teardrop… that so called 1st lady of hip rock got nothin better to do than pry into tlcs biznizz an f*** everythin up by not lettin lisa be a part of this final chapter… just sad!!!

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