The First Week Numbers Are In! TLC’s Final Album Sold…

Published: Saturday 8th Jul 2017 by Sam

Given the booming buzz surrounding TLC‘s Kickstarter campaign for their final album, its arrival – two years later – was noticeably mute.

Indeed, despite select specs of promotion in the weeks preceding, the group haven’t had much visibility in the media scape and instead appear to be focussing on their upcoming tour.

The approach, plus a multitude of other factors (including so-so reviews and the lack of pre-release hit) has had an undeniable effect commercially.

Because, with the final figures counted, it’s apparent that folk did not rush out to buy the self-titled set.

Per Hits Daily Double, the ‘TLC’ looks poised to premiere at #41 after shifting the following:

(Sales Plus Streaming)

(Pure Sales)

In a testament to changing times, even though the pure sales figure is shocking, had streaming not been factored in the ladies would have been looking at a #16 debut. However, with streaming now being the predominant means of consumption, that fact pushed the duo… ‘Way Back.’

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. Although, the album was not the business. 

TLC are factually legends and have a hit catalogue that is undeniable and will have them always able to earn a living on the live circuit.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sam July 8, 2017

    Because it was terrible! After the wait and all the producers and writers they could’ve gone with they still managed to suck! I don’t even listen to the album as there has been stronger releases recently.
    TLC should’ve made a real album for the fans. i think this one was self indulgent and was completed because they had asked for money to do if because if they were under a major label most of this stuff would’ve never had been released

    • Me July 8, 2017

      If you’ve never listened to the album, then how do you know it’s “terrible?” Listen. Do me a favor and shut the f*** up.

      • Sam July 9, 2017

        The word anymore was meant to be between the word album and as

    • Kennedy July 8, 2017

      How are you going to judge the album if you DIDN’T LISTEN TO IT?

      • Sam July 9, 2017

        The word anymore was meant to be between the word album and as

  2. Donna Troy, The OG Wonder Girl July 8, 2017

    Is that the number of people who donated?

    • ENOUGH ONIKA July 8, 2017

      LOL!!!? Stop it

  3. Jay July 8, 2017

    Ciara numbers

    But legends dont have anything to prove. Love me some TLC

    • Tori July 8, 2017

      Ciara would never, stop trying so hard!

    • LiveYoLife2017 July 8, 2017

      Ciara has platinum plaques sweetie.

      • Jamon July 8, 2017

        TLC has a diamond album (U.S. alone), biggest selling U.S. female group. No shade to Ciara though, she has nothing to do with this

      • Caleb July 8, 2017

        Even TLC’s previously lowest selling cd, 3D, was certified Platinum, sweetie.

    • Caleb July 8, 2017

      If ciaria released in 2017 she might very well be this low all things considered.

      • FAF July 8, 2017

        CIAra as the only female solo artist went platinum in 2015

        Stick to the rivers and lakes that u used to!!!

        100million dollar woman now

        Back to topic at hand
        Albums not bad they just don’t have money for promo

      • FAF July 8, 2017

        ps if ur fave flopped without streams u should wish for ciaras physical sales lol she doesnt rely on samsung and cheat codes. ???????

      • Caleb July 8, 2017

        @FAF curious to know who you think my “fave” even is.

  4. LISA July 8, 2017

    They can’t dance or have iconic visuals anymore. THEY need to bail out now gracefully. Debra Killings vocals are needed also, because we KNOW we have NEVER heard Chilli sing live. XSCAPE still sounds and look great, but TLC really fell off badly.

    • LiveYoLife2017 July 8, 2017

      They can’t survive without Left Eye. I did enjoy the album though.

    • 7avoy July 8, 2017

      Debra is on several songs on the new album. And they’re are plenty of performances of Chilli singing live.

  5. Meme July 8, 2017

    Way back is still my jam. But I agree, leave the business gracefully.

  6. Fancy BISH July 8, 2017

    I really want to see them HEFFAS that came for me show up today lol…I really want to see them, cause I got words for them chile…shout out to Debra Killings, Kandi, Tiny, Jermaine Dupri, Dallas, L.A. Reid, Babyface, Pebbitone Management and LEFT EYE…your presence was surely missed! *Plays Girlfriend by Pebbles* lol ?

    • Fancy BISH July 8, 2017


  7. NOBITCHASSNESS July 8, 2017

    Way Back was a good song and visual but there was NO promo that they really really needed… still LEGENDS though. #RIPLeftEye

  8. Lbooogie July 8, 2017

    I’m starting not to like this site. The album actually wasn’t bad. (And this is coming from a LEFT EYE fan) Some of you people are dumb. Debra Killings is definitely singing on EVERY track except ONE! Don’t get me wrong, yes some things could’ve been better, but I feel like the album is definitely one that would’ve been created if they had done the three album challenge suggested by Left Eye. Haters shouldn’t have been a single, because the other tracks are definitely stronger. I just hate that you people haven’t given the album a true listen. Sam you’re always throwing shade. You must be miserable in your own pathetic life.

    • Fancy BISH July 8, 2017

      Debra is on the tracks? Weird, cause I can usually hear her loud and clear…but if you know this for a fact then I stand corrected!

  9. Jj July 8, 2017

    T boz lost all this weight last year then gained it back before the album came out that was not her best being big and covering up and dancing I like Way back haters American gold perfect girls but they could have use left eye way more build tracks around her voice

  10. Ashanti #1 Fan July 8, 2017

    I supported and I will continue to support black artist. Tlc continue doing your thing

  11. MusicLife July 8, 2017

    The album was not terrible. Could it have been much better and more classic? Hell yeah. It needed more of the R&B flare that songs like “Creep” “Diggin on You” and “Red Light Special,” mind you all non rap Left Eye singles had but it didn’t have enough of that to me.
    Maybe I also wasn’t a more throwback 90s R&B and soul vibe from them over all. I also really wanted them to work with 90s producers who had big careers then for that vibe. That means JD, Timbaland, Dallas Austin, Babyface, LA Reid, Darkchild, the list goes on and on.
    I also would have enjoyed them utilizing a few female rappers to pay homage to Left Eye and the impact she made songs like “Waterfalls” and “No Scrubs.”
    That said it isn’t bad but like even based on the album cover and since it is their final I wish the cover was more iconic and the title wasn’t self titled since it’s their final but it is what it is.
    The album is a solid 6-6.5 of 10 from first listen or so. My top tracks were “No Introduction,” “Joyride,” and “Its Sunny.”

  12. AmbeRussell July 8, 2017

    I ahye when people comment without knowing anything or the back story. THEY (TLC) didn’t make an album just to make one, they made it BC they felt there was a demand from their fans to make one. it is their last album. I will say I’m not shocked by these numbers as I forgot about the project as there was no interviews, performances, TV appearances, behind the scenes, specials or anything. They are from the 90s and should have pulled out all the standard 90s promotion tricks. I’d have trl and 106 n park specials (Ariana grande had trl back for a special). Been on a few sitcoms performing, have vh1 play TLC stuff all day long from chili show to behind the music and the movie. Actually the movie on ALL Viacom music and movie channels.

    • Caleb July 8, 2017

      They actually did a lot of interviews and performed on Good Morning America.

  13. Liam July 8, 2017

    The album is pretty solid…I’m sure if they release American Gold, Start A Fire or Perfect Girls they’re gonna be fine.

  14. Theman July 8, 2017

    This isn’t the best. The climate has nothing to do with this. There was really no promo. They have a small budget. And the rollout wasn’t good. Most of their sales came from actual sales. The setup wasn’t good.

  15. TingTing July 8, 2017

    Lol . people clearly are NOT thinking when it comes to this situation … 11,000 copies NOT including what they sold with kickstarter … everyone who donated (even the people who donated $5 received the album) , did people really expect them to come out selling like they did before ? It’s 2017 !!! majority of these artist aren’t selling anyways … ? these girls are independent ! with limited promotion .. technically if the kickstarter sales are added they actually sold more .. plus these girls don’t have s*** else to prove , they made their mark . this era obviously wasn’t meant to be something BIG but more so for the people who still support them .

    • Doesn’t matter July 18, 2017

      I love your comment. The most senseable comment that I have seen. When you have a diamond album, and three other multi-platinum albums. You don’t have anything in the world to prove. They have a 20 year career and have sold millions of records around the world. They have won MANY awards that artist TODAY will NOT ever do. You don’t have anything to prove. They have already proven themselves. Like you said this album was for their supporters and that’s just THAT. If I were them I wouldn’t care at all about sales. They make their money other ways PLUS still have a HUGE demand over seas. I wouldn’t give a damn about fickle people in America opinions. TLC is forever and again. That’s just THAT.

  16. Jussie July 8, 2017

    Kickstarter is not included so THIS IS NOT FINAL SALES! Ugh false reporting to get people to further bad mouth the girls! They actually sold gold. Wait until they add sales from Kickstarter. It will show that people actually bought the album.

    • Tyrone July 8, 2017

      Thats what I was thinking! But then again they might be added already. Only 4,201 people supported on Kickstarter.

    • Caleb July 8, 2017

      Are you sure they’re going to be included in the final tally though?

  17. Jussie July 8, 2017

    Meant to say good, not gold

  18. Caleb July 8, 2017

    Yikes. I thought it would at least debut at #23. These are Fat Joe/ Remy Ma numbers. Still can’t wait to see them on July 30!

    • Fancy BISH July 8, 2017

      “These are Fat Joe/ Remy Ma numbers.” -Caleb
      lol #Truth

      • Caleb July 8, 2017

        I mean that literally and not as a drag. Lol.

  19. DZKaller July 9, 2017

    Predictable. I listened to the album and it’s not that “amazing” at all. I don’t like “It’s Sunny” and “Start A Fire”, “Haters” is just a cover song and it lacks of a rap collaboration just like “Scandalous” which sounds boring as it is. “American Gold” reminds me of “American Oxygen” by Rihanna, nothing new under the sun. I only enjoyed “Way Back” and maybe “Aye M*********”. I don’t even talk about the re-mastered version of old singles… without Lisa ! It’s boring, boring boring so yeah those poor sales were predictable, they took money from fans and took all that time just for that? Hell, TLC was dope before but I think it’s time to end it now. Final album? Nice, bye.

    PS : I don’t give a f*ck about what y’all fans are going to say, I’m free to like it or not and if you can’t handle it, f*ck yourself with your stupid comments to come.

  20. Ashlee July 9, 2017

    Honestly, it doesn’t even matter. TLC has a catalogue that very few artists have, and they essentially recorded this new album for free. It was released as a treat to die hard fans, and I doubt they’re trying hard to achieve #1 statuses like they used to. However, I do want to see solo work from both Chilli and T-Boz, as well as some reality shows. They are hilarious together!

  21. thomas December 19, 2018

    my opinion after more than 1 year from germany

    not a good album. what a bad and disgusting idea for a former multimillionaire band to collect money via kickstarter

    a band which was known for having expensive videos should not collect money from fans
    kickstarter should help newcomers and not old broke ex stars

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