JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Didn’t Debut On The Album Chart & Here’s Why

Published: Saturday 8th Jul 2017 by Sam

JAY-Z has made it crystal clear – he’s navigating the music scape with “new” rules. Or more specifically, by his own rules.

Such is the case with his latest album ‘4:44.’

Arriving via TIDAL on June 30th, the set remained on the streaming platform exclusively for one week. Unsurprising given its ownership (see: JAY-Z).

What’s interesting is that its numbers were not reported, thus rendering the LP ineligible to chart during its premiere week.

Yesterday saw the set arrive (with three extra tracks) on all platforms sans Spotify. Hence, ‘4:44’ will indeed debut on the Billboard 200 officially this week coming.

It’ll be intriguing to see how it fares, given that it secured Platinum status thanks to a lucrative partnership with Sprint. The phone giant “bought” a million copies of the project and redistributed them for free to their customers as part of a promotion. [Much like Rihanna’s Samsung strategy for ‘ANTI’.]

In any case, pending insight into where ‘4:44’ will land on the charts, its deliberate omission from the latest tally sees DJ Khaled – a Roc Nation artist – earn another week atop of the Billboard count with ‘Grateful’. Winning all round.


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  1. NT July 8, 2017

    lol Jay is gonna do like 700k , with this tactic , in sure he’ll report both weeks of Tidal streams in conjunction with physical and other streaming sites.

  2. Meme July 8, 2017

    Oh so y’all writing a explanation on why his album didn’t chart but dragged Rihanna to felt when she debut st #1 with lowest numbers in billboard. Everyone knew she gave away 1 million copies and the album wasn’t available for a period of time but she still was able to debut #1 even with just a few days of availability in her first week. Why didn’t use your logics then huh?

    • Tori July 8, 2017

      …cause no one really likes Rihanna.

      • Adele4Life July 8, 2017

        So why is she the biggest worldwide hitmaker since Madonna?. Smh…

        Thathrapejuice is just pressed by anyone who s bigger than Beyonce.

        I’m just glad my fav is slayin so hard at everything she does that Tgj can’t come for her.

    • Jamon July 8, 2017

      You took the words right out of my mouth!! To this day, they still drag Rihanna for it. Looks like she started a trend (with Jay-Z guidance of course).

      • Jamon July 8, 2017

        Not to mention, when they count her sales, they don’t add her 1 million copies, but Jay-Z is platinum!! Samantha needs to step his game up and attempt to be a professional, non bias journalist. What ever happened to the “like and dislike” button?

    • Tokyo Vanity fan July 8, 2017

      Stop being an idiot. Rihanna didn’t debut at #1. Her first week numbers were 463 sales. Not 463K, but 463. You are the worst poster on this site. Every story you post some bull. I think you were the same person on r***** too. I never posted there but remember seeing you on every post like the thirsty troll you are.

      • Tokyo Vanity fan July 8, 2017

        same person on r a p – u p

      • Meme July 8, 2017

        lol you’ll be alright. Rihanna anti was number 1

  3. Bey My BaeBae July 8, 2017

    Jay is desperate and insecure and it’s clear as day as this point. Getting a company to buy your albums is a cheap and tacky way to get a certification without having to sell music to the people who are supposed to buy it. What people should know is that we don’t know how much he sold the album to Sprint. For all we know, they may have purchased 1 million copies for a cent each. It’s sad, desperate and I’m glad Bey does not partake in such nonsense.

    • Its me guwrl July 8, 2017

      Girl rest.

    • Caleb July 8, 2017

      For real. This some Mitt Romney “corporations are people” type s***.

  4. Its me guwrl July 8, 2017

    Jay is brilliant hunny

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