#ICYMI: Brandy Clears Up Mariah Carey/Jennifer Lopez “Shade” With ‘The Talk’

Published: Tuesday 25th Jul 2017 by Rashad

‘Talk About Our Love’ singer Brandy has been the talk of a number of fan groups over the past week, namely Jennifer Lopez‘s #JLovers and Mariah Carey‘s #Lambs.  For, after one simple IG post honoring the leader of the latter, she was inundated with insults and social media attacks for implied “shade” toward the leader of the former.

Granted, she did quickly clear up the mess online, but she wanted to ensure the drama was completely squashed.  Taking to CBS’s ‘The Talk’ to address the matter, B-Rocka spoke candidly about her love for both Carey and Lopez and reminded members of their fan groups that her #SheKnowsMe post meant no harm.

Hear it from her lips below:

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  1. THE REAL July 25, 2017

    This article is somewhat misleading. It heavily implies that Brandy “takes to ‘The Talk’ only to clear up a stan war like she no other reason to appear on the show. In reality, Ms. Norwood was there as a guest co host for the entire HOUR discussing a wide range of topics. Context is everything TGJ.

  2. MUSICHEAD July 25, 2017

    What I love about Brandy is that she will always be relevant. Her charming personality makes her irresistible to tv producers and executives who will always invite her on their shows. I hope she finds a way to leverage her relationships with these tv networks to promote the new album. The general public hasn’t turned their back on Brandy. She just needs to give them good music and promote the hell out of it!

    • MacBook July 25, 2017

      The general public has turned their back on her since 99, hence why she hasn’t been successful since. Only her delusional fans think otherwise.

      • MacBook July 25, 2017

        Of course you’re going to say all of that, because you’re one of her delusional fans. That being said, she’s still irrelevant, and has been “Pun intended” for the last 18 yrs, whether you want to admit it or not.

        Have a nice day.

      • MacBook July 25, 2017

        Second comment directed at (The Real).

    • SMH July 25, 2017

      Lol booking tv talk shows doesn’t equal relevancy. Billy Ray Cyrus is still booking tv talk shows lol.

      • THE REAL July 25, 2017

        The public turned their back on Brandy in 1999 is a tired ass narrative made up by folks that don’t like her. If they weren’t so bitter over her career achievements they would at least recognize Brandy’s mainstream success ended after Full Moon in 2002. Her next biggest chart hit didn’t occur until Put It Down in 2012, a decade later. No one here is saying Brandy’s career is on fire these days, because it’s not. What her loyal fans are always trying to explain is that we love and admire her artistry, vocal talent, personality. We feel she is underappreciated for her contribution to R&B in the last 20 plus years. So when folks try to dismiss her as a flop without recognizing hercareer achievements, it’s a huge insult. Ms. Norwood didn’t have to do anything ‘relevant’ after becoming one of the best selling teen solo acts in R&B history, getting a diamond record on Never Say Never, starring in her own hit TV sitcom for 5 years, becoming the first black Cinderella, first black celeb Barbie doll… you know, being irrelevant and all.

      • truthteller July 25, 2017

        Those achievements have been long forgotten by the majority of the general public. Even her last label couldn’t be bothered to issue the polite “Brandy and Chameleon have mutually decided to part ways” and basically called her out as a has-been

    • 4everBrandy_Ci July 25, 2017

      Let these bird chirping mofos chirp! Brandy has accomplished for herself. All it matters is she continues to connect with her fans. I’m excited for new material!

  3. DanYiel Iman July 25, 2017

    Yea she’s a great artist but I don’t get vocal bible still…??‍♂️

    • truthteller July 25, 2017

      The vocal bible label is one that only Brandy and her fans use. Not one reputable person in the industry has referred to her that way. If she’s a vocal bible, what does that make Celine, Mariah (at her peak) and Whitney?

      • rill July 25, 2017

        many reputable people have called her the vocal bible

      • Facts July 25, 2017

        Lol Exactly. Her voice is basic as hell. And I have never seen her on any top female vocalist list.

        That being said. Somebody said her fans consist of insecure fat gay black men ?

      • Jasmine July 25, 2017

        Well she just slayed last week on the top of the invisible charts with her hit song called Nobody Cares from the hit album Nonexistent that has sold 10 million copies of thin air.

    • SMH July 25, 2017

      Lmao exactly. Calling Brandy’s basic thin voice a “vocal bible” is laughable.

      • THE REAL July 25, 2017

        You folks always bring up the same tired Vocal Bible crap smh

        “Vocal Bible” is not referring to her range ala Whitney, Mariah. It is discussed when her PEERS frequently credit Brandy for her vocal RUNS (i.e. listen to Full Moon or especially He Is) to hear what she’s doing with her vocal runs. She is also known for STACKING her vocals and doing all of her backgrounds to create a sort of ‘wall of sound’ effect. Bottom line, Vocal Bible doesn’t refer to range but rather technique/singing style. No one in their right mind would say Brandy is a superior singer compared to Mariah or Whitney, including Brandy herself.

      • truthteller July 25, 2017

        “many reputable people have called her the vocal bible” Who? Ray J and whatever producer she’s working with at the time and is getting a check? As for her runs, go to any church and there’s some nondescript girl who can do the same thing

      • Jasmine July 25, 2017

        @The Real Brandy fans must not know what the word “bible” is then based on what you stated. A bible is the book sacred to Christians, which they consider to be the inspired word of God. To label someone a “vocal bible” means their voice is a true gift from God which is to be followed and is to be used in leading others. An artist doing runs and layering background vocals is not doing anything unique and certainly not doing that needs to be followed. When you can truly sing you do not need runs on every song nor do you need gimmicks like layering background vocals. After all, stacking background vocals and layering background vocals is a GIMMICK that someone who cannot truly sang would feel a need to do. When you can truly SING you do not need that at all. Aretha, Whitney, Celine, Patti Labelle, etc never needed that and their voices are more closer to a “vocal bible” than Brandy’s ever was or ever will be. Brandy’s delusional gay stans stay grasping at straws and setting up their fav for failure with fake titles she cannot live up to.

  4. Celine July 25, 2017

    I think vocal bible talk is a technique she does with her voice. Kinda like just music but with her voice. Jazmine Sullivan does it as well. Younger Mariah was a Master at it as well.

  5. 4everBrandy_Ci July 25, 2017

    Brandy is just amazing! And these bird chirping mofos are going to chirp. She’s relevant because of who she is period. These bird chirping mofos can say that “the general public has turned their back on her” and the other b.s. At the end of the day she has supportive fans. She will continue doing records and have the ability to connect. This current is backwards I tell you because now it’s this you’re labeled as a “has been”, “flop”, and this b.s. Brandy emerged from the 90s and she has accomplished for herself. No one will take it away from her do despite some of these salty mofos that say the other stuff that’s irrelevant it goes to show she has made it for herself. It’s about longevity and being able to connect with fans. #STARZ

  6. THE REAL July 25, 2017


    You and I both know Ray J is not the ‘peer’ I was referring to. Plenty of notable singers have praised Ms. Norwood’s voice and and artistry over the years. Jazmin Sullivan, Jill Scott, Rihanna (who famously told Entertainment Weekly she listened to 2004’s Afrodisiac on a loop when recording Good Girl Gone Bad because she wanted to create a flawless album from start to end, like Brandy’s record), Frank Ocean, Luke James, Maxwell, Brian McKnight, Solange (she called out folks not giving Brandy just due on Twitter a few years back..look it up) and the list goes on and and on.

    You can find all the receipts by doing a simple Google search of ‘celebs or singer’s praise Brandy’ b/c clearly you’re one of the folks who is trying to make believe Brandy never existed or made a impact.

    • truthteller July 25, 2017

      Never said she couldn’t sing, but I don’t remember any of these artists referring to as the “vocal bible” (which is different from praising her vocals). I don’t need to Google search, as I’m not the one making extraordinary claims about Ms Norwood

      • 4everBrandy_Ci July 25, 2017

        She is considered the “Vocal Bible” and it’s been constantly known ever since. She has influenced other artist that geniunely respects her and the craft she innovated. Her vocals and harmonies are unique and melodic. She never uses auto tune and her vocals have sustained to do those runs, riffs, and harmonies. Brandy is the artist from the 90s era of records that substance and authencity should be appreciated. It’s not about kissing her behind and you don’t have to be a fan. However to discredit what she has accomplished for r&b period is evident that she has made an impact. Those artist @Truthteller mentioned is true because Brandy is the blueprint. Those artist that support and appreciate her contributions in r&b want the genre to flourish. It’s frustrating that r&b isn’t fully appreciated in this current because of the shift and direction. It’s just intriguing how Brandy is still relevant based on her contribution in r&b and she still remains one of the best! #STARZ

      • Jasmine July 25, 2017

        @4everBrandy_Ci An artist that layers and stacks their background vocals is not worthy of the title “vocal bible” moron! First, anyone that has to layer and stack their background vocals is doing a GIMMICK to hid the fact that they really cannot sing but can only carry a tune. Second, most artists did not have a need to stack their backgrounds back in the day nor currently. Third, stacking background vocals is very similar to using autotune…ie…the lead vocals are drowned out with background effects. Finally, Brandy’s gay black fans like yourself need to stop dragging her name in the mud and setting her up for failure by labeling her “vocal bible” because she has never and can never live up to that term (her singing voice is okay but nothing impressive because she sounds like she smokes cigarettes and her voice is very very carry-a-tune basic).

  7. Applause???? July 25, 2017

    Lol it’s so funny I keep seeing people on here Throwing Shade at Brandy for what so ever Reason …
    Whether or Not you heard anyone from The industry referring to her As THE VOCAL BIBLE ..
    I don’t see why it Bothers any of you? I’m guessing you’re the ones that don’t and Never buys Music to always wanna give oppions about what A N+**a Got? ? And what she has Accomplished during her years in Music is more than what any of you will see in your entire life..

    • Jasmine July 25, 2017

      Nobody on here questioned her success 20 years ago. The problem is people like you and Brandy’s gay black fans think everyone should be living in the past and kissing her a|ss for stuff she did 20 years instead of facing the reality that Brandy is no J. Lo, Beyonce, or Rihanna. The reason why Brandy’s career fell off is because of Brandy’s lies, fakeness, and unlikeability factors. Brandy’s gay black fans labeling her “vocal bible” is stupid and sets Brandy up for failure because she truly cannot sing like a vocal leader should be able to. Her style is basic and I dont see relevant artists of today using the imaginary Brandy influence Brandy’s stans like to assert her with. I personally know Rodney Jerkins and I will say many of the ideas and “vocal bible” nonsense being credited to Brandy should really be going to Rodney.

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