Mariah Carey Fans Launch Petition Demanding Apology From Presenter For Historic Jabs

Published: Tuesday 25th Jul 2017 by Sam

Mariah Carey‘s fans are renown for rallying against the star’s detractors and their latest target is UK TV presenter Eamonn Holmes.

The veteran broadcaster is not one to hold his tongue and has been vocal about his dislike for the songbird and her diva antics over the years. It’s a stance he says is directly linked to experiences interviewing Mimi in the past.

His latest jab (which came during a segment discussing an unflattering viral clip) seems to be one too many for the singer’s “Lambs.”

For, they’ve launched a petition demanding an apology.

Full story below…

This video was posted along with the following explanation…

Via the petition page:

Anyone who feels an apology is needed from mr Holmes please sign the petition which is to be forwarded to ITV bosses / This Morning production team

Why this is important??
Mr Eamon Holmes has dismissed Mariah Carey’s achievements on ‘This Morning’ and says this is rubbish, he seems to hate Mariah’s achievements and does not believe she has sold as many records as reported or has achieved more number 1’s than Elvis, claims nobody owns her music apart from the Christmas song she wrote and produced. On twitter he upset Fans by saying Mariah is rude, she treats people badley and then when he was questioned on twitter he got very angry and called fans using words such as deluded, stupid, weird and Arse. Mariah Carey’s fans think an apology for discrediting her career on national television and for the personal attacks on fans who tried to prove him wrong should be issued by Mr Holmes himself on ‘This Morning’ show . We would expect ITV and the producers of ‘This Morning’ to look into this and see how they think their host has behaved and whether an apology is appropriate. Thank you.

As at writing, only 32 people have signed.


While it’s arguably admirable to see this sect of Mariah’s supporters so energised, we can’t help but wonder why they’re so pressed.

Ultimately, Holmes’ opinion is just that…his opinion. Something he’s more than entitled to have and should be at liberty to share.

We suspect the annoyance of Carey’s crusaders is more so about his timing and fundamentally stems from the fact that their hero’s public image is presently in the pits. Ironically, due to things she’s doing herself – namely tacky reality shows, staged relationships, embarrassing ensembles, and cringeworthy performances.

Here at TGJ, we love us some Mariah and will always vouch for her legacy. But her present reality defines unfortunate. The sooner she realises this and makes the necessary changes, the sooner critiques from the likes of Holmes won’t even matter.

Just our two cents.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ciara July 25, 2017

    He is the same nationality as me ? we dont give a f*** ? i think what he said about her achievments its b******* she does deserve it nobody else did that work but her. Does she deserve an apology…no she is not the queen and nobody is, its an opinion and his dosnt matter.

  2. Jfkd July 25, 2017

    Mariah is doing this to herself

    Every time she steps on a stage and mimes and wears an outfit 3 sizes too small and looks without energy she further ruins her legacy.

    She needs to take a long ass break, look some weight and comeback when she’s hungry for her career.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 25, 2017

      Mimes? She doesn´t mime more than everybody else. It´s funny that TGJ has not reprted about her great first night of the tour with Lionel Richie. Only these type of absurd stories and when she has a bad vocal moment. It´s disgusting really, when people are so obsessed about wanting to sink someone. Someone who is clearly so talented and has given their all in music.

    • Stephy July 25, 2017

      Everyone lip syncs. And hungry for a who? She’s literally still making millions of dollars. Her career has gone down drastically but she still making serious coins. And no one from her era is popping out here so chill

  3. SNF July 25, 2017

    Why is this news? 32 people?

  4. JOHNVIDAL July 25, 2017

    This guy IS rude. He can say whatever he wants. There are many interviewers throughout the years that have had plenty of great moments and chemistry with Mariah. I remember many. There are different personalities out there. He should know that by now.
    Finding someone liek Celine Dion who appeals to absolutely everybody and all types of cultures personality wise is the rare thing. It happens one among a thousand. You cannot ask that from every artist.

  5. LISA July 25, 2017

    Maybe the LAMBS need to focus on BUYING her music and supporting her and her RUDE/CRIMINAL=LIKE/T***** looking manager STELLA who is going to ROB her blind. Mariah IS a great woman and worth 500 million she’s GOOD. She needs to Hire Jennifer Lopez’s trainer, stop being lazy, lay off the Splashes, Release a New CD and add Faded for good measure and focus. Who cares about some old white QUEEN hating on her, the public at large is tire of her antics.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 25, 2017

      Relax. This is a non-story.

    • Stephy July 25, 2017

      Umm No one boo’d in that video at all.

  6. gwen July 25, 2017

    She’s a joke and the biggest laughing stock in the industry. The b**** needs to retire. She cannot sing anymore, she can’t sell, she can’t lip sync, she can’t write good music, she can’t sell out a casino amphitheatre, she can’t make a critically acclaimed album, she can’t perform. Her career is not impressive at all other than album sales, but even then everyone and their mother was selling huge numbers in the 90s. She’ s a huge, embarrassing flop in touring, her singles sales are horrible despite trillion of #1s (in the US, she barely has any outside of it). Madonna excels in all these departments, Mariah fails in 2.
    Oh, and We Belong Together is nobody’s song of the decade, it’s a payola fueled ‘hit’ which never reached #1 on the Sales chart. Even Hung Up sold close to its numbers in the US with a #7 peak while going #1 on the Digital chart.

    • Stephy July 25, 2017

      Everything you typed is literally a lie.

      • bravo!! July 25, 2017

        She can’t sing no more.. I do not believe that a lie…

      • Stephy July 25, 2017

        She can still sing, so that’s a lie.

    • Jamon July 25, 2017

      Why down play Mariahs achievements? Billboard names We belong together song of the decade! Following her 90’s song of the decade with one sweet day, not to mention the top artist. She has 18 #1’s without all the streaming and digital stuff, which 17 of those were written by her. So I don’t know what this writing diss is about and also she’s known as one if the greatest voices of all time. After nearly 30 years in the game, no one is going to sing like they used to. The notes she was once capable of hitting definitely puts strain on your voice. Adele hasn’t been out as long and she’s already had surgery.

  7. Diamond July 25, 2017

    Is TGJ really writing an entire article about a petition that was only signed by a mere 30 odd people in an attempt to call it news? This may be why, after all these years, TGJ continues to be a site that rewrites articles than actually breaking news and it cannot be taken seriously. If this is merely an excuse for Sam to give his opinion on Ms. Carey, he should’ve written an “editorial” to that effect.

    Instead, what we have is yet another sad attempt of a “media outlet” trying to bring down another black legend, specifically, a black female legend. That is what is newsworthy. It is a story we’ve seen all too often: these women pioneer new lanes for those coming behind them, contribute their life to their craft for decades then, when the media and populace determine that they’re too old, or too nonconforming, or too female, we tell them to sit in a corner. What happens when they dont? They take small five second clips and push it out globally in a smear campaign. Or create headlines about how they’re terrible and write narratives about their personal lives that we simply have no clue about. We’ve seen it with Whitney, we’re seeing it with Mariah. And before the fans of the Rihannas or Beyonces come and try to tear down Mariah or Whitney or me for this post, pay attention in the next 10 years as the story of what the media will try to do to them is already written.

    So sure Sam, continue to write your coded articles about how Mariah’s clothing is “embarrassing” or performances “cringeworthy” because we expect to see the praise from this site, and others, when you’re trying to give our black female legends their flowers after they’ve left us. Too bad it’ll be too late by then.

    • Steve July 25, 2017

      Wow. Poster of the YEAR award given right here. Your words are EVERYTHING

      • Jamon July 25, 2017

        I agree! This site has went way down. If it was a petition for Beyonce, Sam would be singing a different tone and itching to sign it. Enough with the bias articles. We get you don’t like Mariah, but realize your favs are trying to follow in her footsteps and will never reach her achievements and sales, even if she doesn’t sell another record in her life.

    • Steve July 26, 2017

      I’m sure these people write salty articles about Mariah just to generate response. It’s modern day click bait!

  8. Gee July 25, 2017

    Funny how this blog would rather focus on the negative press regarding MC opposed to reporting the great start of the All The Hits tour with Lionel Richie but I forgot this blog tears down a majority of artists other than Beyoncé, Rita Ora, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, among others.

  9. M July 25, 2017

    You guys are always so pressed to give Mariah career advice that it’s hilarious hahaha! First off, staged relationship? She’s been dating the guy since last November, it’s now basically August and they’re still together. The show ended back in January. What kinda “staged relationship” goes on for 6 months AFTER the whole point of them being together ends? They could’ve put a stop to it back in March/April when all the break-up stories were swirling around, and yet here we are and they’re still together.

    Secondly, it’s interesting that Mariah launched her SECOND tour this year last weekend with Lionel Richie with two sold-out arena performances and she looked and sounded amazing……yet, no coverage at all. OR the fact that Mariah just announced her next set of Christmas shows at Caesar’s Palace, and yet no coverage. But yes, let’s please make “news” out of a non-story so we can justify writing an op-ed piece about how she can fix her career. You guys are so transparent, in the words of the legend herself, “I can see right through you like you bathing in Windex”!

    • Jamon July 25, 2017

      I wish they still had the “like” button! I agree with everything you said.

  10. bravo!! July 25, 2017

    He can never take away her achievements, so lambs be calm.. But he can snatch her vocal cords now. Look where all diva antics got her… no vocals, no albums sells, can’t sell out concert

    • Stephy July 25, 2017

      Her Vegas shows were sold out tho.

      • bravo!! July 25, 2017

        Lmao… I’m not trying to shade Mariah Carey at all though… but I haven’t heard about her Vegas show. I didn’t even know she Did vegas. I heard about BRitney & j.lo though.

      • Stephy July 25, 2017

        That’s a damn lie. Everyone knows she has been doing Vegas since 2014. You lying yet again…

  11. MC & WH July 25, 2017

    Sam. You’re a s***.

  12. Stephy July 25, 2017

    slow news day or…?

  13. Theman July 25, 2017

    This article & Sam are stupid. Click bait.. You’re an idiot. She has been performing very well in Vegas. And she has sounded great on tour thus far.. Your views aren’t there. So you have to use her name. What a dummy. This guy is obviously a hater..

  14. Lillian Ortiz July 25, 2017

    WHAT those Terrible insulting comments you would of said about Mariah Carey was character assassination and she should sue him for 600 million dollars she’s no MU MU milk Problem!!!

  15. Nora Alba July 25, 2017

    Always liked Mariah however she does treat people unkindly. I’m staring to think there’s something wrong with her. How rude and rediculous to do an interview? Who does she think she is? The era of Queen of Egypt? Rediculous! I suggest she fire and hire herself new PR team and management. She needs help!

  16. Dave F July 26, 2017

    She should have retired years ago. She’s lost her talent and is making money, sure, but is still losing her integrity as a result of the bad publicity and her own self-destruction.

  17. Marion July 26, 2017

    I wish Whitney was still alive, she used to be almost as good vocalist as Mariah is. I know Whitney and Celine were never as good as Mariah, but I still enjoyed their songs when they could sing. Too bad Whitney lost her voice in 90’s and died leaving only a few good songs and a bunch of outdated crap with medicore vocals. 🙁

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