Brandy Blasted for “Shading” Jennifer Lopez / Mariah Carey Responds

Published: Saturday 22nd Jul 2017 by Rashad

‘Put It Down’ performer Brandy had to put a few Jennifer Lopez fans in their places over the weekend after members of the fan group, affectionately known as #JLovers, opted to slam the R&B diva for “implied” shade against their  fave…

It all started when Bran took to Instagram to salute Mariah Carey for #FBF (Flashback Friday).  Including the hashtag #SheKnowsMe in the post, Lopez fans immediately took offense with the belief the phrase was a reference to the know infamous ‘I Don’t Know Her’ comment Carey’s used in the past when referencing the ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ singer.

In fact, the hoopla surrounding the post went to such extremes B-Rocka lifted a clap back to detractors:


Somehow, the news reached the desk of Mariah.  How did she respond to Brandy’s comment of ‘She Knows Me’?


Your thoughts?

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  1. WhiteNigga101 July 22, 2017

    has-beens are annoying as f*** Lol Trying to stay relevant by posting s*** that causes controversy to get a reaction

    • Tim Brown July 22, 2017

      Why is she a has been after all she has accomplished but people like Madonna or U2 aren’t? We should appreciate our black artist just as much…

      • Jasmine July 22, 2017

        @Tim Brown This is not a racial issue so please do NOT continue race baiting. This post is about Brandy. If people think she is a has-been then they are entitled to their opinion. Race is irrelevant when it comes to the term “has been.” Many people consider Madonna and U2 “has-beens” too. Nobody is a top artist forever and the tern “has-been” gets said when you have received more accolades and sales in the past than currently.

      • MUSICHEAD July 22, 2017

        I need you to comprehend a little better than you do. Tim did not make anything a racial issue. His statement is factual and makes a lot of sense. Our community does not appreciate our legends like whites and hispanics do their legends. If you are not part of the black community (which I doubt you are because a lot of your posts on racial issues lack common sense sometimes) I would advise you not to comment as such.

      • FAF July 22, 2017

        @Tim Brown agree
        U have to die then ppl kiss ur ass

      • Jasmine July 23, 2017

        @MUSICHEAD Before you question my comprehension skills please check yourself, check your mentality, and look at the particular artist you feel people are obligated to support. It has zero to do with race. Plenty of white, black, and hispanic artists that were popular in the 90s and are considered “legends” by some are simply not likeable enough for people at large to support. There is no such thing as being obligated to support a particular artist. For example, Brandy, Monica, and Beyonce all had successful careers in the 90s but Beyonce is the fan favorite and most successful. Similarly, Lisa Loeb, Sheryl Cole, Sea;, Elton John, Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, and Alanis Morissette were popular artists in the 90s but only a small fraction were fan favorities and most successful. What makes Brandy special? Why do you feel people have an obligation to support Brandy? I was alive in the 90s and while I like a couple of Brandy’s songs and even saw her live when she toured with Boyz II Men back in the day I would pay to see Beyonce, Jill Scott, Jazmine Sullivan, etc anyday over Brandy because they are more my cup of tea. Nothing is worse than people feeling others are obligated to support their favs and then playing the race card like white artists don’t lose their major fanbases as well. It is a natural part of life that celebs lose their 15 minutes of fame at some point. Deal with it and stop whining about a non-existent race issue. If it were a racial issue I would call it as such. Best believe!.

        “Our community does not appreciate our legends like whites and hispanics do their legends.”

  2. Facts July 22, 2017

    This ugly has been stays trying to shade the other girls. She needs to be more concerned with her mental health, and why her career ended in 1999.

    • Facts July 22, 2017

      And i’m talking about Brandy’s wide face ass.

      • Fancy BISH July 22, 2017

        Well damn lol

      • Travesty July 23, 2017

        good lord well dont hold back honey lol

  3. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) July 22, 2017

    Mariah doesn’t even run her own social media accounts anymore since that enabling opportunist grinch Stella became her manager. That’s all Mishka.

  4. Talent July 22, 2017

    Brandys washed up ass is as annoying as she looks, with her schizophrenia eyes. Something is definitely off with her.

    • IOWNTHEWORLD July 23, 2017

      I thought it was just me! I definitely believe she has serious mental issues.

  5. Shera July 22, 2017

    Jennifer lopez is an old hack as well, she cant sing for shyt and she dances like my GRANDMA! Her fans are so stupid that they don’t even realize She wasn’t dissing J ho as I am by saying that catch phrase in the opposite. Dumb a*** people lol. Im not a fan of either of them but damn how dumb can J ho fans be lol

    • Carlitos July 22, 2017

      I don’t know about you, but my granny cannot pop it like JLo. You can have several, honey.

    • Jasmine July 22, 2017

      Brandy has a long history of being shady, throwing shade, and just being meanspirited behind her fakeness. If you don’t see the shade in her post then great but don’t attack others for seeing something perhaps you are unable to. I can see the simple-minded shade. Why use the hashtag #SheKnowsMe about Mariah when the 20 year old photo says that without words? Besides Brandy should be posting new music and not this petty childish stuff in the first place. She just lost some J.Lo stans who could be buying her new ish but simple-minded Brandy prefers to just keep flopping album after album. I doubt any record label wants to sign her at this point.

      • FAF July 22, 2017

        J lo ain’t doing no better musically
        Which is why she’s fallen back on Spanish songs

        Brandy acts just as well

      • Jasmine July 23, 2017

        J.Lo has earned a reported 360 million from her entertainment career whereas Brandy has only earned 12 million from her entertainment career. Obviously J.Lo is doing a LOT of things better than Brandy.

      • Davio July 23, 2017

        Amd guess what? 12mil vs 360mil… Brandy and J.Lo are doing a lot better than lol of you broke ass queens. STFU and stop being asslickers. get a fkn life.

  6. DanYiel Iman July 22, 2017

    Now she’s a great singer but she has been in several off kilt commentaries over the past few months…??‍♂️

    • Tim Brown July 22, 2017

      Right 🙁

    • Jasmine July 23, 2017

      @FAF I did not say Brandy is unemployed. I said J.Lo has the career Brandy wishes she had. Don’t take my words out of context.

      • Davio July 23, 2017

        It’s apparent this Jasmine doesn’t have a life. It know so much about Brandy and all she isn’t, it probably forgot that it, itself lives in a roach infested section 8 apt. Jasmine gtf off the internet. go feed your nappy headed crying crack addicted baby

      • Jasmine July 26, 2017

        Davio LOL B|itch you tried it. You are obviously the nappy headed welfare living crackhead and you outed your gay broke ass by coming at me with disgusting gutter talk when I did not say anything to you in the first place. Live your gutter life but leave me out of it. You are still in the projects dealing with hood antics and daily crack struggles typing insults at strangers from that free computer at the library you are using. You are simply beneath me dear. Nice try. Yeah I laughed a little at your ghetto talk but I’m sure you did not mean for me to read right through you. LOL

  7. Mariah Carey July 22, 2017

    We love Miss Brandy! ? But can you pleeease not put my picture side side with that other woman. Thank you dahhling!

  8. RoyalKev July 22, 2017

    I really like JLO, but I definitely go to bat for Brandy! I don’t think Bran meant any harm, but I would have avoided the confusion by not using that hashtag. It does give off the wrong impression. I know Brandy has no reason to shade JLO though.

    • 4everBrandy_Ci July 22, 2017

      She didn’t but these fools on social media are doing to much!

      • RoyalKev July 22, 2017

        Yea, Bran wasn’t coming for Jenny! There’s no doubt in my mind about that!

    • Jasmine July 22, 2017

      Brandy has some reason to shade J. Lo. For starters J.Lo does not know her. 2. J.Lo has the career Brandy always wanted (singing+television+film) without the vocal talent Brandy has. 3. J.Lo ennifer Lopez’s first single stole the song “Louboutins” from Brandy, even after Brandy recorded the song and it was produced by Tricky Stewart.

      • MUSICHEAD July 22, 2017

        Brandy has no reason to even think of Jennifer Lopez.
        1. Jennifer has recorded many of the tracks Brandy has thrown away and has not had success with any of them. She has also admitted to being a fan of Brandy’s.
        2. Brandy’s career in music has been more successful than J. Lo’s. As has her television career.
        3. Louboutins was a flop for J.Lo and nobody is thinking about that song but you.
        4. You are hella annoying. A know it all who seems to always have you facts wrong. Sit down!

      • Jasmine July 23, 2017

        @MUSICHEAD I am entitled to my opinion as are you. My opinions are based on mathematical facts and not delusion like your opinion is. J. Lo has a net worth of 360 million while Brandy has a net worth of only 13 million, even though Brandy has been an entertainer lover than J. Lo. You can keep being petty and gutter by calling me names like “know it all” and “annoying” but the mathematical facts don’t lie and you are the one making yourself look like some delusional Brandy Stan. Where are you “facts” to support your delusional opinions b|itch?

  9. 4everBrandy_Ci July 22, 2017

    Oh wow! Some miserable people want mess. Brandy and Mariah Carey are cool with each other. I don’t understand the bacwards mindset of some people. People take this as “shade”. Seriously? And the trolls will try to be slick at Brandy but no honey she’s not having it. Lol!!!!!! #STARZ

    • 4everBrandy_Ci July 22, 2017

      I meant “backwards”.

  10. Jlover July 22, 2017

    Mariah may be the only one who knows her … the general public does not #dont knoe her

  11. MUSICHEAD July 22, 2017

    The only people who are upset about that hashtag are people with no life and too much time on their hands

  12. Honda Accord July 23, 2017

    This is such a non-story…

  13. Caleb July 23, 2017

    If I were a shady Jlo fan who didn’t f*** with Brandy (which isn’t true. I love The Boy is Mine) I would say something along the lines of,
    “I really haven’t paid attention to Brandy since like 7th or 8th grade when she used to be popular, so I didn’t hear that.”

  14. truthteller July 23, 2017

    Brandy is ruining whatever legacy she has left by getting involved in these messy social media dramas

  15. eric July 23, 2017

    Every time she reaches out for attention she mentions another artist’s name. It’s a sure way to start trouble. You don’t need to make comparisons and talk about Whitney, Monica, Mariah or J.Lo even if it’s in fun. Create new music if attention is that important.

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