Quincy Jones Seeks $30 Million From Michael Jackson Estate

Published: Friday 14th Jul 2017 by David

Michael Jackson‘s estate may have trouble on its hands if it doesn’t comply with the wishes of his producer Quincy Jones.

Quincy created a number of the late star’s greatest hits and mourned his passing with the rest his star-studded family.

Alas, things have taken a turn for the worst now that he believes his estate is refusing to cough up cash he is owed for building his discography.

How much?

$30 million.

‘Variety’ reveals…

Attorney Mike McKool delivered his opening argument in the trial, which is now underway in Los Angeles Superior Court. McKool said that before Jackson’s death in 2009, Jones had received his customary royalties from producing three albums: “Off the Wall,” “Thriller,” and “Bad.”

But, McKool argued that that changed when Jackson died and the singer’s estate took control of his finances. Jackson’s death brought a surge of interest in his catalog, and the estate reaped an increased share of the royalties from his hit songs. But Jones was not allowed to share in the bounty, McKool contended, and indeed was not even informed of the increased royalties until after filing suit in 2013.

Michael’s team thinks differently.

We believe the evidence will show that Mr. Jones is not entitled to anything but a fraction of the money he’s after. Mr. Jones has been paid over $18 million, and he will make millions more.

He didn’t get paid any of the money Michael was going to get because he didn’t do any of the work. Mr. Jones is asking for tens and tens of millions of dollars. He just wants it and he hopes you will give it to him.

The trial is set to last three weeks and will see Jones testify next week.


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  1. Stephy July 14, 2017

    He deserves it. He’s the main producer on all 3 of those albums. He helped bring MJ’s sound to life, with his (Quincy’s) immaculate production. Mighty funny how he got paid his fair share when Jackson was alive… But it stopped afterwards, and that’s when MJ’s estate made over a billion dollars in revenue.

    • Inyala July 14, 2017

      Everyone should stop buying from Sony, Warner, Arista and other record companies. Illuminati controls all the money. MJ, Whitney and Prince sold their souls to satan. Enough is enough. The worth more when they are gone. Next Mariah…eventually Beyonce!!!

  2. DanYiel Iman July 14, 2017

    Wow that’s crazy

  3. Kelly July 14, 2017

    Illuminati and music industry. Good luck with that. 💅🏼

  4. Julia July 15, 2017

    Of course he should get the money. Who the f*** is running the MJ estate and what is wrong with them. They f***** Michael around for years before he died too.

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