Quincy Jones Wins Almost $10 Million In Case Against Michael Jackson / Singer’s Reps Respond

Published: Thursday 27th Jul 2017 by Sam

‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ has taken on a whole new meaning for Quincy Jones.  

For, a Los Angeles judge has just handed down a  surprise ruling in his case against the Michael Jackson Estate.

Details below…

Jones is a celebrated producer – famed for his work with MJ on albums such as ‘Thriller,’ ‘Off The Wall,’ and ‘Bad.’

He made headlines recently when his legal team launched a $30 million suit against Jackson’s estate and Sony for unpaid royalties for his work.

As widely reported, the King of Pop’s posthumous career has proven incredibly lucrative, so much so that a list of savvy moves has rendered MJ’s empire worth more than a billion-dollars.

Many scoffed at Jones’ suit, especially given that he – per Jackson’s wishes – has reportedly been compensated for more that his entitled percentage over the years. As a gift of sorts.

However, a judge has awarded the 84-year-old a significant chunk of what he was asking for. Specifically $9.4 million.

Naturally, this has been greeted with annoyance from The Michael Jackson Estate:

Attorneys Howard Weitzman and Zia Modabber said in a statement:

“While the jury denied Quincy Jones $21 million –- or more than two-thirds of what he demanded — we still believe that giving him millions of dollars that he has no right to receive under his contracts is wrong.

This would reinterpret the legal language in, and effectively rewrite, contracts that Mr. Jones lived under for more than three decades, admitted he never read, referred to as ‘contract, montract,’ and told the jurors he didn’t ‘give a damn’ about.

Any amount above and beyond what is called for in his contracts is too much and unfair to Michael’s heirs (i.e. his children). Although Mr. Jones is portraying this as a victory for artists’ rights, the real artist is Michael Jackson and it is his money Mr. Jones is seeking.”

No word on whether the decision will be contested.

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  1. Tammah July 27, 2017

    Are They Implyin’ Quincy Is Bein’ Unfair For His Claim Because Of Greed? Michael Jackson Made Billions Of Dollars Throughout His Career & Quincy Was A Big Part Of His Success. I Doubt Quincy Was Bein’ Greedy, But $10 Million Should Be Good, Even Though I Believe He Deserves More.

  2. Achooo! July 27, 2017

    They sent Michael to a early grave now the vultures and buzzards are picking the leftovers.

    • SMH July 27, 2017

      You mean the real vultures that sent him to that grave are trying to keep the leftovers for themselves.

  3. DanYiel Iman July 27, 2017

    If the money is rightfully his, why cry👎🏽😭?

  4. SMH July 27, 2017

    The irony of that crooked estate calling Quincy Jones “greedy”.

  5. Fancy BISH July 27, 2017

    Quincy produced the biggest album of all time…pay up BISH *sashays away*

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