Mariah Carey Reveals She Uses Honey In Champagne To Hydrate Her Voice

Published: Wednesday 2nd Aug 2017 by Sam

Holistically, Mariah Carey is renown for being one of the greatest voices of all time.

And while recent showings have called her present day capabilities into question, it hasn’t stopped folk from going to see her in Las Vegas and as an opener a special guest on Lionel Richie‘s ‘All The Hits Tour.’

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote the trek, the 47-year-old opened up about how she conditions her voice.

Let’s just say it’s rather…unorthodox.

See what we mean below…

The actual irony.

We love us some Mimi, but her voice hasn’t sounded hydrated in years. At least not consistently.

Mariah’s divadom is clearly not going anywhere, but we hope she dials it down in favor of a healthier way of preserving her gift.

We’re under no illusion about the fact that she can still sing. But she seems to be joking around with her talents in a way that could be interpreted as just not caring anymore.

Fingers crossed she gets it together, because it’s quite sad that we’re at a point when her legions of Lambs have to sift through performances with a fine-tooth comb in hopes of discovering “that” one part where she sounds like “1999 Mariah.”

Perhaps more warm water and less champagne would equate to performances that slay all the way rather than “blink and you miss it” snippets.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jfkd August 2, 2017

    Wow you read and dragged her to the fiery pits of hell in one article Lol

  2. Cole August 2, 2017

    Lets face it, Mariah is a hot mess. She is legendary for her past performances and had an undeniable voice. However, she presents herself poorly, behaves in a way that she couldn’t care less that her voice is below par and in my opinion tips the scale towards becoming (or already is an alcoholic) or user of some kind and thats coming from someone who literally adored her voice and pretty much everything about her from yester-year. No hate.

  3. Gee August 2, 2017

    This blog is full of it as you can see this tour with Lionel has been nothing but positive but as always with this blog you must say something negative when it comes to Mariah.

  4. unwritten August 2, 2017

    *waits for JohnVidal to come in and cry about Mariah lashings/drags, even though he is happy/celebrates when TGJ does the same to Rihanna, Katy etc.* (double standards)

    Anyway, this woman is so full of herself. You ain’t that great honey. Your music is stale, generic, bland, one-dimensional and you’ve never been a great performer. Standing in one place and singing is not performing. That’s why she always struggles with her tours. Oh, and she ain’t a legend. She brought nothing new to table other than singing generic r&b ballads. Before her fans mention Fantasy and r&B/hiphop collaboration, it was done before Mariah. Queen Mary J. Blige says hi.

    • Cole August 2, 2017

      Love it!

    • Stephy August 2, 2017

      She’s credited for Pop-Hip Hop not R&B-Hip Hop… And LL Cool J did it before Mary J dumbass

      • unwritten August 2, 2017

        Carey is also credited for introducing R&B and hip hop into mainstream pop culture, and for popularizing rap as a featuring act through her post-1995 songs. Sasha Frere-Jones, editor of The New Yorker commented, “It became standard for R&B/hip-hop stars like Missy Elliott and Beyoncé, to combine melodies with rapped verses. And young white pop stars—including Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, and ‘N Sync—have spent much of the past ten years making pop music that is unmistakably R&B.”

        Nope, you are wrong. And LL Cool J ain’t a woman.

      • Stephy August 2, 2017

        You’re posting a receipts of some flop journalist? They obviously have NO CLUE as to what they’re speaking on… Fantasy was a POP fused with R&B song, remixed by the popularized Hip Hop-Pop-R&B version. Any one with a BRAIN knows R&B & HIP HOP have gone hand & hand since forever. That’s where rap/hip hop comes from.. R&B-SOUL-FUNK music. Carey paved the way for WHITE looking or innocent pop chicks with POP STAR fame to collaborate with gangsta rap artists. Mary J wasn’t a damn pop act nor was she ever looked at as mainstream. Mary was a raw gritty R&B-Hip Hop type singer. She NEVER possessed a pop innocent diva image. As Whitney & Mariah did. It was very SHOCKING and NEW when Carey (the innocent pop diva) collaborated with a hardcore raw rapper like ODB. And that song made history, it was the first actual successful Hip-Pop collab that paved the way for songs like California Girls Katy & Snoop, Dirty by Xtina & Red man etc…

        Carey didn’t pave the way for actual R&B black women. It was mostly for POP clean cut white chicks . Black women R&B-SOUL singers had already been collaborating with rappers. Use your damn brain and stop believing everything on the damn net

      • ? + ✈ = ? August 2, 2017

        TLC did it before Mooriah

    • SMH August 2, 2017

      Lol you’re all wrong. Jody Watley’s 1989 duet “Friends” with Eric B. Rakim is credited as the first crossover pop/R&B/hip hop collaboration and the introduction of hip hop/R&B collaborations to mainstream pop audiences. Look it up.

      • Stephy August 2, 2017

        No, I’m right. No one knows who are what the f*** a Jody Watley’s 1989 duet is… be gone.

      • BHYISI August 2, 2017

        Um nope! Chaka Khan did it literally decades before them! Heck, even Patti Labelle in the 90’s had a rapper on one of her songs before Mariah and ODB did Fantasy. I love the 90’s and the titans it brought but nothing the divas did at that point was new!

      • BHYISI August 2, 2017

        No one knows who Jody Watley, from the group Shalamar is? Is it only because you don’t know?This is the problem I have with so many of you self appointed experts in all things pop culture and music! You act like things that happened before you found an interest in music or were even born don’t count! If you asked Mariah Carey who Shalamar or even Jody Watley was she’d tell you she grew up on their/her music! People have really been exposing themselves on this site as of late.

  5. Gee August 2, 2017

    Of course this is a Sam rant as you always come off as evil miserable people when talking about certain people such as Mariah, and Rihanna.

  6. M August 2, 2017

    I love that you guys took a cute little 30 second clip about her having fun with a journalist and turned it into a “think piece” about the state of her voice and career. Meanwhile, she’s been sounding nothing but amazing on this new tour, which you guys will NEVER give her credit for.

    • Cole August 2, 2017

      Are you deaf?

  7. Ciah’s Turtle August 2, 2017


  8. Repect my name August 2, 2017

    She was clearly joking around with the interviewer get over it.

  9. SMH August 2, 2017

    Lmao. That’s the general consensus when it comes to Mariah nowadays.

  10. dyd972 August 2, 2017

    How can you say champagne and honey hydrate your voice ?? LMAO
    I had singing classes few years ago and my singing class teacher who is a retired opera singer told me that alcohol dehydrates and slighly burn the vocal cords so drinking and singing the same day is a no no.

  11. eric August 2, 2017

    What’s hydrating about champagne?? It’s astonishing how poorly she cares for her voice.

  12. Dev August 2, 2017

    Isn’t this like counterproductive because alcohol isn’t good for your vocal cords at all ???

  13. KARMABISH August 3, 2017

    Let her breathe. It doesn’t mind me if she doesn’t sing high notes as long as she’s doing what she wants to do. Y’all are putting too much expectations on her, just let her breathe and stop talking s***, focus on your lives and try to make them better first and then we will talk about somebody other’s life.

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