K. Michelle On Racial Discrimination: ‘Why Complain When We Do The Same To Each Other?’

Published: Thursday 10th Aug 2017 by Sam

K. Michelle is renown for her outspoken nature and often tackles the most sensitive topics with unbridled candour.

Today saw her address racial discrimination – and her words have some folk a little uneasy.

See what we mean below…

It all started when the R&B belle remarked about the online hate she receives online primarily coming from Black women:

She then added…

Her comment received an array of responses – a number of which were critical. But, as ever, we want to know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. pat August 10, 2017

    you don’t have a white following though (few here and there don’t count) so what do you expect

    • Caleb August 10, 2017

      Ikr. She complains about her haters being Black women but who is it she thinks is showing up to her shows and buying her CDs?!

    • Sterling Infinity August 10, 2017

      Deadliest shade award ? ??Easily the best shade I’ve heard in awhile

  2. LISA August 10, 2017

    How about You show UP for meet and greets with your FANS. And stop being a fake B_itch. FLOP. MOVING on. Another Hood Rat who does not APPRECIATE her gift. STFU

    • MyManLovesMe #Brina August 10, 2017

      Fake b****?

      You seem like the fake one you a’int no real fan. Kick rocks!

      • bryan woody August 11, 2017

        Dear MyManLovesMe#Brina – your Mother should have swallowed, waste of air you are

    • Briit August 11, 2017

      She is actually a FAN Friendly artist!!! She gives us a lot of material…music/visuals…she is always touring…ALWAYS had affordable tickets…meet and greets. I’ve been a fan of hers since before love and hip hop…she is very consistent. She just doesn’t take s*** from anyone. “I do it for the hearts, no the charts”– K. Michelle ….also if you actually take the time to experience one of her shows…your perception will change. She does an amazing job and completely grasp the attention of her audience.

  3. audreyherbsburn August 10, 2017

    It is one thing to hate on each other, make nasty comments, and have nasty opinions. That exists within every single community on this planet. It is another to deny jobs, to deny rights, and to use systems and legal processes to hold a specific group of people down. It doesn’t matter what occurs within said community. Her statement is not a fair or feasible.

    • Starxavi August 10, 2017


  4. DanYiel Iman August 10, 2017

    Doesn’t see the lie being told!! African Americans are quick to be mad about how we’re treated and racially profiled but will quickly do the same damn thing to their own people!!??‍♂️

    • audreyherbsburn August 10, 2017

      African Americans don’t even have the means to do to each other what is being done to them.

  5. audreyherbsburn August 10, 2017

    And if she’s referring to the backlash she got after she came for Joseline’s CHILD, she’s trash. Joseline did not even say anything that insulting before K. Michelle went on an insane rant. News flash, someone “coming for you” is not an excuse to make a complete fool of yourself.

    • MyManLovesMe #Brina August 10, 2017

      She’s trash for calling that baby beautiful? Lol OK

      You fake stans get on my nerves like Joseline hasn’t said worse.

  6. MyManLovesMe #Brina August 10, 2017

    Issa fact.
    K.Michelle is one of the realest out there.

    • audreyherbsburn August 10, 2017

      K. Michelle is as real as her ass.

      • MyManLovesMe #Brina August 10, 2017

        And you’re just as pathetic as the tramp that birthed you.

  7. audreyherbsburn August 10, 2017

    She’s using racism as a scapegoat to have a pity party for herself because she’s upset about the backlash she gets for her irresponsible and reckless behavior.

  8. Black power August 10, 2017

    She must be getting ready to drop a single… she’s such a hypocrite. Trying to act like she’s a new woman and changed so much but inside she’s still a bitter hoodrat

  9. Suicide Blonde August 10, 2017

    She’s right.

    • Caleb August 10, 2017

      Said no one who actually thought this through.

    • MyManLovesMe #Brina August 10, 2017

      Of course she is some just don’t want except the truth.
      Like come on grow the hell up and stop playing the victims ha.

      • audreyherbsburn August 11, 2017

        No, she’s not. she’s ignorant and mad that black people are holding her accountable for her ignorance. of course black people are tearing her own because white people ain’t paying her no mind.

  10. Caleb August 10, 2017

    I wasn’t aware Black people were building prisons solely for the purpose of housing people of color on minor offenses, all for the purpose of enriching themselves. But if K. Michelle says so… Actually I just lost a lot of respect for her and I don’t think she will be having any more hits.

    • MyManLovesMe #Brina August 10, 2017

      She doesn’t need your respect ugly.

      • Facts August 10, 2017

        He’s far from ugly sweetheart. Caleb speak your mind cutie.

    • Mother August 10, 2017

      Yessss Caleb! K Michelle comes off as an arrogant mean girl, and a huge hypocrite. She stays saying disgusting things about other black women on social media so who is she really preaching to? Also she really isn’t as big as she thinks she is so where did this ego come from?! She needs to sit her centaur looking ass down.

  11. BangBang August 10, 2017

    Well she right! Every since the white Mann taught us how to hate and destroy ourselves end such a wonderful job a to it, why complain when others do it!
    NOT saying you can’t be critical because it’s another black person but ignore she we’re white or other would you still be so cruel about about tho?? I Think not.

    • Shaquiiii August 10, 2017

      White Man taught you how to hate??? That’s HUMAN nature.

  12. Kthreat August 10, 2017

    I 100% agree us as African American tear each other down. We pass judgement upon one another down to our sexual preference. We have to be a live a certain way in order to be accepted in society.

  13. #TeamTinashe Stan August 10, 2017

    I understand her point but not in this perspective.
    It’s indeed true that black people do racial profiling and discrimination to others and sometimes to ourselves.
    Me and my friends were just talking about how some of us look at our own like the white people.

    In my opinion, racial profiling and discrimination isn’t just a black targeted thing it can be from anyone of color or race.

  14. ChrissyMingle August 10, 2017

    If she had a large white fan base maybe i would see her point but….

  15. 2Bad2Bme August 10, 2017

    But she contributes to the same behavior, always beefing with other black women and making jokes about them. Stop being a hypocrite sis and show people better, maybe you will receive better feedback.

  16. …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 10, 2017

    K.Michael is a boot licking uncle Tom.

  17. Jay August 10, 2017

    Girl you make one country “inspired” record and think your in with the Beyonce & Rihannas? Oh lord! Bye K.Mart

  18. Ajax August 10, 2017

    Pure TRUTH!!!!

  19. Delroy August 11, 2017

    She’s not the only black artist to say this Common even made a track on this matter and to be honest I think this is something that is an issue in the Indian community and asain community where they see looking dark as being poor for an example

  20. Kevon August 11, 2017

    Dear black people please stop blaming the white men for all yall behaviour and nasty ways yall have … Yall actions is just on yall …. Beside she is right but yall dont want to accept and if yall so mad at the white for bring yall black ass to americe .well yall free now just book your flight and go back to africa …….

    • …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 11, 2017

      Dear white trash demons

      Whites are true devils..most of your souls will be sent to hell…….that is why Muslims and half the world hate you. …. And wish death. You are the demons of the world

    • …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 11, 2017

      Dear white trash demons

      ..you say the Africans should go back after you used them. For free labor to build America , they should just go back. .and let you have what is there’s…..ha ha

      Funny how most whites souls will be sent to eternal hell fire. The Muslims hate you the world hates you. . we will have eternity in heaven. White souls will have eternity in hell.

      Thank God, amen

    • audreyherbsburn August 11, 2017

      go read a book before you try to give a lecture about the plight of black people. you sound ignorant af.

  21. TD August 11, 2017

    The most introspective thing I’ve ever heard her say…

  22. i_Ronic92 August 11, 2017

    K. Michelle,
    Majority of your fan base are BLACK WOMAN.
    So therefore, they would be your loudest critics.
    I get it. It’s frustrating. HOWEVER, don’t highlight the negatives.
    People will always talk s***. You FOCUS on YOU and keep making RELATABLE MUSIC.

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