New Song: Tasha Cobbs & Nicki Minaj – ‘I’m Getting Ready’

Published: Thursday 24th Aug 2017 by Rashad

The absence of her new album, the follow-up to 2014’s chart-topping, ‘Pinkprint,’ has by no means meant an absence for Nicki Minaj.

This week alone the rapstress made her presence felt in music videos alongside rapper Yo Gotti (‘Rake It Up’) and Katy Perry (‘Swish Swish’), and now the ‘No Frauds’ hitmaker is ready to put a praise on it with gospel songstress Tasha Cobbs-Leonard.

Taking to the mic, Minaj spits:

“Multimillion dollar commercials for Pepsi / From food stamps to more ice than Gretzky / I don’t gotta talk, the Lord defends me / I watched them all fall for going against me / Me and all my angels shot the devil up / While you was trying to pull me down, I leveled up.”

Hear the unexpected collabo inside:


The track above can be found on Cobbs’ upcoming album, ‘Heart,Passion,Pursuit.’

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  1. Fancy BISH August 24, 2017


  2. Coolio August 24, 2017

    Girl im so over nicki like boo boo where is your album at.
    She erky fr

  3. Guest August 24, 2017

    Feature number 4,1088…It’s time for some solo tracks Nicki.

  4. Jeans August 24, 2017

    Why is she on every damn song lately? Trash.

    • DanYiel Iman August 24, 2017

      My thoughts exactly & I don’t wanna hear an album by her especially when her style is Flavor-Aid compared to Lil’Kim Kool-Aid styling!! ???

      • FAF August 24, 2017

        So then go download Kim’s new album

        Oh wait.

        She isn’t even signed

      • ??? August 25, 2017

        lol who’s lil kim?

    • Novacane August 25, 2017

      She is the hottest thing in the game right now & if She’s getting paid to feature why would you not do it again??

  5. cap August 24, 2017

    NIKKI. CHANGED. THE. GAME. Opening up what it means to be a rapper. Limitless. Boundless. #noboundaries

    • DanYiel Iman August 24, 2017

      Sir stop ✋? lying especially when other artist have done the same thing!! She’s being spoken about for having 9,009 features & NO ALBUM!!

      • Ronnie August 24, 2017

        Saying Nicki does a lot of features is really a tired drag y’all try to use. Lmao since when was it bad for an artist to be requested and paid to collaborate?

    • August 25, 2017

      Exactly she is so versatile, she can do any form of music, she gets her money anywhere.

      • ThatGuy August 25, 2017

        ?? seriously, they act as if she isn’t getting paid to do these features.. but if it were anyone else they’d be praising them ?

        I get it now, so when Nicki works hard she’s just being thirsty. But when it’s the next chick, it’s considered ambition ? f*cking hypocrites.

        And seriously, y’all gonna have to start getting more creative with these complaints, repeating the same sh*t every post: “she don’t write, she’s trying to be Kim, her songs sound the same, she’s thirsty” just shuuuttt upp?.. no one is forcing you to click on her posts and listen to her features & comment.

        I can’t wait until they drop that Forbes list next year! They’re really gonna be mad ?

  6. Yoyoyooo August 25, 2017

    The Queen Of Features!!! Lmao

  7. Igoru Eseoghene Ruth August 29, 2017

    am really really dissappointed .but since tasha Cobb’s says it is God that has given her this assignment then who am I to criticise her.anything that involves God and anyman it is really personal and no man can really tell the truth at the early stage.but let’s just keep watching.if truly God gave her this assignment He will back her He said in his word,he Neva leaves or forsakes anyone of his children.
    goodluck tasha Leonard cobbs

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