From The Vault: Mariah Carey – ‘Crybaby (ft. Snoop Dogg)’

Published: Sunday 13th Aug 2017 by Joe

Although Mariah Carey‘s current predicament is anything but glorious, the singer remains one of the most remarkable artists of all-time. A status she achieved by way of big hits, as well as lesser known numbers too.

The diva’s doomed single ‘Crybaby’ is this week’s From The Vault pick.

After much debate with her label (which was, at the time, still run by her newly ex-husband), the track was released as a double-A-side single, alongside ‘Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme).’  Both songs were included on Carey’s seventh studio album ‘Rainbow.’

‘Crybaby’ featured King of G-Funk Snoop Dogg and was built around a sample of Guy’s ‘Piece Of My Love.’ It was penned and produced by the singer alongside Damizza.

The single is renown for being Mariah’s first ever to miss the Top 20 after it peaked at #28 on the Hot 100; thanks largely to issues with her label.

Its visual took a literal approach to the song’s lyrics and depicts Mimi unable to sleep at 5 AM. Snoop makes an appearance in a via a video monitor. Sanaa Hamri assumed directorial duties, a role she also took for for the visualization of sister-single ‘Can’t Take That Away.’


Echoing earlier sentiments, we truly love us some Mariah Carey and we wish for nothing more than for her getting back to this level of brilliance. Even if chart glory – which we think she IS still capable of – isn’t in the cards for her next project, can we get a plate of slay as far as quality and cohesion goes. MC is too much of a force to only be relevant for being a revolving Instagram meme.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde August 13, 2017

    Not my favorite on the album but she looked gorgeous in this video.

  2. Michael Okoro August 13, 2017

    Love this song, still play it till this day.

  3. JOHNVIDAL August 13, 2017

    TGJ guys are so shady with Mariah all the time for no pucking reason. Even in a post like this they need to say that they hope for a cohesive project next time as if her last one hadn´t been such thing. A thing these guys themselves said it was. When mariah releases they always say it is a great release and that it was “what the doctor ordered”. Only to bash her about that very same material a month later. Not even going to address the way they stalked every single chart move and prediction for Mariah´s last album day by day as if her and tehir life depended on it, a thing they have never done with anyone. For an artist nearing 50. It was shameful.

    • Justafan August 13, 2017


    • ??? August 14, 2017

      lol its called karma hon. mariah has been running around throwing shade at everyone like her sh*t doesn’t stink for decades, and now the sh*t is being thrown back in her face. so save the pity party, she is nobody’s victim lol.

  4. Theman August 13, 2017

    Her last album was very cohesive & better than Beyonce’s. Y’alls writeups be so off….

  5. Shar August 13, 2017

    I loved the elusive chanteuse and those vocals on you don’t know what to do, make it look good and her nick kiss off faded

  6. ??? August 14, 2017

    lol la reid said it himself….she will never be a force on the charts ever again lol.

  7. Yo March 2, 2019

    I loved Crybaby?????! It was one of the best songs in the Rainbow ? CD! Love ❤️ her improvisation and creativity ✍? In this one. There will never be another great talent as Mariah Carey.

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