Report: Janet Jackson Seeking Sole Custody Of Son Eissa

Published: Wednesday 13th Sep 2017 by Sam

The fallout from Janet Jackson‘s break-up with husband Wissam Al Mana continues.

As reported yesterday, the superstar’s brother Randy spoke up and out about the alleged verbal abuse the singer received at the hands of her ex.

Now, sources assert that the drama has boiled to a volcanic temperature.

Find out why below…

According to Entertainment Tonight, 51-year-old Janet is petitioning for sole custody of the couple’s eight month old son Eissa.

Despite being on a 56-date tour, the diva is currently locked in litigation in a London court with Al Mana over their divorce settlement and living arrangement for their child.

The latest twist comes after the Pop queen broke down in tears on-stage while performing ‘What About’ – a song about an abusive relationship.


With Janet being notoriously private, it’s clear the situation is super serious given how publicly it’s now playing out.

We wish a speedy resolve that ultimately is best for all involved – especially little Eissa.

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  1. pat September 13, 2017

    Janet is playing no games with anybody. I hope this doesn’t get too ugly.

    • ka September 15, 2017

      I agree, Janet is being the heat just need the music promised now. A VR type groove would be big!

      • ka September 15, 2017

        I agree, Janet is bringing the heat just need the music promised now. A VR type groove would be big!

  2. DanYiel Iman September 13, 2017

    Chile she’s already secured the bag of however many MILLIONS her Ex-Cash registered has given her through pregnancy…??‍♂️

    • AYO September 13, 2017

      Like as if she was hurting for cash in the first place, please……..if she was a man celebrity of her magnitude an Icon no one would be saying this.

  3. Fancy BISH September 13, 2017

    Kramer vs Kramer chile lol ?

  4. Jimmy September 13, 2017

    Secure the bag and the seed clink clink “funky dineva voice ” ??????

  5. Jeans September 13, 2017

    Poor janet

  6. Cough Cough September 13, 2017

    Janet you are legend, you will be fine and come out stronger, like always

  7. Team Janet September 13, 2017

    How poor are people to think that Janet would need or want money over happiness? She not only has amassed substantial wealth and influence but she also grew up surrounded by it. It just lets us all know how broken and low some of you really are. It also lets us know just what many of you struggle to attain. I hope the best comes to all involved especially Eissa.

  8. Suicide Blonde September 13, 2017

    This is interesting, she has always been very jealous of her privacy, suddenly, she cries on stage and implies that she is a victim of an abusing husband, couldn’t all this just be a defamation campaign against Al Mana to get the custody of their son, as well as all the benefits that comes with that, like Wissam’s money ?, she won’t be the first woman to do so, we as society tend to side with the mother in situations like this, we are taught to believe that women, like kids, don’t lie. Also her brother saying that she didn’t became a Muslim, Yeah right ? tell that to the Al Mana family, we got to hear both sides of the story, she should be careful though, he has the resources to take the baby to the desert and make sure she never see him again, now if her story is true then بارك الله بك

    • TheOne September 13, 2017

      Girl STFU already! No one likes you.

    • pat September 13, 2017

      I knew her biggest fan would be here soon

    • Jasmine September 13, 2017

      STFU Racist heshe B|tch. Hate, racism, and b|tch talk is all you are about and all you have accomplished in life. Stop hating on muslims. There is nothing wrong with being muslim and you can keep your negative generalizations to yourself low life. Trash.

    • Team Janet September 14, 2017

      Definitely not surprised by your generalizations…. society also pledges allegiance to white supremacy and you sure do have a way of representing things… Janet doesn’t need the money nor does she want the attention (this isn’t Madonna).

  9. Angello September 13, 2017

    Me: Hi-
    That grape juice: poor Janet look what is happening to her now

  10. SayWhat? September 13, 2017

    Does the Muslim man have another family? I would find it strange that at his age, this is his first child. Anybody that knows Muslims knows that he would really care less about that kid in terms of custody. He might fight out of spite, but not really because he wants the kid that bad.

  11. Achooo! September 13, 2017

    She better be careful playing with those brainwash archaic hateful Muslims. They like to kill. It’s already bad they follow Mohammad the p********!

  12. eric September 13, 2017

    I hope this isn’t leading up to another tour postponement. The stress can take a toll.

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