Report: Pebbles’ $40M Defamation Lawsuit Over VH1’s TLC Biopic To Move Forward

Published: Monday 25th Sep 2017 by Rashad

Although it’s been four years since VH1 dominated airwaves and ratings with the jaw-dropping TLC biographical film, ‘CrazySexyCool:  The TLC Story,’ the top-rated flick is finding itself in headlines again thanks to an unresolved defamation lawsuit filed by the group’s former manager, Perri “Pebbles” Reid.

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The ‘Mercedes Boy’ beauty is driving home accusations that she was improperly portrayed in the film (which asserted her unscrupulous business practices ultimately led the group to file bankruptcy).  A week after the made-for-TV movie aired, Reid – who suffered an unceremonious Twitter attack as a result – took to TMZ to say:

“This unprovoked attack has been extremely upsetting to me and my family.”

Going on to assert the film contained “many false and defamatory statements and scenes” about her, the singer secured legal counsel in 2014 who filed a $40 million defamation suit on her behalf against Viacom (VH1’s parent company).  Fast forward years later, Viacom’s motion to dismiss the case and have its summary judgment reconsidered was denied by a judge on Friday (September 22).

As a result, unless Viacom offers a settlement to the Reid camp, they will be going to court – a case which may see the surviving members of the Grammy-award winning group, TLC, called to testify.  Billboard reports:

In September 2016, U.S. District Court Judge Mark Cohen ruled a jury should decide whether CrazySexyCool defamed her by creating the impression that members of TLC were pressured by Reid to sign contracts without review by a lawyer.

In a motion for reconsideration, Viacom took issue with some of the judge’s analysis regarding actual malice…Specifically, even if TLC members Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas held some sort of grudge against Reid, Viacom contended that the judge should note the absence of any evidence demonstrating such bias gave defendants reason to believe the information obtained was unreliable.

The judge adds that the bias of Tionne and Chilli is “one factor” being considered, but that the “undisputed evidence” shows that Tionne and Chilli were the screenwriter’s sole source of information in drafting and revising the movie script.


In what comes as somewhat of relief to Viacom the media giant no longer has to defend one of the film’s more damning scenes regarding how Reid only paid TLC members $25 a week, among others.  The judge maintains that Tionne and Chilli’s bias is “supportive” of actual malice here, but that the remaining evidence — including casting  Reid as a “not quite ethical” character — does the same.


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  1. Yoyoyooo September 26, 2017

    Pebbles is Still trying to take from these women. Haven’t you done enough damage? Accept the fact that your were a snake and move on. Damn.

  2. Jasmine September 26, 2017

    The judge should have dismissed the case. What are Pebble’s actual damages here? NONE. TLC was definitely ripped off by Pebbles, LA Face Records, and it’s parent company Arista / BMI. Pebbles is not a relevant star so any damages (money lost) she would have incurred from the film were minimal at best. Plus, Pebbles went on talk shows denouncing the film’s depiction of her so that serves as more evidence that by her quick refutation of the film’s depiction her reputation was never really injured from a money standpoint.

  3. Tim Brown September 26, 2017

    I feel it is unfair to get upset about how the actual member’s chose to re-tell their own accounts of what occured. Why is that not okay? People get on my nerves trying to always control another person’s memories smh!

  4. ? + ✈ = ? September 26, 2017

    Why didn’t she complain about their behind the music. They dragged her and snatched her weave on that to ??

    • Blak September 26, 2017

      LAMO! Rightttttt lol U ain’t never lied!

  5. Jem September 26, 2017

    Salty Pebbles! TLC had been saying what she did to them for years before the movie and she didn’t refute the claims then.

  6. ??? September 26, 2017

    shes disgusting. still a money hungry shady b*tch after all these years.

  7. Xsport September 26, 2017

    Please! How old is Pebbles 70 or 75 give or take. Lady please sit down your career is over, finish, and done get the point good. We know you need money you broke Carma is a Mutha.

  8. Boytoy1814 October 19, 2017

    Pebbles is a greedy bissssh! She got 60 million dollars when she divorced L.A. Reid who was cheating on her. She continues till this day 2 get royalties & checks from TLC first 2 albums.
    She’s a greedy slug!

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