Tamar Braxton Talks Monica Beef On ‘Wendy’

Published: Thursday 28th Sep 2017 by David

The amiable R&B icon Monica may have fresh trouble to deal with.

After sailing through a dramatic storm sent her way by her old friend/foe Brandy, ‘Miss Thang‘ will wake up to news that details of her spat with Tamar Braxton have been broadcast front and centre on ‘The Wendy Williams‘ show.


By who?

Tamar herself.

You see, Braxton made headlines when she was fired from the hit show ‘The Real‘ and found herself replaced by a number of familiar faces.

One of them being Joseline Hernandez of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ who she clashed years ago and another..Monica.

What Tamar has to say about the Grammy winner’s ties to the platform she feels she was dismissed from unfairly?

Watch below…

TSR STAFF: Tanya P.! @tanyaxpayne ___________________________ #Roommates, #TamarBraxton stopped by the #WendyWilliams show and was spilling tea about her friendships, her “beefs” and her sister #ToniBraxton’s love life. ________________________________ During the interview, Tamar addressed reconciling with her bff #Tiny. But catch this tea… Tamar admitted to unfollowing Tiny, Kandi and Monica after seeing them promote appearances on #TheReal. Tamar said she had every intention of following them back, but before she could hit that follow button again, #Monica wasn’t having it and sis blocked her! __________________________________ She went on to say that Vince accidentally “liked” some posts on social media which hyped the situation up even more. __________________________________ Clearly, all the ladies have moved on now as we’ve seen Tamar and Tiny kick it and—read more at theshaderoom.com (📹: @wendyshow)

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Braxton claims that her husband Vincent Herbert accidentally endorsed a number of disparaging remarks made about Monica and her peers by liking them on social media.

Monica is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?


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  1. navybound September 28, 2017

    Idk. How is that show doing without her?

    • DanYiel Iman September 28, 2017

      It’s doing fine & I watch it now that she’s GONE!!🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Sleazy September 28, 2017

    How you mad she blocked you? Girl you unfollowed her cus you petty

    • Maya September 28, 2017

      Monica is a very fake person. she is hood AF and not all spiritual like she portrays! Her boyfriend was a major drug dealer and he supposedly killed himself years ago. She is one of those undercover snakes… Girl she has beef with everyone!

      • Achooo! September 28, 2017

        100% Many people can’t see this because some have a poor judgement of character. Monica can’t fool me.

      • Facts September 28, 2017

        Monica stay having you ugly Queens and chick’s pressed. Just stfu.

      • Credits September 28, 2017

        It doesn’t matter who Monica is behind close doors. To the media and the public, she’s pure class!! and that’s all that matters.

      • Jasmine September 28, 2017

        I know Monica personally and she is a very nice person and good friend. People are on here saying things like “she is an undercover snake” just because she no longer wants to be bothered by that muppet faced drag queen Tamar. Learn how to not be so biased and stop making strong conclusions on folks without actually knowing them!

      • Maya September 28, 2017

        @jasmine girl you dont know MO from a Can of paint but I do! I know her connects from the ATL streets, she tries to cover up now but she is a Snake. This chick is not who you think she is period point blank…. im surprised she is still married

      • Facts September 29, 2017

        I know Monica as well, and she’s far from a snake. You on the other hand, is shady undercover fan who’s bring up something that happened nearly 20yr ago, which is irrelevant. Basically, just stfu

      • Facts September 29, 2017

        *Who brings up

  3. @sliqnick September 28, 2017

    I love Tamar but she aint tellimg the truth.

    • Ejai September 28, 2017

      Exactly…..lies she telling!

  4. Faf September 28, 2017

    Ok so he happens to like stuff about her foe

  5. Sommer September 28, 2017

    F*** Tamar! This b**** will not last on this tour. She will began to feel inferior. TRUST! Keep her blocked Monica!

  6. Jasmine September 28, 2017

    She looks like Lil Kim now. The literally have the same face.

  7. Lance September 28, 2017

    I`m not surprised Tamar unfollowed Monica. She seems to have a nice nasty way about her. Tamar may be keeping things pleasant now , but Vince didn`t like those shady Monica tweets by accident either. Monica hides behind all this spiritual talk, but something is definitely wrong with her. She two faced.

    • TRB September 28, 2017

      There’s nothing wrong or two faced about Monica. The simple truth is Tamar was being petty and mad because Tiny, Toya and Monica appeared on a show that she was dismissed from. None of those ladies had anything to do with Tamar being dismissed from that show. I like Tamar too, but your favs can be wrong sometimes. At that time, I don’t blame Monica. She unfollowed her over something she, Tiny, and Toya had nothing to do with. You treat me like that over something I wasn’t involved in. Fine you’re blocked. I’m sure that has all

      • Lance September 28, 2017

        Tamar`s a b**** sometimes, but I do believe she can see right through people like Monica. Monica stays having issues with so many “friends”. It would make sense if these people were never her friends to begin with, but why does she always have beef with her hpmies. I`ll answer that, it`s because those are the people that get to see her true colors over time.

      • Lance September 28, 2017


    • Facts September 29, 2017

      The only person Monica had an issue with, was Brandy. So stop with the propaganda, because you never hear about Monica having issues with anyone other then.

  8. Ari September 28, 2017

    They’re supposed to be going on tour together. I don’t get this. Is this a way to promote this new music

    • Dom September 29, 2017

      Watch the actual interview. Tamar didn’t say anything negative about Monica during the interview. Wendy asked her about an incident that happened on social media with Monica last year and Tamar explained very honestly what happened without throwing any shade what so ever. Literally just answered the question and even gave content and the back back story of how it even started and then literally re-iterated she doesn’t have beef with anyone she was just in a very negative place last year.

  9. juni September 28, 2017

    Shes always lying about something! girl why are you so bitter still! “The Real” Is doing fine with out you!!!!! She always got issues cuz of her lying big mouth! just shut up and sing!

  10. SMH September 28, 2017

    This is why Tamar’s career will never soar as high as Toni’s. She’s too invested in being a ratchet reality tv clown instead of a serious recording artist. And its a shame because she’s a great singer.

  11. Ciah’s Turtle September 28, 2017

    Why would she do this when she’s about to tour with Monica and Xscape? Act like Monica won’t press you sis.

    • Dom September 29, 2017

      She didn’t. watch the actual interview, Tamar didn’t say anything negative about Monica. Grapejuice is literally using this is click bait. Watch the interview you’ll see she was answering an honest question about something that happened last year.

      Tamar says directly in the interview she ain’t beefing with nobody but the devil and made it VERY CLEAR during this interview that she don’t got no issues with no one. Monica, Tiny, no one.

  12. Facts September 28, 2017

    Plus 10 for Monica! I just love the way she handles herself.

  13. Dom September 29, 2017

    WAIT. Did any of you ACTUALLY watch this interview? Tamar didn’t say a single negative thing about Monica. Tamar and Monica are going on TOUR TOGETHER with XSCAPE so Wendy asked Tamar why Monica blocked her last year and Tamar explained very honestly that Tamar was in a rough place last year and unfollowed about 30 people who were appearing on the real because she was hurting and didnt want to see her friends replace her all over social media. But she had every intention of following back, but Monica had already blocked her when she saw Tamar unfollowed.

    That’s literally ALL that Tamar said. So shame on That Grape Juice for trying to stir drama out of thin air that has already been squashed and shame on all of you for being so quick to believe everything you read without witnessing for yourself.

  14. Michele September 29, 2017

    These singers are believers and should forgive each other seventy times seven.

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