Read: Nicki Minaj Slams Sexism in Hip Hop

Published: Wednesday 25th Oct 2017 by Rashad

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While recent headlines have seen the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap reign over headlines more for personal dramas than professional endeavors (see:  testifying at brother’s rape trial, backlash for asserting her position in “reintroducing female hip hop to the mainstream”), Nicki Minaj is still using her platform to highlight problems in the Hip Hop community that mesh the two realms of personal and professional.

Just two weeks after highlighting the absence of dominating female presences in the Hip Hop world, Minaj highlights her own personal struggles the top.  The biggest hurdle she’s had to overcome?  Sexism.  And, let the Grammy nominee tell it, it’s a battle she’s still having to fight…


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  1. Chasin Time October 25, 2017

    she put it on herself. she had the opportunity to unify female rap but instead wanted it all for herself. Now the heat is on once again now that there is competition and she’s having a ton of label drama with her album. What goes around comes around.

  2. Fancy BISH October 25, 2017

    When asked about Nicki, Queen Aretha replied, “Hmm..I’m gonna pass on that one.” See, Miss Franklin was taught that when you can’t say anything nice, you just keep that good shade all to yourself lol…but yeah, Nicki has great skin and beautiful wigs lol

  3. Rem October 25, 2017

    They say that because they see her as a joke. I love Nicki, but Drake, Jcole and Kendrick never got their bodies surgically enhanced in order to sell their sexuality. Nicki is an incredible rapper, but her highest charting song, Anaconda which shows she had to make a man’s P3nis hard in order to receive recognition. Until Nicki produces records that encourage women to be themselves and promote positivity as well as get rid of those fake b******, b***, make up, and hair she will continue to receive backlash. You claim to write your music, but everything else is fake, how will people be encouraged to believe you?How about show women they can be happy with being who they are, that they don’t have to be sexual to get attention, that they don’t have to be ignorant to gain respect. Other than that Nicki has broken barriers, now it’s time to tell people “now that I’ve got your attention, let me be the real me”

    • Meme October 26, 2017

      Nicki has many non sexual songs that uplifts. But that ain’t what y’all want to hear. It’s a reason why female artist give s**, because it sells. This same thing can be said about beyonce whose image and music is overly sexual but people still respect her. Don’t do nicki.

      • Rem October 26, 2017

        Beyoncé don’t holler around that she writes her music and neither does she purchase fake body parts. I’m just saying. You failed to address that. We’re doubting her credibility here.

      • Caleb October 27, 2017

        Oh stop it. You constantly try to shade Beyoncé.

  4. DanYiel Iman October 26, 2017

    This is coming the woman whose style has been written through Lil’Kim ??!!

  5. justincredible October 26, 2017

    All the karma in the world is coming. Money, Power, NO RESPECT. That 360 deal tho! ???

  6. Whoops October 26, 2017

    She is shaking in her boots honey

  7. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “Faded Love” Ft. Future Comes Out 10/10/17) October 26, 2017

    This is ALL karma!
    Same thing she did to Kim is happening to her right now. When Nicki arrived on the scene everybody compared her to Kim and was hyping the ish out of her and she was LOVIN it as Kim was struggling to find face, body and good music. Now all of a sudden she is crying now smh.

    This reminds me of the time when she got mad that her Anaconda or Feelin Myself videos didnt get nominated at the VMAs in 2014 and blamed it on race, color and curves … which made no sense since Beyonce was nominated for that same award with that 9/11 song.

    • Caleb October 27, 2017

      9/11 song ?

  8. TAMMAH October 26, 2017

    Until Nicki Gives Her Proper Respect & Dues To LiL Kim & The Other Female Artists, Nicki Deserves Whts Comin’ For Her. It’s The Little Things She Could’ve Done To Avoid The Madness, But Nooooooooo! Nicki Wanted To Be The ONLY Female Rapper Doin’ It Big Instead Of Embracin’ The New Artists Or Give The Old Vets Props THE RIGHT WAY. I Don’t Feel Sorry For Her. I Used To Have The Upmost Respect For Nicki Minaj! All Of Tht S*** Went Out The Window When I Discovered How She Blantly Disrespects Female Rappers Through Nicki’s Music, Plagerizin’ + Mock Their Platforms To Come Up, Do Hlf Ass Shout Outs To The Vets Then Sneak Diss, & Listenin’ To Her Yes-Man Stans When She Puts Out Garbage. If She Doesn’t Come To Her Senses Soon, Her Words In The Future Will Not Matter Anymore. Nicki Needs To Collab With Old & New Female Rappers. Nicki Needs To Embrace LiL Kim & Show The World How Much Of An Influence Kim Was To Nicki’s Career. Nicki Better Do Somethin’ ?

    • SpaceRocket October 26, 2017

      You obviously need to do your research because she’s BEEN gave her props to EVERY female in the game before her. On top of that, she even congratulated Cardi on her #1. I really don’t know why the world really wanted to hate Nicki like she is some evil devil.

      • meme October 26, 2017

        She is baby if you don’t see it you not a real fan u a crazed fan that see no wrong in what she do y’all feel like yassss b**** Nicki serving these h*** when she dissing someone on a track but can’t take the heat while in the kitchen all Nicki gotta do is continue working hard cause she not the Queen yet th industry wants her to work for it she think it’s over and she can just wear the crown nope not that easy baby

      • TAMMAH October 26, 2017

        @SpaceRocket. Nicki’s Shout Outs Doesn’t Add Up To Her Music! Nicki Had No Choice But To Congratulate Cardi So She Doesn’t Look Like A Bitter B****! Nicki Will Try Her Best Not To Show The World She’s Pressed. If Nicki Was Genuine With Her Word, Why Haven’t Nicki Answered The Question When Someone Asks Her Who Is Nicki Tlkn About Through Her Music? Why Have We Not Heard Another Track Of Nicki Featured With Another Female Rapper? Because She Wants The Spotlight To Herself! If That’s Not True, Then What Rapper Did She Do An Official Track With?? If You Name Me ONE Female Rapper She Collab With Through Her Mixtape Days Or Her Mainstream Days, I Will Personally Send You $100 Through The CashApp. I’ll Wait…

      • Space Rocket October 26, 2017


        5 Star Chick remix with Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, and Trina.

  9. Mark111 October 26, 2017

    Karma, 10 years ago she was the young 25 year old female rapper and disrespected all the previous female rappers that came before her. She dissed Kim on her very 1st album, go back to her early mixtapes interviews. She will never get respect because she spent the past 8 years being a pop star vs a rapper. Now you have Cardi B put and Nicki is shook.

  10. Dopecommentsbymarc242 October 26, 2017

    These comments so dumb! Pay dues and unite female rap! Why should she when she payed homage and all them shaded her ??‍♂️. None said Nicki come on my stage be in my video hop on my song except Trina . So because she took her career pass the ceiling she owe it to them to ? F*** no! Yawl got to stop that s*** like Nicki has to do s***. Shook because of Cardi wow yawl got to stop acting like Cardi is even elite or will be around 15 years.

  11. nuru deen October 26, 2017

    my queen for life………Equal right

  12. #JACKIE October 26, 2017

    She only goes on these rants when it affects her. She did it when Iggy came along and now she’s doing it with Cardi. The GP is tired of her whiny, bitchy attitude. Cardi is a breath of fresh air at this point.

  13. Achooo! October 26, 2017

    When everything fail always play victim

  14. October 26, 2017

    I see no lies.

  15. meme October 26, 2017

    STFU NICKI OK U BEEN WINNING 10YEARS sO THE FUCKINN WHAT now you see how it feel to be discredit for your work lil Kim clone clown u getting  djs not to play certain female companions artist and you wanna talk about what the hip hop industry is doing they are a point the can do what they want and don’t care to really have you apart of it because your bitter they gonna make the money regardless stop being so bitter baby and you want be forced outt

  16. FactsAreNotShade October 26, 2017

    Someone should tweet her and ask her was she feeling this way. when she spent the whole beginning of her career disrespecting and stealing from Kimberly Jones’ legacy without any acknowledgement of her influence on her career? KARMA is a b****!!!

    She better call up ScaffBeezy cause she gone need him.

  17. CarlitosWay October 26, 2017

    Grapejuice, I love you guys but boy how disappointed I am in this article and your slight shade towards my generations greatest female rapper. “Self-proclaimed queen of rap?” First of all, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Billboard have all proclaimed her to be Hip-Hops reigning Queen. NO OTHER Female Rapper in THIS MOMENT has an impact the way Nicki does. Agree or Disagree she deserves her props. You don’t have to like her but she has paved many avenues for many artists, Male AND Female.

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