New Song: Eminem & Beyonce – ‘Walk On Water’

Published: Friday 10th Nov 2017 by Sam

Eminem is back!

Just days after teasing new music, the Hip-Hop titan has followed through with the premiere of new single ‘Walk On Water’ featuring none other than Beyonce! 

The track is lifted from his hotly anticipated album ‘Revival’ – which reportedly due in stores on November 17th. 

What are you waiting for? Take a listen to new Slim Shady after the jump…


Em will perform the song for the first time live this Sunday at the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards in London.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Maurice Cassidy November 10, 2017


  2. SayWhat? November 10, 2017

    Beyonce does really well when she actually sings.

  3. Fancy BISH November 10, 2017

    Bey sounds good here! And I love the production..slay a bit Eminesha lol

    • Meme November 10, 2017

      Not the Eminesha tho. Lololol

      • Fancy BISH November 10, 2017

        Yaaaaaaaaas lol

  4. Faf November 10, 2017

    She sounds good it’s a depressing song tho

  5. Meme November 10, 2017

    Issa no from me. Very underwhelming. Beys voice sounds like an angel but not even bey could save me from the snooze festivities.

  6. Gee November 10, 2017

    Beyoncé sounds great on the hook. The song itself is cool I see EM coming back to do his usual he along with some others can still sell great numbers no matter what.

  7. DanYiel Iman November 10, 2017

    I’m sorry it’s not for me, although Beyoncé sounds great not a fan of M&M…

    • BANGBANG123 November 10, 2017

      🙌 next

  8. fatusankoh November 10, 2017

    Omg they slay o love it can’t wait to buy it I love them two

  9. B2B November 10, 2017

    Just gimme ballad album Bey with the top producers and song writers. Just beautiful, beautiful soul not Pain, as some of you love.

  10. © Centurion November 10, 2017

    According to the #RoachHive, Beyawnce says no to everybody that wants to work with her. Welp. I guess she couldn’t say no to a chart-topper like Emimen. 💀 She’s so desperate for a Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit. It’s pathetic. Bless her rotten heart. 🤣

    • Real-Ish November 10, 2017

      I detect no lines….

    • Myson Smith November 10, 2017

      Beyoncé can easily get a Billboard Hot 100 #1 If only she lets spotify and YouTube and Apple Music get a hold to her music when it drops.

      • @Nate November 10, 2017

        Her husband has [email protected]🏳ed her so hard (and many other artists) in that reguard. All their stuff is tied up.

  11. RCW November 10, 2017

    I’ll pass

  12. Lol November 10, 2017

    It’s wack and it’s boring. Keep it.

  13. JOHNVIDAL November 10, 2017

    To be honest anybody who collabs with Eminem is a hypocrite imo. He is awful, or at least has been. They don´t give most of the other people new chances. Why has he got away with everything? Ugh.

    • Suicide Blonde November 10, 2017

      HE’S KING but Beyoncé ruined the song for me with her over the top singing, girl needs to stop, she ain’t Whitney, I tried to listen to the second again and I just can’t, her voice irritates my ears, waiting for the second single.

      • Fatusankoh November 10, 2017

        You are going to rot with hate you have nothing on talented queen Bey go away haters

      • Jamie November 10, 2017

        I can just see you drinking nut from a glass.

    • ??? November 10, 2017

      lol as if you don’t know why he gets away with everything lmao…

    • JOHNVIDAL November 10, 2017

      Of course she ain´t Whitney LOL (except in some of her fans delusions, I keep finding finding them on the Internet, it´s hilarious. It´s funny nobody in real life in the rest of the world believes for a second she is in that category as a singer. But hey they keep giving the good fight. Tecnique is all their argument. Which is a great argument. But a voice is not only that no matter how much they repeat it to themselves).
      Eminem… I never say he is not good at what he does. I say I cannot stand him. Like at all. As an individual. Nothing to do with his rapping, voice, tone or anything 🙂

  14. Mother November 10, 2017

    Bit of a snoozefest but Beyoncé sounds divine on this.

  15. Suicide Blonde November 10, 2017

    She ruins everything, definitely my least favorite song from him. I really, really love him but why her? 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Cough Cough November 10, 2017

      Girl shut up.. because he respects her artistry.. who respects yours? Oh ok.

      • Suicide Blonde November 10, 2017

        Artistry? 🤣

    • JOHNVIDAL November 10, 2017

      Cough cough I´m sorry but Eminem doesn´t collab with people whose artistry he thinks is great. I mean, he keeps doing songs with Rihanna lol And Pink? Oh yeah so much memorable artistry right?

    • Francis November 10, 2017

      Man what’s your problem with Beyoncé? You’re everywhere trashing her, Jesus.

    • Tea spilled November 10, 2017

      You’re obsession with Beyonce is unhealthy you mongoliod, just like the drugs you pump into those collapsing veins.

      • Tea spilled November 10, 2017


    • RealNegro November 10, 2017

      Get over yourself! Beyonce doesnt owe you anything.

  16. Ropeburn November 10, 2017

    Trash. I’m not here for a man who got famous rappin about raping and killing women.

    • JOHNVIDAL November 10, 2017


  17. Kaz November 10, 2017

    Zzzz. Snoozefest. Pass.

  18. ??? November 10, 2017

    lol the roach’s thirst for a hit is real lmao. He shoulda got Rihanna on it, they had a multi-platinum smash #1 hit last time they were on a record lol. the bug doesn’t make hits lmao.

    • jammy November 10, 2017

      I think mosquito hive sounds better than roach.

      • Electrikblue November 10, 2017

        Two bitter b i t c h e s keep hating on a website 😂

  19. The Wig Snatcher November 10, 2017

    This duet is less inspiring and powerful than Whitney’s and Mariah’s “When You Believe” and Michael’s and Paul’s “Say Say Say.” This is another all-star duet that packs no fire at all.

  20. Mark111 November 10, 2017

    His flown is off and this sounds like a Macklemore reject. Beyonce sounds nice tho, shame, maybe she could make a full version like Rihanna did with Love The Way You Lie.

  21. KD November 10, 2017

    Love the chorus, hate the song. Eminem was the weakest link, don’t know if it’s his age but his delivery as of late has just been odd, he’s not the Marshall Mathers I remember.

  22. Danyboo November 10, 2017

    So it’s just five days away from Grammy deadlines this could win best rap/sung

    • Bam November 10, 2017

      It would be winning on name power alone and not on quality but that’s nothing new…

  23. Biracial Beauty November 10, 2017

    It’s so boring lol

  24. MessyJessy November 10, 2017

    Bey sounds like an angel. Song is boring tho…

  25. KEVIN O’BRIEN November 10, 2017

    This a good song but an awful choice for a comeback song after 4yrs

  26. Roab November 10, 2017

    What in the entire Broadway show, post-rehab, looking for salvation, my mom smokes Marlboro reds hell is this? This sounds like the closing song to a high school play about poor kids with a terminal disease…keep on walking on water my friend while I’ll be at the beach with Remy Ma and Kim. No thanks! I’ain buying it!

  27. Truthful November 10, 2017

    I love this! And Bey sounds so beautiful.

  28. mr.m November 10, 2017

    Why this song sounds like a 3 hours boring movie?
    Beyonce’s part is SO zZzZzZzZzZz .. Flop indeed

  29. Kyle November 10, 2017

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful singing by Beyoncé it was nice to listen to her part! But the rest of ya are just haters that’s the only thing ya do is hate !!!!! And hate on Beyoncé !!! Beyoncé would be donating and ya be hating on her for no reason smh sad

  30. GurlWepa1989 November 10, 2017

    Bey is thirsty for that number one. Taylor will rule 2017-2018. The lesser can take several seats.

    • Alex November 10, 2017

      She’s not thirsty for a #1. As you can see for yourself, Eminem and Bey are OUTCHARTING Taylor flat back ass all over iTunes singles charts. Where was all this shade when Justin got his first number one in 10 years last year?? Shut the hell up and watch Bey humiliate Taylor. Bey is releasing in 18, doing a lion king soundtrack AND movie in 19! So you were saying?

  31. RealNegro November 10, 2017

    I like it.

  32. Alfie Alvarado November 10, 2017

    Boring. Not catchy or moving. Sounds like they each recorded their parts in two different studios a continent away from each other.

    • Meme November 10, 2017


  33. Junior in Jamaica November 10, 2017

    No no no.

  34. RoyalKev November 10, 2017

    Bey sounds awesome! I didn’t expect anything less! I honestly can’t get into Eminem anymore! He’s one of those artists that I can easily predict how they’ll sound before I even hear the track! He’s in the same lane as Pink! … I love how Bey brings forth some of the most random comments! People insist on seething over her every move, but have the most struggling kind of fav you’ll ever see in your life! I can’t!

  35. Ashley November 15, 2017

    I absolutely love this new song between Eminem and Beyonce because the lyrics are deep and meaningful and the beat is beautifully on point.

  36. KM December 29, 2017


  37. UKI January 17, 2018


  38. Mich February 2, 2018

    This is one great joint eminem has ever pulled through…

  39. Wizkid February 28, 2018

    Nice Post

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