The Predictions Are In! Taylor Swift Set To Soar Way Over 1 Million Mark

Published: Friday 10th Nov 2017 by Sam

Taylor Swift has long established herself as one of Pop’s most potent titans. And now she’s set to show and prove again with her new album ‘Reputation.’

Despite only just hitting retail today (streaming is being held off until further notice), the first sales forecast is in.

#1 is on lock, but how tall are the numbers stacking?

Head below to find out!

According to Hits Daily Double, ‘Reputation’ is set to sell:

1.3 Million -1.5 Million

Such a feat would see the LP  best her previous effort – 2014’s ‘1989’ by at least 100,000.

Remarkably, this will serve as Swift’s fourth consecutive album to clock over the 1 million mark in its first week. Each having sold more than its predecessor. Slay! 


With the promo train just leaving the station and stops such as SNL on its path, can Taylor tower even higher than predicted?

Stay tuned to find out.

For now though, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. alix lerner November 10, 2017

    Get em white girl! F all these hater go a sing your simple songs that you own publishing and masters on. they gonna hate regardless

    • Fancy BISH November 10, 2017

      Katy cut her hair off, did a Big Brother style livestream, publicly apologized, performed everywhere including Harpo’s juke joint and still flopped! Tay Tay didn’t perform ONE TIME, didn’t even publicly promote and sells over a million first week! FLUSH FLUSH BISH lol

      • Faf November 11, 2017

        Taylor Swift is the new supreme

        That’s why they’re mad and calling her racist

        “She should denounce nazism “ b**** is she the president ???!

    • Belladonna November 10, 2017

      I’m so happy for her!!! It’s not her white privilege that makes her sell its the fact that her fans ( me included) love her! I new I was getting this album before I new what the first single sound like. Lol She makes blockbuster music videos & her songs just speak to me. If you guys want R&B artist to sell stop streaming there music & buy it like you did with Beyonce!

  2. Jjfan1814 November 10, 2017

    But no one buys albums anymore..

    • XYZ November 11, 2017

      If you have a large fanbase and not release it on streaming platforms, I bet they do. More artists should avoid spotify etc.

      Personally, I still buy some albums and to be honest I value them more and listen to them on repeat, while I often forget that I saved albums on Spotify

  3. Gee November 10, 2017

    Honestly speaking I really and still do not get The Taylor Swift hype but I cannot deny that she is a pop force who sells without cheating the system with phone deals, streaming numbers ect. Congratulations are definitely in order.

    • TeaOnly November 10, 2017

      Lol she has a partnership with USP that allows for the purchase of 1 album and you’re given 3 extra as gifts for fans and family. On top having her fans buy her album for a place in a digital line that puts those who watch her music videos, purchase her album, buy merchandise and tweet about her tour as a priority for first to buy tickets. She really did find numerous shady tactics and loopholes to ensure she had the best opening week possible. She wanted Adele’s record so bad.

      • Faf November 11, 2017

        Ok but she’s doing it the old fashion way
        Not having Samsung but it ornsome company and then saying “i sold a milli first week”

        Even if two are given per album that’s still over 300k ppl buying it

        It’s not even Available for stream yet

  4. Coolio November 10, 2017

    I dont understand how she sells so much and she can hardly sing, she lies and she cant dance. Im happy for her but i guess.

    • Ehem November 10, 2017

      Simple. She sells to suburban white girls who don’t know what good singing sounds like, they don’t know what seasoned food tastes like, they can’t dance, and they see nothing wrong with Taylor’s status as a professional victim because they’re exactly like her. There are a helluva lot of Taylor Swift’s in this country and they support their own.

      • Bam November 10, 2017

        This is true, my school was half filled with them…

      • Achooo! November 10, 2017

        100% lol

      • tru.tea.badgyal.ldn November 10, 2017

        its so true they will never give talented black girls the same promo as that will ruin white businesss…iff we want black female singers to sell we will have to buy their music

      • dee November 11, 2017

        Its not always about the singing are the dancing. I’m a black female that grew up in the era of Whitney, Phyllis, Lisa Fisher etc and is quite aware of singing or sanging. However, Taylor possess the beautiful of gift of telling a story through her songwriting. That makes her talented and a gifted artist. Why continue to argue race. It is so ridiculous. Let this girl be great like your favorites.

      • MCTB November 12, 2017

        maybe your ghetto black girls should stop acting like hood rat skanks and maybe they’d sell. f****** black folks always blaming white folks. ya’ll are just f****** whack

    • LostOne November 10, 2017

      Singing is subjective. I mean Madonna is the best selling female SINGER of all time. N I’m 100% sure she’s not the best singer to most people. Taylor is a brand n marketing genius.

      • I can’t November 10, 2017

        That record has nothing to do with singing. Madonna being the “best SELLING” singer is not subjective. Sales are not subjective. She’s considered the best selling female artist. She’s not considered the best singer. That is by no means the same thing. And to a certain degree, singing ability is not subjective. It’s very much so measurable. Taylor cannot sing. Period.

      • Faf November 11, 2017

        Y’all stay saying who sings the best but it’s plenty black artists that can’t sing nor perform
        And don’t write either and they’re celebrated bc they can dress and do makeup

  5. G7Pat November 10, 2017

    Who mad

  6. erica November 10, 2017

    I guess she’s about to take the spot for second biggest first week sales from a female artist right now she’s in third place!

  7. Juice November 10, 2017

    Slay girl! Pink could never ?

    • Juice November 10, 2017

      Could never get these #’s.

  8. Bam November 10, 2017

    And the era of the Basics continues…

  9. Suicide Blonde November 10, 2017

    She sells this good because most Americans are into her music, period, it speaks volumes about their taste in music, it’s actually alarming.

  10. 2bad2bme November 10, 2017

    White people buying these white artists music because they can relate to their dry sense of taste. Rap is the only urban genre that do better sales. I just wish these black rappers help put black R&B back on like R&B helped rap get put on back in the days.

    • tru.tea.badgyal.ldn November 10, 2017

      i totally agree….but i think R & B singers need to change it up look how well SZA N KHALID have done this year all about using new fresh producers look at rihanna she did a writing camp in london for her new album..

      • XYZ November 11, 2017

        Thank you ?? @ True.tea

        R&b needs to step it‘s game up. I am an r&b kid (now grown up) and love the sounds from 80ies to around 2008. but r&b these days is so boring and bland. Nearly every album sounds the same, so you don‘t even need albums of more than one artist. And most of the times it just sounds like something you would listen to while cleaning or something like that. Khalid on the other was everything. I‘m waiting patiently for Miguel as his new music sounds different as well.

        As for Taylor, I don’t get her appeal either. But you have to give her that she makes very smart business moves and that her songwriting is quite clever.

    • Shaquiiii November 11, 2017

      White people, White people, White people. Stop Generalising.

  11. Truth Serum November 10, 2017

    I guess when you ship that amount out.


  12. Meme November 10, 2017

    Basic. Everything about taylor is basic. Thank god for that white privileged. That’s the only thing that keeps her afloat. I can think 1million black artist who is 1million x more talented who can’t even sell .25% of her sales. Go f ing figure

    • Suicide Blonde November 10, 2017

      It’s not white privileged, there are thousands of white talented artists who can’t even sell 10% of her sales, people just love basic music.

      • Fancy BISH November 10, 2017

        I agree…Katy and Miley flopped like pancakes at IHOP

    • LostOne November 10, 2017

      I mean u r a Rihanna fan n u r talking about talent. Rihanna’s talent lies in fashion n she’s a singer. So aren’t u being bias much. Stop bringing up the white card cuz it’s plenty of white artists that’s not selling. Only Adele taylor n Justin that’s selling. That’s 3 out of how many millions?

      • Meme November 10, 2017

        Firstly, rihanna sings circles around Taylor. Rihanna in her weakest voice is strong than Taylor at her strongest. Keep it cute boo.

        Secondly y’all love to knock Rihanna’s talent when honestly there not a single recording artist as talented as rihanna. She makes everything sounds good. A gift that NO one can match. Talent is more than having strong vocals my friend. Sadly, Taylor has either. The only thing she does half well is story tell. And in many instances her writing is very basic and juvenile.

      • Faf November 11, 2017

        Thank u !!!! @lostone

        Hypocrites like f***

      • Faf November 11, 2017

        I’m screaming at Taylor Swift lyrics being basic
        “Oh na na “

        Isn’t touching Taylor’s most basic song

      • JOHNVIDAL November 11, 2017

        Meme please! Yes Rihanna sings better than Taylor. Which is nothing to be proud of. But that´s it. Taylor does write and produce, and performing skills are appalling in both cases. Rihanna´s talent is one of the other very limited ones and an example of this last basic generation next to Taylor. Stop the delusions. Rihanna IS part of the basic group.

    • Shaquiiii November 11, 2017

      And I can think of a million white people who are more talented than her. Stop blaming everything on white privilege.

  13. Achooo! November 10, 2017

    Go for the D|y|k|e victim C|u|n|t. She is consistent but also it alarms how no stage presence, no rhythm, pitchy, cant sing, basic girl and epitome of mediocrity can thrive and outshine talented competitors with no talent.

    • tru.tea.badgyal.ldn November 10, 2017

      ever thought, the general member of the public does not care about talent… evever thought just how jealous, low & uncomfortable talented people make the average person feel….look at adele ed sheeran etc white people like non-threatening musicians who are good…but not too good. Also…with the black artists they just want entertainment…something to look down at…laugh at or lust after sexually. White people don’t want to give praise to a black artist hence why talented black artists struggle…but crap like XXXTENTACION lil pump etc flipping records like C R A C K

  14. tru.tea.badgyal.ldn November 10, 2017

    no one care3s anymore

  15. Bitchpleeeeaaaasssezzzzzzzz November 10, 2017

    People calm down and remember that people are buying her album because they just love her as Taylor Swift and nothing else.
    Just like l’d buy anything with Brandy’s name attached it it regardless.
    Congrats to Tay and her swifters. ????????????

  16. Yes. November 10, 2017

    Gosh I’m so very happy for Taylor Swift. She deserve this so much!! Anyone who writes their own music deserves any success they get.
    It’s sad that she’s getting hate for being successful. All of the people saying she’s not talented, can’t sing etc. Well singing isn’t all about screaming loudly down the mic. It’s about realatabiliy. She doesn’t need the best voice to do that.

    • TAMMAH November 10, 2017

      I’m Not A Fan Of Taylor, But You Said Nothin’ But FACTS!!!!

  17. Mark111 November 10, 2017

    She sell well because her fans gets it. She’s now pop, blonde, pretty, safe with kids, grown enough to relate to adults and simple enough for older people to feel young again. These other pop stars rushed to sell s e x or whatever other gimmick they can over use to the point that kids outgrow them and adults become annoyed with them.

  18. BAM November 10, 2017

    I wish my fav could sell like this ?

  19. M November 10, 2017

    I’ve never seen so many salty comments haha. Personally I’m not a Taylor fan, but I give the girl props. She’s big business…and attempting to downplay that because of race is pretty ridiculous. She’s locked her fanbase down over the past 10 years and she’s the only one around these days (besides Adele) that could scan that many units sold in one week without streaming. If we want to see black and latino acts sell more than maybe the fanbases should actually start BUYING the products instead of streaming them, but then turning around and complaining that they don’t sell as much cause of race. FOH.

  20. Dee November 10, 2017

    I think she’s a low-key mean girl and I believe she’s a catty girl as well. But you can’t knock the hustle when has this girl never sold a million copies first week. So no Surprise there.

    • Faf November 11, 2017

      She deserves to be catty

      Old ass 37 year old Katy Perry and 40 year old Kanye swift and kim kardashian been using her for drama for 5 years

      • Faf November 11, 2017


  21. Ropeburn November 10, 2017

    It’s official: Taylor Swift is the new Britney Spears. I hope she keeps some normal people around her cause her downfall is gonna be epic.

    • XYZ November 11, 2017

      She will be no Britney. Taylor is way more in charge of her stuff and business then Britney has ever been. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Britney, way more than Taylor. But Britney has always been more of an employee, while Taylor is the boss.

  22. GurlWepa1989 November 10, 2017

    The Queen of Music. #LegendaryLane

  23. November 10, 2017

    them country fans are mad loyal, plus the pop one she picks up along the way.

  24. Davii November 10, 2017

    Slay a bit ugly Nazi queen

  25. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “Me So Bad” Coming Out Soon) November 10, 2017

    She is way POWERFUL than ALL of our faves. Lol hehe

    • BAM November 10, 2017

      Girl, your fav isn’t even a blip.

      • MAW November 11, 2017

        Don’t be so bitter BAM, your faves can’t always win 😉

  26. DanYiel Iman November 11, 2017

    Yea still not a fan of this foolishness!!

  27. MAW November 11, 2017

    Haters are soooo mad, yeah you can talk your s*** all you want, there’s nothing you can do to stop her 🙂

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