New Song: Jessie J – ‘Queen’

Published: Friday 17th Nov 2017 by Sam

Jessie J has officially been crowned on new single ‘Queen.’

Unwrapped moments ago, the empowering jam is the first official look from from the vocal wonder’s new album ‘R.O.S.E’ – due next year.

Like the entirety of the LP, the song was produced by DJ Camper.

Penned by Jessie herself, the song is an affirmation of one’s self worth, strength, beauty, and regality.

Speaking on the song, the songbird says:

“This is more than another song for me, it’s bigger than me. It’s a feeling, a movement and a mantra. Words I want EVERY woman to sing and FEEL. We are ALL QUEENS!”

Take a listen below…

Meaningful, musical, and magnetic.

This has mass appeal – primarily by way of its resonating lyrics.

Vocally, Jessie is – as ever – in fine form.

Looking forward to seeing her hit the live circuit to propagate the track’s much needed message.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ? + ✈ = ? November 17, 2017

    It’s ok

    • Julian November 18, 2017

      at least she’s not screaming, so that’s good

  2. KingMe November 17, 2017

    Her preview made the listen underwhelming, but solid non the less.

  3. Ax November 17, 2017


  4. Haterz Gon Hate November 17, 2017

    Yes a little underwhelmed following the preview but it’s refreshingly non generic with a nod to an old skool beat. I see she’s going for a more restrained vocal this era, which makes senses as the masses aren’t checking for a whole lotta screaming over an entire track. The vocal sounded a little over processed in places – but it’s not like we know she can’t sing and she’ll probably beast the vocal during live renditions. Good offering, I’ll be checking to see what else she’s offering from this album.

  5. Rihboy November 17, 2017

    Ehh! Sounds like a blend of Jill Scott/ janelle monae/ brandy. Something left off of 2/11. It’s a cute filler but not a lead single. And for someone who can really sing the production of the song irritated me. Don’t see it hitting the top 10.

  6. WRTW? November 17, 2017

    Fantasía would be a great feature for this song

  7. Gavin G November 17, 2017

    This song is awesome people don’t know how to critique music anymore!! This song is obviously written by a black woman lol so it’s funny a white person would say they love their skin, of course you do lol but I love literally everything thing I heard from Jessie J!

    • #formulation ?☕ November 17, 2017

      Maybe someone wrote it who has bad acne? Maybe that’s why she is owing her skin… Or could be an dark skinned Indian… Doesn’t automatically mean the writter is ‘obviously’ written by someone black…

  8. Credits November 17, 2017

    Does anyone else hear the similarities between this song and the song ‘girl’ by the internet?

  9. Celine November 17, 2017

    I love the lyrics and melody! She should sing it at high schools! Also get it attached to a movie. The movie Dumplin in production right now is a movie about loving yourself I believe.

    • 2bad2bme November 17, 2017

      Sing it at high schools? LOL ya’ll say the dumbest things

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