Beyonce & Ed Sheeran Reign At #1 For Third Week On Billboard Hot 100

Published: Tuesday 26th Dec 2017 by Sam

There’ll be no blink and miss it trajectory for Ed Sheeran and Beyonce‘s ‘Perfect’ duet.

Because, the holiday chart-topper has extended its reign atop of the Billboard Hot 100.

Details below…

On this week’s tally, ‘Perfect’ lodges its third week at #1.

It achieved the feat on back of the following US stats: 43.4 million streams, 151,000 downloads, and a radio audience of 125 million.

While the BeyMix is a heavy contributor to the song’s overall success, it’s also been bolstered strong performance of the (discounted) original and a newly introduced version featuring Italian classical singer Andrea Bocelli.

Can Ed and Bey make it a fourth week? Stay tuned!

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  1. Erica December 26, 2017

    It’s not Beyonce it’s the other person he featured on it after her smh

  2. Brent Christopher December 26, 2017

    i listened to this record twice and have since moved on.


  3. mr.m December 26, 2017

    the funny thing is his SOLO version is still #1
    while the duet version with that b**** is #35 !!

    • Bam December 26, 2017

      Lol! They keep trying it, and failing. That said it doesn’t matter who is featured on it the song is like every other Ed Sheeran song; uninspired lyrics over a hand me down beat all to a theme that was just recently successful for someone else so Ed thought he’d copy it for a hit too.

      • CZeal December 26, 2017

        Wow you read him so well you pointed out s*** that i forgot I knew about him smh.

      • Strawberry December 26, 2017

        Only someone who has no, NEVER had, or have no hope of EVER having a “LOVElife, could ever find the romantic lyrics to Ed Sheeran & Queen Bee’s international #1 smash “uninspiring.” ..tsk tsk smh,#poorbaby #neverbeenkissd

      • Bam December 26, 2017

        Lol stay simple. Y’all over hear just eating up all this lazy basic sh*t these artist releasing cause it comes from a “name brand”. My love life is good boo. Has Ed or your “queen” bee given you that ring yet or is the relationship still one sided. #TryHarder #StopSupportingShitMusic

      • Strawberry December 27, 2017

        wow. Spoken like someone who has ONLY had 1-sided relationships. You must seethe everytime you hear “Perfect”.’s a tissue “boo”, Now have several seats . And i know it’s a struggle but in the Future try real hard to refrain from addressing matters regarding the Queen. #hermajesty #the flawless one.*

      • Bam December 27, 2017

        The fact that you “seethe” at any perceived negative comment towards your “queen” b is beyond hilarious. You can’t even help yourself as you have to respond to every negative comment like a good lap b*tch. Once again find me when Yonce gives you that ring…

      • Strawberry December 27, 2017

        “Percieved” negativity ? Oh. Are u sure it’s not Actual ? Has it occurred that it might be Fun to me to rain on the jealousy/hate parade? ..btw she’s YOUR queen too. Recognize. Tho i AM glad you find me entertaining. I guess it depends on your definition of the word “seethe”. MY definition is thats what YOU did when you found out Beyonce had the #1 song in the country. LMAO. forgive me im being silly. Seriously i dont know about everytime i “perceive”but i definitely intend to answer YOU back. Even though i can tell you dont know it i am your spiritual AND intellectual superior. AKA you’ve more than met your match. This is fun. You. Me. Yonce. I smell a friendship. #watch the throne #pop music royalty #the flawless one***

    • Bam December 28, 2017

      Lol!! My intellectual superior yet you on here falling for scam job postings at the bottom of the page.

      • Strawberry December 28, 2017

        Silly one you truly do not posess the ability to comprehend anything beyond hard copy boldprint, or you would know that i was toying with the scammers the same way i toy with you only you fall for it even harder than the scammers, as they have yet to respond while it took you about two hours. LOL ..No,boo..i didnt stutter #INTELLECTUAL SUPERIOR***,(or perhaps you need an interpreter for that too. #perfect-sheeran-QueenBee#1inUSA #Your Worst Nightmare #watchtheThrone*

      • Bam December 28, 2017

        Lol Your intellect is the equivalent to a puppet, cause that’s what you are MY puppet. I can go into any thread and talk real sh*+ about Beyoncé and like a pressed b*+ch you will be there to reply. I own you ho.

      • Strawberry December 29, 2017

        Wow somebodys got their soiled panties in a bunch. tsk,tsk,tsk ..tacky tacky tacky- who knew such an “intellectual”person would stoop to using such common vulgarities. i guess i must have hit a nerve. Sorry i made you react, but then that IS what unintelligent marionettes Do. (so WHO’s the puppet again ?) #still yo superior #watchtheThrone #QueenBee & Eddie Sheeran send their regards from the

      • Strawberry December 29, 2017

        …from the Top of the Billboard Charts! *LMAOOOOO!!!! (doncha jes Luv me)

  4. mr.m December 26, 2017

    I do believe xtina or adele would’ve took this song to another level
    bey did nothin to it, her vocals doesn’t fit at all .. I prefer the original

    • Strawberry December 26, 2017

      Aw, c’mon now Mr.M, now YOU know that’s not true. You know you want to bow down to the Queen.***

  5. Strawberry December 26, 2017

    Beyonce is without question the best performer since the late king of pop himself. She is 21st century music Royalty and the greatest artist of our generation.

    • SMH December 26, 2017

      Lmfao. What kind of crack do you smoke?

    • mr.m December 26, 2017

      Best performer my A** 🙂

      • Me Again… December 26, 2017

        Janet Jackson says hi 👋🏽 boo!

      • Strawberry December 27, 2017

        Hi Mr. M.
        I see you.

      • Strawberry December 29, 2017

        LOL* ..I bet your Ass performs REAL well. #theQueen unbothered*

    • Jasmine December 27, 2017

      I saw Beyonce’s last two tours and they pale in comparison to Janet’s tours. As long as Janet is living Beyonce is simply not the best performer alive. Janet learned from the best, Michael Jackson and Joe Jackson’s hard work model, so as a performer Janet is a seasoned professional that can outperform Beyonce any day.

      • Strawberry December 27, 2017

        Im going to be respectful here. I am sure there are some people who actually believe justin bieber, or Adele, or even Rihanna is the greatest performer they’ve ever seen. Diffent strokes for diffrent folks. And you seem really devoted to Janet. As a female version-of-sorts of the King of Pop himself, it’s easy to get caught up. But Michael was the best that ever did it, and Janet will always live in his shadow. Still, Michael is the ONLY one above Beyonce. Simply put, This is because he was the whole package. Beyonce is the only artist to emerge that can truly & BEST make that claim. That is why she is world famous. It is not the hit records. While she has many of those, as you know there are lesser talents who have more. She doesnt need hits anymore-She IS the hit. It is because she is absolutely the most fully satisfying performer from head to toe that most of us have ever witnessed. Why she is under Mike but above Janet? Because Janet, while she perfected the robotic, syncopated, dazzling dancesteps like no other female performer before her in pop music, She was a very thin-voiced sub-par vocalist. And as much as i Too love Janet, this makes a huge difference when you are determining who is the greaTEST. While Whitney was the greatest vocalist, she could not “perform” like michael or janet. But Beyonce can. She is both a stunning, gifted powerful vocalist AND live performer. And i submit that even YOU believe that if you stood Beyonce next to Janet, she could likely duplicate ANY dance Janet threw at her. (Plus, like Mike there is just an aura that surrounds Beyonce.) However if you stood Janet next to Beyonce and had Queen Bee do a vocal Run, Janet couldnt come close. So as an all-around performer you must excel at both, and whoever does it Best, would be deemed worthy to wear the crown. I respect your opinion, But i Do Believe that Beyonce has proven everytime she hits that stage that she IS the greatest, and frankly as an all around Living Live performer she HAS no peers.*** #watch the throne #pop music royalty #the flawless one*

      • Jasmine December 27, 2017

        Strawberry you are obsessed with Beyonce. Janet is still a better entertainer than Beyonce and Janet is now 51 years old. If you want to compare apples to apples let’s go.

        Here is Janet at 36 years old:

        Here is Beyonce at 36 years old:

        Here is Janet at 51 years old still slaying and outperforming all other entertainers:

        Simply put, Janet is the teacher and Beyonce is her student just like MJ was Janet’s teacher. I dare you to post one video where Beyonce has outperformed Janet. You won’t find one dear and if you can’t back up your claims with video proof you are talking fiction.

      • Jasmine December 27, 2017

        Here is a video of Beyonce admitting that Janet is her teacher numerous times and shows how Beyonce studies Janet’s moves and copies them. Beyonce is a Janet student who studied the school of Janet and Michael Jackson but never graduated just like Queen B never finished high school:

      • Strawberry December 27, 2017

        If you had an ambitious father,adolescent opportunity, and Beyonce’s talent you probably wouldnt’ve finished High school either. It sure worked out tho, huh? And just as mike
        studied james brown and janet studied mike, of course bey studied janet. She wanted to study the best to become the best. Of all the female pop icons, janet was the female mike when it came to dance. Bey watched janet & mike videos when she was a child, of course she will always pay homage. But michael studied james and rose to be even greater, so Beyonce studied, janet AND whitney aaannd… and the rest is history. #watch the throne.***

      • Jasmine December 27, 2017

        You are all talk. If Beyonce is “the best” then prove it. Post some videos of her that prove that she is the best. I already posted clips of Janet proving that she is still the best even at age 51. Janet is the greatest living entertainer that is not retired and Beyonce has to wait in line until Janet retires before she can claim that title.

        At age 36 here was Janet’s show:

        At age 36 here was Beyonce’s show:

        It is obvious Janet is the better performer. Janet puts her all into her performances. Beyonce does not even break a sweat or really even dance (I don’t count shaking here and there like a stripper once in a while). You can watch Janet’s new tour and see that Janet is still the better performer at age 51 too. It is okay to like both artists like I do but let’s not downplay other artists just to falsy claim your fav is the best without actual evidence / proof in videos.

  6. SMH December 26, 2017

    This needs to be changed to ED SHEERAN reigns at #1 for a third week thanks to additional help from ANDREA BOCELLI. The remix with her on it has dropped like a stone out of the top 20 on itunes, so yall can stop giving her credit for nothing.

    • Jasmine December 27, 2017

      They do it for click-bait.

    • Strawberry December 29, 2017

      andrea bocelli at no point ever outsold the original, by contrast when it first came out the Beyonce duet outsold the original by 63%. So the reason Beyonce gets the credit is because PERFECT was on it’s way to peaking in the top 5 sonewhere behind “Havana”and”Rockstar”until everybody heard the Duet version with Beyonce which rallied an avalanche of media praise & attention to the entire project-“solo”version & all. Without that “Beyonce”boost, it never would have gone to #1 in the first place.

  7. Strawberry December 26, 2017

    LOL! It hurts, doesnt it for all you jealous haters and racists who cant stand the fact that once again, like MJ before her, the greatest living talent the world has is not only black, but a gorgeous stunning woman this time. But i digress. (Lol) Everybody knows that I-tunes don’t count. Indeed, it was Beyonce’s haunting vocals (married to a lyric worthy of her angelic voice), that propelled this sweet but peaking song into the international conversation! Beyonce IS the greatest singer (..and that includes Adele.), and dancer of our time. Ed could have chosen any one of those lesser talents you hust named. But he wanted the BEST. And now, instead of “Rockstar” or”Havana”, thanks to his choice, he now sits proudly at #1 next to his queen, where they Belong. DEAL WITH IT, peasants!! LMAO!!!

    • Oliver December 26, 2017

      Thank you strawberry . Let them
      Peasant break their neck if they can not deal . Haters and racist are seething ..

      • Strawberry December 26, 2017

        I love you Oliver. When you listen to “Perfect”, think of me. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN.

    • Cough Cough December 27, 2017

      Janet Jackson is the best living entertainer but Beyonce comes after that. But Janet is bets idol and teacher, don’t you EVER forget that.

      • Strawberry December 27, 2017

        Cough Cough, as Janet’s own brother the late great King of Pop (who actually COULD sing) once said it Best, ..”you keep Dreamin.” #bowdown #respect the Queen #watch the throne.

      • Jasmine December 28, 2017

        Thank you Cough Cough. That is so very very true. I like a lot of different artists and make it a point to see a bunch of different concerts every year. Janet is the best. There is no artist even remotely close to her level of entertainment, professionalism, artistry, humanity, and talent that is not already dead or is retired.

      • Strawberry December 29, 2017

        Jasmine the reason i dont post video of Beyonce is because everyone has already seen her perform. (TWICE at the Superbowl, but if you really wanna know why she is who she is, download the Mtv awards from 2016 for a Lemonade shutdown you wont soon forget. You should google her first solo performance at the 2004 grammys, where she did “Dangerously In Love”,a classic where an actual Dove descends and lands upon her outstretched hand, STILL one of the greatest videographic and vocal moments the Grammys have ever seen. And anyone who has ever seen the “Get Me Bodied” video knows that she is a flawless dancer. And when it comes to commanding an audience, check out the Stevie Wonder Grammy Tribute and you’ll agree no one does it better. Since Bey is a product of THIS generation, most people have seen her perform. Janet is a national treasure but she Is 51. So you need to put a video up to Remind people of her talent, because most of the new school seems to dismiss Janet as a Relic of the past. It is unfair, but they’ve also done the same to Madonna. *on a personal note Jasmine, I really Like you. I can see that you know a lot about pop music History. (As do i) and i Love to hear you tell your stories. I want you to know that even tho i feel as i do about Beyonce, I do also REALLY love Janet. My favorite 5 videos of hers are: “Alright”,”Rhythm Nation”,”Miss U Much,”The Pleasure Principle”,& of Course, the King and princess of Pop did their thang on “Scream.” (p.s. My favorite J-song is the #1 smash,”All forYou.” Here’s to Janet Jackson, a forever ICON***

    • Jasmine December 27, 2017

      Many of Beyonce’s fans are so petty and always want to compare her to other artists instead of recognizing Beyonce’s talents and greatness. This song is no “Single Ladies”. That song was done solo by Bey and is a classic. This song just a duet and Beyonce dumbed down her vocals to try and not overshine Sheeran’s voice. Beyonce is certainly NOT the greatest living entertainer (Janet is) nor is she the greatest living singer (Mariah and even Fantasia sings circles around her) but she is certainly the Diana Ross of this generation and her fans should start recognizing her actual talents instead of these nonsense petty comparisons to other artists.

      • Strawberry December 27, 2017

        Fantasia unlike mariah, actually CAN sing however she is limited to only gospel style. BEY has no limits, she is versatile + she can do gospel also. MARIAH cant sing circles around demi lovato live.. these days she can barely sing above a whisper LIVE and she has to fight-box the air to get THAT out. Dont let the records and studio vocal tricks fool you. Her records were phenomenal, but unlike whitney & beyonce never was able to match it LIVE. Last but not Least while Diana Ross , like Beyonce was a living legend in her time, she had a pretty voice, NOT powerful AND pretty like Beyonce. Dont let Dreamgirls fool you. Unlike “Deena” , in real life Diana Ross teuly was the best singer in the Supremes just as Bey really was the best in DC. However it is well known that like with ed sheeran she had to “dumb down her voice so that Effie White could dwarf her, because that’s what the roll called for. But Thats where the Diana Ross comparrison ends, because in Real life Beyonce held her own Live on the grammy stage in a duet with Jennifer Hudson! Fantasia can, but (in YOUR wildest dreams) I’d like to see Mariah carey OR Diana Ross do that. #dropthemike #bowdown b**** #RespectTheQueen*

      • Strawberry December 27, 2017

        Jasmine, it does seem that it’s not just Beyonce fans who are petty. If you frequent this site. Then you know that it is usually fans of otherr artists who are constantly attacking and attempting to Berate Beyonce. You are the one who compared Janet& mariah to her, so you art the one being petty, all i did was set the record straight when i heard folks talkin nonsense. I’m not petty, i just know awesome talent when i see it & i hate jealous bullies. Peace out.

      • Jasmine December 27, 2017

        Strawberry nothing is wrong with you believing Beyonce is capable of doing everything and the best at everything but where is your proof dear???? Post a Beyonce video of her singing better than Mariah or Fantasia. Post a Beyonce video of her performing on Michael Jackson’s level or outperforming Janet Jackson. Without video proof you are talking pure fiction!!!!

        Here is Janet at 36 years old:

        Here is Beyonce at 36 years old:

        Here is Janet at 51 years old still slaying and outperforming all other entertainers:

        Simply put, Janet is the teacher and Beyonce is her student just like MJ was Janet’s teacher. I dare you to post one video where Beyonce has outperformed Janet. You won’t find one dear and if you can’t back up your claims with video proof you are talking fiction!

        Read more:
        Follow us: @ThatGrapeJuice on Twitter | ThatGrapeJuiceOfficial on Facebook

      • Jasmine December 28, 2017

        @Strawberry Also the comparison was not at all a limitation or insult as you took it. What I meant was that Diana Ross was The Boss (ie Queen B) for nearly 3 decades. She crossed over to white audiences and held her own as The Boss. I was referring to Diana’s impact not her singing voice at all.

  8. Oliver December 26, 2017

    Haters are seething .. Ed Sheeran and beyonce .. the queen does not feature she has her own part . And she’s credited for. Talk all you want . Best revenge is her paper. And haters I’m not talking U.K. chart ..

  9. DanYiel Iman December 26, 2017

    It’s a nice song so it deserves whatever records it takes!!

  10. Rozisah December 27, 2017

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    Good Luck….

    • Strawberry December 27, 2017

      You gave no particulars. It sounds attractive, but please say what you mean when u say “operating online, or provide an address so i can email you directly. Thank You.

      • Jasmine December 28, 2017

        Girl if you believe that scam is a job posting then no wonder you are so delusional / petty about Beyonce being more than what she is as an entertainer. She is great but not the best.

      • Strawberry December 28, 2017

        Check the earlier post & feel real stupid. LMAO!!! ..oh by the way youre not alone in your fear of Beyonce. All jealous chicks & racists do, because they KNOW she IS that b****** #the world’s greatest entertainer #the QueenBee stings #watchtheThrone

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