Is Chance The Rapper’s Wealth To Thank For Independent Success?

Published: Wednesday 27th Dec 2017 by David

Chance the Rapper‘s unparalleled success as an independent artist has seen him inspire many up and coming musicians to steer clear of the industry’s machine with hopes of finding success without it.

Alas, following an intense debate between the performer and DJ Booth on the industry, Chance has been accused of selling an unrealistic image of the industry to his fans.

Why? Because some believe his family’s wealth and ties to the Obama administration afforded him insight and access to the industry.

Apple Music‘s Carl Cherry had this to say about the generous star’s journey.

Chance [The Rapper] is an anomaly, he’s special, but… his success is misleading. Now you have all these other independent artists thinking you don’t need a label. Chance is special. He’s charismatic, he’s smart as hell, he’s just special.

How Chance responded?



So, what do you think?

Would Chance have the means to function as an independent artist without his family’s well-deserved financial and political backing?

Weigh in below…

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  1. Sleazy December 27, 2017

    What success ? Does he have multi plat albums and singles? I feel like twitter hypes him up

    • Ariel December 27, 2017

      Thank you!!

      • Its me Gowrl December 28, 2017

        Hush ho

    • SMH December 27, 2017

      Good point lol.

    • Its me Gowrl December 28, 2017

      U sleazy ho, that’s the problem with u dumb Nicki stans today. Y’all rank everything by record sells and not overall success. It’s clear to mammy didn’t give u baths when u were a baby because u stink to high heaven. BatheBitch!

  2. Kenhern December 27, 2017

    As an activist I see him very successful but as a music artist not really because on mainstream music he is only really known for that dj khaled song with has everyone and his mother on there…. Where on the same song he steals Wayne’s flow. But yet no one says anything about that.

    • Electrikblue December 28, 2017

      One of his most popular songs is Problems. Everybody goes up when that song comes on. Successful artist to me is what he has achieved along with others. He made it to national tv award show performs sold out venues even if they aren’t stadiums who cares that’s still success and he performs with A list musicians

  3. Bam December 27, 2017

    I keep seeing this dude and wondering why I don’t “hear” him. Didn’t know he came from a wealthy family, that does make a difference.

  4. Roach December 27, 2017

    He’s got supported by the roach fam

    • Electrikblue December 28, 2017

      Happy new year Roach

  5. SMH December 27, 2017

    His background aside, Chance still is correct. It’s industry conditioning that makes up and coming artists feel like they need the “machine” behind them in order to be successful, but more & more independents are starting to realize that’s not the case, and of course this bothers the industry “machine”. They can’t hand out just any deal to a new artist anymore, artists have become much smarter nowadays.

  6. Mateo December 27, 2017

    He isn’t absolutely right!

  7. Casual December 27, 2017

    Chance is absolutely right. That is being proven over and over again. Scott Bradlee, Sam Tsui, Megan Nicole, and Chance himself are all examples. Many artists never managed to get a contract with a major label, and many of those who do get signed never score a release. Only a small percentage of those who actually get a project release ever see or a hit or make a significant income.

    The atmospherics of the music industry have changed totally. Twenty years ago, it took 5 minutes to download a 30 snippet of a song, and iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Instagram didn’t exist. Twenty years ago, you either gained exposure for a song on radio, which labels gatekept, or in strip clubs. The means are now there for artists who is smart and savvy enough to get their music out there.

    • pon_De December 27, 2017

      Completely agree, and people need to grasp that success doesn’t just mean Jay-Z level success. If you are an artist, independent or otherwise and are able to pay your bills via your craft…YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL. That is what Chance is talking about. People have been told one version of the story for so long, that it’s about the fairytale record label discovering some hidden gem and molding him/her into a superstar. You don’t need to wait around for that! Especially with technology where it is today, you can self-publish your work at the click of button and then GRIND to build your fanbase and put yourself in positions for crossover opportunities in the bigger realm of entertainment. Some people think on such small terms, waiting for something to happen, because it’s easier to make excuses when they never get anywhere.

  8. pon_De December 27, 2017

    Folks act like Chance grew up in Lincoln Park with money falling out of the sky. Yes, his father was a political advisor at the local level but his mama was a secretary and he went to public school like most folks. Maybe just having parents surrounded by political people who are all about grinding, self-belief and making a way where there is no way helped him to find success more than your average person would but he didn’t grow up in some super music industry connected household. This article is a reeeeeach

  9. Meme December 27, 2017

    Come on TGJ, with the informative and original content. Y’all really trying to turn this trashy blog around.

    This is a great topic though. I too wasn’t very surprise when I found out about Chance network and the fact that he comes from wealth. It’s very misleading to fans.

  10. MusicLovah December 27, 2017

    Although I somewhat agree with Chance, I am disappointed with his rather disrespectful tone with using inflammatory terms like “Damn” and “mfs”, or even the use of Cap Letters. I just wished he had not been so abrasive.

  11. ? December 27, 2017

    When I discovered chance. I didn’t know he was from a wealthy family. His sound was still raw and it didn’t sound like it was produced from money. Sooo NO. His success is due to his talent alone in my opinion

  12. Tori December 27, 2017

    To be quite honest, he’s accomplished much more than artists with the big machine behind them and he’s very humble about it. I think what made him stand out was that he was himself. Most independent artists are either boring as hell and that’s the real reason why they can’t grt signed, try too hard to be socially conscious and artiststic or sell this fake ass hood rapper/trap star image. He just wanted to make good music that indie but still able to crossover. “No Problem” was a HUGE record for him and introduced him to mainstream radio. He’s worked VERY hard to push the idea of being independent, its funny when people try to say his parents wealth played a big part in his success but he’s been open about his parents not supporting him at first because of their backgrounds and political dealings and that was one of the reasons he went the independent route. He’s definitely a big deal!

    • MUSICHEAD December 28, 2017

      I remember hearing No Problem for the first time last year at a public event. When that song came on the loud speakers, every white kid (and the few black & hispanic ones there) went crazy! They knew every word! That record was huge for him.

  13. eric December 27, 2017

    I only know of Chance from that annoying kit kat commercial. I haven’t seen or heard anything interesting enough to want to learn more about him.

  14. DanYiel Iman December 28, 2017

    S*** he puts in work!! Congratulations yo!!

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