New Music: Xscape – ‘Dream Killa’ & ‘Wifed Up’

Published: Friday 1st Dec 2017 by Sam

There are several components of the Xscape reunion – from their reality show, to their tour, to their upcoming biopic.

New music is also on the agenda – but not for all members.

Tiny, Tamika, and LaTocha will be pressing ahead with fresh material, a venture Kandi is sitting out due to other commitments.

The first fruits of their studio labour has been served up in the form of ‘Dream Killa’ and ‘Wifed Up’ – both of which were produced by hitmaker Tricky Stewart.

Have they still got “it”? And with a member down? Listen below and let us know…

‘Dream Killer’ stands as the stronger of the two, but both cuts deliver.

Slickly produced slices of grown and sexy R&B, the tracks (conceptually, lyrically, and sonically) meet the ladies at where they are as women today versus trying to force them down another route.

Vocally, each member rocked the mic.

We’re enjoying and are keen to see whether these are promotional offerings (for the reunion holistically) or if its building towards an album. We’re “here” for either scenario.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Electrikblue December 1, 2017

    Dream Killa is a bop! Love Tiny’s voice

    • Coolio December 1, 2017

      Yeah i agree

    • Thanos December 1, 2017

      Totally Agree Lord Dream killa is FiyA! Those vocals SLAY and i did not miss Kandi voice at all! I like Kandi but these girls dont need her anymore. Ill definitely being buying it

  2. MZ. KEEPIN IT REAL December 1, 2017

    I was all here for new music, BUT! ‘dream killa’ & ‘wifed up’ is a bit to cheap sorunding, COMPARED to all of their past music!! Im not here for this sound & they’re not displaying their vocals, with that auto tune sound!! Im with kandi!! They should’ve left recording new music alone, if it was going too sound like this!! THAT WAS TRASH AND SURE AS HELL NO ALBUM WORTHY!! THATS NOT XSCAPES SOUND!! SOUND’S LIKE LEFTOVERS, FROM THEIR UNCHAINED ALBUM, THAT NEVER MADE IT!! I WAS EXPECTING VOCALS! EVEN TAMIKA SCOTT WASN’T DISPLAYING HER VOCALS…ISSA NO FOR ME Y’ALL!!

    • zayke December 1, 2017

      come down sis, it’s just two songs

    • DanYiel Iman December 1, 2017

      I agree which means I’ll be saving my coins!! ??‍♂️

  3. Mar December 1, 2017

    Horrible. Sound like demos. They can do way better.

    • songwriter December 1, 2017

      DAMN can they release it first! LOL it might just be ‘a demo’. kills me when ppl don’t give the artist their proper process. let the body of work come out FIRST before you give a basic option. but then again…maybe you’re basic…

      • Mrs. H December 2, 2017

        Sounds good to me. I’ll buy!

  4. stan December 1, 2017

    hm… it sounds like a typical thedream beat, tbh… but i guess they sound good

  5. Oh puhlease December 1, 2017

    Ummm in case nobody has noticed… these are demos….. hence the snippets and sound quality… the full demo of Dream Killa is on YouTube and as a demo it’s still fire…. Wifed Up sounds like typical Xscape…. give them a chance before condemning them…. I’m sure they’re going to bring the heat….these are just snippets…. And although we miss Kandi these songs are fine without her…she’ll be back tho……

    • Your Name December 1, 2017

      Do they usually put demos on Apple Music? Both songs are available there….

  6. Linda allen December 1, 2017

    I dream kills but I wish kandi thcould have did it with them but I guess she had other plans so I understand but the sounds are alright

  7. Your Name December 1, 2017

    Both songs are underwhelming. They just don’t have that signature Xscape sound without Kandi’s tenor vocals. I want all four original members, or nothing at all…. Sorry.

  8. yc18 December 1, 2017

    they need to go to ol skool producers from their time. sounds like they tryna remain current. Call up Rodney Jerkins, hell JD, Jimmy Jam & Terry.

  9. Malady44 December 2, 2017

    While I like the old school sound of xscape I welcome the change. Just like we all evolve as human beings or should evolve so does music.

  10. Xscape Fan December 2, 2017

    They are not xscape. I havent been around that long, but when I heard my mom playing Understanding. I thought they were legends and guess what they were. When i picture Xscape, I see 4 girls with unique voices. Xscape Won’t be xscape without Khandi. Khandi needs Xscape, and Xscape needs Khandi. Btw the music isnt there yet?

  11. cee cee December 6, 2017

    Old groups making new music is a big no no………i compare them to their old sound and this aint hittin.

  12. Jenna February 27, 2018

    I wrote this song and got NO credit! Some b*******!!!

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