Watch: Leona Lewis & Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane Duet On Stunning ‘Christmas Medley’

Published: Thursday 7th Dec 2017 by Sam

Leona Lewis and Fifth Harmony star Dinah Jane couldn’t come from more different arenas. However, the powerhouse pair unite in the spirit of Christmastime.

In a unique collaboration, the songbirds have hatched a stunning ‘Christmas Medley,’ comprised of classics such as ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.’ 

We could rave on and on about how beautiful they sound, but why not hear for yourself. Unwrap their duet after the jump…

Bella bella! That was gorgeous.

Soaring in places, while skilfully restrained in others, the ladies voices complimented each other immensely.

A random collaboration, perhaps, but this will be getting all sorts of plays here at TGJ this Holidays. What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Camila cabello December 7, 2017


  2. BK December 7, 2017

    Love love love

  3. China December 7, 2017

    Leona, can sing but poor girl is a Mariah-Wannabe

  4. Haters Gon’ Hate December 7, 2017

    That was very well executed. I know big voices don’t sell girl groups these days – but who knew gal from 5H could actually sing? Goes to show you how dumbed down and painfully generic/formulaic the 5H sound really is.

  5. ??? December 7, 2017

    lol would these 5h h0es just announce the group disbandment already?? lmfaooo.

  6. Yassqween December 7, 2017

    Leona is so underrated, her voice is like a angel from heaven. Notes glide effortlessly, lovely duet. Let’s not forget she has sold over 30 million records, one of the first females from UK to score a Hot 100 no 1 and top album at the same time, y’all keep Bleeding with jealousy n that hate. Her new album has been produced by Spirit producers again. She has class.

  7. Mimi December 7, 2017

    Omgggg this is such a beautiful cover, continue to shine Queens !!! I love seeing artist continue in a world that gives up on them quick !!!!

  8. 2bad2bme December 7, 2017

    I remember they tried to make Leona the next Mariah Carey but she flopped after Bleeding Love

  9. StarXavi December 7, 2017

    they couldn’t come from more different arenas??? They literally both started their career on X-factor.

  10. Dev December 7, 2017

    it was nice enough but i wasn’t really wowed, and i don’t know if they could both carry that off live.

  11. DanYiel Iman December 8, 2017

    Sounds great to me & hopefully many folks will like this song as well!!

  12. Kyle Gibbons December 8, 2017

    This is absolutely stunning!! <3

  13. Ricky December 8, 2017

    Not a surprise at all. Every single performance by Leona Lewis is amazing. Wonderfully executed and with an unique elegance and soul

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