Ciara Issues Statement After Twitter Backlash / Says “I Once Was That Girl”

Published: Sunday 21st Jan 2018 by Sam

Ciara ignited anger on some corners of the social media arena when a tweet – intended to be inspirational – was oddly interpreted by some as a dig at singletons.

Given how publicly Ci has lived her romantic highs and lows (Future, Russell Wilson, and the like), we understood her stance. And, in a bid to get in front of the rising debate, it’s one she’s expanded on in a statement addressing the drama.

Her words below…

Released moments ago, she explained:


Your thoughts?

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  1. Jay January 21, 2018

    What’s so bad about what she said tho 🤔

    • Leslie Yarwood January 21, 2018

      Exactly…I swear everything positive always seems wrong..I don’t get why what she said caused back lash..I stayed in a abusive relationship and dissed everyone for the dude and he dissed me in the best believe I’m about to level up

    • Gavin Gavalli January 21, 2018

      The only people who were hurt by her post were SIDECHICKS! They are angry because the spirit of conviction got they ass! Why else be upset about someone telling you NOT to settle ?!

  2. Justme January 21, 2018

    Girl bye.. the only level up you got was marrying Russell.. U wasn’t single and saying I feel amazing I leveled up. U didn’t level up until u married a man that’s worth $100 million

    • Superstar! January 21, 2018

      @Justme- Preach!

    • Cough Cough January 21, 2018

      Jealous much? Definitely. Don’t worry you will find your Prince Charming one day. Ur only one G***** message away honey

      • Superstar! January 21, 2018

        @Cough..- You keep trying to push that jealous line crap. The question is jealous of what? What Ciara did, “D” ride ANYONE can do. In fact, Instagram THOTs like YOU do it all the time. It’s your reason.

        Wake me when SHE actually accomplishes something without the COVERING of Pastor Wilson. (When you’re fake blessed)

    • Oh January 21, 2018

      You must know her personally right?

    • Kareem January 21, 2018

      But She did. i remeber her saying how he told her to hold off on the s** and stuff and try to learn more about each other than just focus on the glam and stuff.

      • Superstar! January 22, 2018

        @Kareem – He SAID that but they didn’t actually do that. It came out later.

    • Joedirt January 21, 2018

      He wasn’t worth s*** until he got drafted dumb ass

  3. Cherelle Peterson January 21, 2018

    I understood what she meant in the beginning.I find it a shame that there’s so many negative and sensitive people out there!! Ciara’s VERY correct and handled the situation like a refined Lady.

  4. Superstar! January 21, 2018

    God’s love? You don’t even KNOW YOURSELF let alone love yourself. You’re a freakin’ chameleon Ciara. You become WHOEVER YOU ARE AROUND or WHOEVER you are riding. Currently it’s Pastor Wilson. Last week it was Clubhead Future and you were wearing dreads and sipping syrup.

    Sorry not sorry. You STILL can’t preach to others about ANYTHING until YOU KNOW YOURSELF. Your statements LIKE YOUR CAREER are all jokes.

    • Cough Cough January 21, 2018

      Yet here you are, preaching to others. You’re super insecure and it’s visable AF

      • Superstar! January 21, 2018

        @Cough Cough — Who’s preaching? Tell the truth, you just wanted to comment huh?

    • Cough Cough January 21, 2018

      Lol people on Twitter are such losers. Lol

      • Superstar! January 21, 2018

        @Cough Cough – Cheer up. If you listen to Ciara and “Level Up” you’ll end up just as sad as she is. Cheers to D-riding.

    • Dion January 22, 2018

      So I guess you can’t learn from your mistakes and find God. I guess you stay who you are forever right? B**** gone somewhere with that thinking. That’s why you’re you and she’s her. I can tell you this though no one wants to live like you.

      • Superstar! January 22, 2018

        @Dion – Save the I’VE CHANGED crap. She didn’t “CHANGE” until she “CHANGED” “D’s” to ride kiddo. Again, she’s rocking the choir rob TODAY because that’s what RUSSELL DOES let’s see about tomorrow.

        Hmmm, I wonder what RUSSELL will be wearing TOMORROW. Save it kid, the girl has ABSOLUTELY NO IDENTITY unless it’s attached to a “D”.

  5. Mhhh… January 21, 2018

    Insecure people will be mad. Self- righteous people will think they’re right for endorsing everything a preacher/bible says… I see wrongs on both sides. She’s wrong for endorsing that message, and they’re wrong for taking it as a personal dig. Shut up! She doesn’t know you!!

  6. Haters Gon’ Hate January 21, 2018

    Wow. Haters Gon’ Hate….. Only a fool would be offended by what she said. She got people shook because she realised she made a mistake with future and did better with Russell. She’s rich, and secure and happy, but instead of people deciding if the wisdom was for them or moving on with they lived – they gotta tear a beautiful black woman down – because they hurtin’ somewhere. So sad.

    • Superstar! January 21, 2018

      @Haters — Secure? That’s comical. She’s a secure as the reputation of the “D” that she is riding. The only person who is HURT is Ciara. She’s hurt in her IMAGE, which is why SHE RAN AFTER a lame. She’s her in career- no one is buying that crap she is selling which is why she is TRYING to sell Socialite status and she can’t even sell that.

      Her MISTAKE was/is trying to CONVINCE anyone that she is anything other than what she is. A sad, insecure, career-less woman who wants to be THAT girl. She’s not.

      • Superstar! January 21, 2018

        *She’s hurt in her career –

      • Hmmm January 21, 2018

        Smh..jealousy is one hell of a drug and you’re overdosing on it.

      • Superstar! January 21, 2018

        @Hmmm – It most certainly is and YOU most certainly are. Since that is the case, enjoy the last of what is your lame life before YOU fade out kiddo. hahahaha

  7. Really Though January 21, 2018

    So she tried to clean it up by making it about her past… like weren’t already privy to her single motherhood and baby daddy drama. The thing is, it’s ok to have a testimony, but don’t project your mess ups onto others. If she’d made it about herself in the first place instead instead of making that vague, blanket statement “Level up,” ppl would’ve received it differently. The pastor, however is still a fat idiot with a big mouth and an inflated ego.

  8. xedos January 21, 2018

    the first statement was like she was throwing shade at other women who don’t married to a rich man. acting like she was not jumping from man to man all to be famous. Re.member future said he was ready to marry her ,but she wanted the E hollywood wedding with half of the guest he don’t even friends with. that’s why the wedding did happen . she didn’t want like an average atl wedding with people who they both know. You all notice how she drag russell before ever camera she see’s?

  9. Lake Erie January 21, 2018

    Smh… like I said in the previous post before a dumb ass jumped in my comment section…. “self-reflection”.. ..

    Tell’em CiCi! ❤

    • Superstar! January 21, 2018

      @Lake…- Puh-lease. There is nothing in her post that screams “self-reflection” she’s only NOW trying to course correct what she ACTUALLY meant. “Level Up” means to aim HIGHER than YOURSELF and that’s what she did. Instead of the NEVER TO BE OBTAINED SOCIALITE STATUS that she wants she now has INSTA-THOT status. hahaha

      Keep reppin’ team “D” riders and see if YOU don’t end up with a kid, a soiled sash and some running shoes trying to get some sucker to rip all that off and wipe away YOUR problems. Pull YOURSELF UP by YOUR BOOTSTRAPS and STOP looking to someone a “LEVEL UP” to do that FOR YOU.

      • Lake Erie January 22, 2018

        Smh I just think you don’t like her.

      • Superstar! January 22, 2018

        @Lake — No she’s a hypocritical LIAR with NO IDENTITY until she finds the newest LEECH to attach to. Stop being blind.

  10. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler January 22, 2018

    Why didn’t she say that in the first place? Seems like she’s just trying to backtrack and save face.

  11. Quin January 22, 2018

    Reading these comments makes me sad of how stupid our generation is, this woman is speaking from a Personal experience of how she truly felt and you all still judge her. I honestly think #Levelup should be her next album title. And I love how worded this message. Half of y’all on this post will never meet a man half as good as Russell Wilson and your heart will never be as pure as Ciara. That is why most of y’all are still single or getting cheated on as we speak. Try spreading love and positivity and maybe you be as happy as Ciara!

    • Lake Erie January 22, 2018

      Exactly! Smh

    • Superstar! January 22, 2018

      @Quinn – Ciara is NOT happy. She’s trying to CREATE an image of happiness. Any woman that models her life and even her marriage after KIM K is sad and pathetic. Ciara gets married overseas in a castle but guess who did that? Kim K.

      Ciara NEEDED a SAVIOR and she found one in Pastor Wilson as he walked her down to the Jordan River. Now she’s wearing a choir rob when YESTERDAY she was sipping lean and wearing dreads. She’s a puppy who FOLLOWS who ever is LEADING HER (as in whoever is IN FRONT OF HER) with the strongest image.

  12. truthteller January 22, 2018

    Ciara should have realised you need to be careful what you type, as it’s easy for people to twist your words. But there is still a lot of hating going on. She found a handsome, successful man with morals who was willing to take her child on as his own. Stay off social media Ciara and consider yourself blessed

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