Ciara Causes Twitter Storm After Sharing Inspirational Marriage Message

Published: Sunday 21st Jan 2018 by David

The happily married singer Ciara has come under fire after she shared a video she hoped would encourage women to set higher standards for themselves when choosing partners.

Fire and fury from what Ciara fans are calling an assorted group of never-do-wells below…


The inspirational and accurate message was met with flames from those triggered by its message.



It wasn’t all bad though.

Do you agree?

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  1. MissImpartial January 21, 2018

    Future anyone?????😒😒😒

    • I hate Blacak. And Whiyte bitczhc January 21, 2018

      50cent.. Sorry video was for him

    • Haus Mutha Bey January 21, 2018

      So you never made mistakes? You know about Ciara’s body count but do you know about your mother’s?

      • MissImpartial January 21, 2018

        Do you see any numbers on my post?? Stop defending as if you are her secret B****** son. Not my fault she is not claiming you 😘 Go and find your real mum.

  2. Lucinda Shankle January 21, 2018

    It does not matter we as people, husband and wife need same things in life for survival, love, communication, respect I don’t care how you cut the pie it’s not no big difference and I feel if you don’t have basic hard to survive in marriage and that’s what she is saying and we do settle at times for the like take..

  3. Ispeakfacts January 21, 2018

    Why the only time I hear about Ciara it’s always something about her husband or her child??? It’s never about her music or talent! She really shouldn’t be salty bcuz b4 she married Russell she was all for that baby mama lifestyle… taking pictures with them & all… I guess she just still salty bcuz he cheated & never married her… she was so hungry to have that Bey & Jay type relationship & attention… knowing all along he was never gonna marry her & was no good!

    • Faf January 21, 2018

      $18 mil and 25 mil sold
      Covergirl Revlon Movies &Tv shows
      TELl Another lie

      • Superstar! January 21, 2018

        @Faf – ha! No one is buying Covergirl OR Revlon because of Ciara. Covergirl is grandfathered in and Revlon was branded by Hailee. TV shows? Where Sway? Ciara WANTS to be a socialite. SHE AIN’T and NEVA will be. A sad truth.

        This is why everything she brings in MUSIC will be garbage because her heart NOR her head or anything else is in it. She’s too busy trying to PLAY SOMEBODY instead of BEING somebody. Poor girl.

  4. Teflon Boy January 21, 2018

    Maybe the wording isn’t everyone’s liking but I get the sentiment.., basically, people ready for a healthy relationship will find each other but if you’re a ‘I was cool with no commitment (wait) let me take that back, you was cool so I was with it’ -type #IsSheTheReason lol then you’ll attract that energy instead cos a man clearly doesn’t need to commit in order to have you ‘open’.

  5. XYZ January 21, 2018

    She got nerve, acting as if Future never happened. B****, you are and always will be his baby mama, whether you have found another guy that was willing to get you pregnant after a short time again afterwards, or not.

    Where is Rihanna when you need her?

    • Bey Bey Slay January 21, 2018

      Erm. Future was her ex. We’ve all had them. Difference is that she learned from her mistake which is why she isn’t with him today. She isn’t like those women who stick with deadbeat cheaters.

      • Superstar! January 21, 2018

        @Bey – She didn’t learn from anything. She just jumped on a new “D” in the hopes that a lame would save her soiled image.

      • XYZ January 21, 2018

        @superstar! Exactly, otherwise she wouldn’t have married and became pregnant again in the blink of an eye…

  6. Bey Bey Slay January 21, 2018

    Why buy the cow when the milk is free? You girls are out here busting it open for dudes who clearly don’t take you seriously and wonder why none of the men you want think enough of you to marry you. Then you wonder why those same men go on to marry other women. They do want to get married but Just not to you. Only promiscuous girls will be offended by this.

    • Superstar! January 21, 2018

      Dude, what are you even saying. She gave it up to Russell BEFORE marriage. Ciara CHASED RUSSELL DOWN. Puh-lease! She is in NO POSITION to give any woman, let alone a single one, any advice about PREPARING for marriage when she found a sucker, set her sights and tackled him from BEHIND to make her look like a respectable woman.

      • Haus Mutha Bey January 21, 2018

        Having s** with someone you intend to marry isn’t the same as spreading your legs for any man who seems right at the time. She and Russell are raising a family in the glory of God because they are both on the same page. That is not the same as being in a shoddy fling and calling it a relationship.

      • Faf January 21, 2018

        U a lie Russell said they abstained

        Were u in her p****? Even if she did

        They married now u mad at the over 100mil together?

        The fact she don’t have to hire Arabs for pool photo ops?

    • Superstar! January 21, 2018

      @Haus.. – Babe, here’s the crux of her argument. A woman becomes a wife when a man lays eyes on her. (Her words) But here’s the thing. The man has to SEE YOU and SEE YOU CLEARLY in order to do that and Russell did NOT do that. Sorry NOT sorry, but I’m not buying that Ciara is my DREAM GIRL B.S. he was trying to sell. HIS FIRST WIFE, BECKY, is his dream girl and I don’t care how many blonde wings Ciara she puts on she will ALWAYS BE a NUTCRACKER and that’s it.

      Again, she’s NOT the woman to dispense advise on the “proper way” to do or be to A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y.

      • Superstar! January 21, 2018

        *blonde WIGS

      • Faf January 21, 2018

        His dream girl cheated and he left? Just like Ciara left Russell

        U whores are heAted cool off 😎

      • Superstar! January 21, 2018

        @Faf – She left and he STILL wasn’t looking at Ciara. Like I stated before SHE tackled him. ALL- ABOUT-THE-IMAGE. Oh and W**** is right because that’s what Ciara is as she advised single women to LEVEL UP. hahaha
        #Stay Ghetto

    • Superstar! January 21, 2018

      @Faf – You’re CLEARLY a moron. They did NOT abstain dear. Ciara is a LOSER who RAN after a man that was squeaky to clean up her F’d up reputation. The same F’d up reputation that SHE created. It is what it is man.

    • Superstar! January 21, 2018

      @Faf – They didn’t abstain. It all came out. You must have been living under a rock and based on your verbiage you aren’t far from living under one.

  7. Haus Mutha Bey January 21, 2018

    The saddest cases are the ones where girls get pregnant thinking it’ll inspire their boyfriends to get serious. The story is always the same. The dudes abandon the mother and child because deep down they never had any intentions of raising a family and the women raise their kids with anger and bitterness became the poor child has no idea why their foolish father wants nothing to do with them. Stop lying to yourselves sisters. These dudes just aren’t that into you.

    • XYZ January 21, 2018

      Funny, you just told the story of how Ciara became a mother.

      Actually, it‘s not as if that video doesn’t have a point. It’s just the fact that out of all, she was the one posting it. The celebrity Baby mama of future, that guy that has 500 children from 499 women. She should be lucky that she found a guy foolish enough to marry her, though it was just obvious that she simply wanted that celebrity couple status. But sitting on a throne and throw stones at other girls, no ma‘am, you‘re not in that position.

  8. Really Though January 21, 2018

    Oh right cause Ciara is a model citizen for being a “wife.” Ms. He-Love-the-Way-I-Ride-It aka Future’s-23rd-baby-mama.

    Funny how the luck of finding a man to take care of another man’s child got her feeling sanctified. H*** become housewives and forget their past h** status real quick.

    • Haus Mutha Bey January 21, 2018

      Let me guess. You’re single right?

      • Really Though January 21, 2018

        Lol. No I’m not. Lemme guess… you’re a h o e right?

  9. Hmmm… January 21, 2018

    I never liked those women who get married and suddenly think they’re in a position to guide everyone else to the promised land. It really reminds me of those 18 year olds who, as soon as they turn 18, think they came into some exclusive wisdom. They’re grown and they know everything. You turned 18 at midnight but you’re still as dumb as you were at 11:59 pm. You see the same thing with married women. Stop trying to position yourself to be someone who has any place telling other women how to act or behave to get a husband. Ciara, really needs to mind her business because her dating history is nothing to be proud of, regardless of where she ended up, and at the very least, she should extend her unsolicited advice and opinions to both men and women.

    • Faf January 21, 2018

      B**** shut up

      She dated and married wealthy

      Who u dating ?

      • Hmmm… January 21, 2018

        Lol, is that an accomplishment? Wow. Ciara dated and married wealthy. That is impressive. It’s unfortunate that you decided her life success is defined by her connection to a rich man but I’m a single girl in grad school, focused on my career. Doing the damn thing. And I especially like how you alluded to my relationship status as if being single or not being attached to a wealthy man would ever be anything to be ashamed of. You’re pathetic sis. It’s not surprising that you adopted that mentality though. Some people just aren’t capable of doing it themselves… *shrugs*

      • Caleb January 21, 2018

        What does it matter who she dating? That’s how you define someone’s worth?

  10. Mark111 January 21, 2018

    Ciara just posted a video that told y’all what ya mama and daddy (if he was around) should have told you when you were a child. If Ciara never put her values in order and stayed with Feature, she would STILL be with his no good @ss and missed out of Russel. This girl was engaged, just had a baby and made the right choice to not just be another baby mama anf found a husband. Some of y’all won’t even end a relationship (most can’t even call it that because they still “just talking” for years) because you’re too scared to “start over”.

    • Superstar! January 21, 2018

      @Mark.. – Ciara can’t dispense any advice. SHE RAN AFTER a lame to clean up her image. He didn’t FIND her. So the fact that she is giving other women inspirational quotes, etc about FINDING a mate or BEING an ideal mate is COMICAL when LOVE didn’t find her. She hunted down a clueless MORON to create an image of WHOLESOMENESS.

      She really just needs to sit and look kinda pretty and keep her mouth shut. And YES I mean even keep it shut when she chooses to sing again.

  11. Lake Erie January 21, 2018

    Smh… wow. People are really mad at my girl for pretty much posting a self-reflection on her timeline. Sharing to the world something she related to, that I’m sure others shared in common as well.

    • Superstar! January 21, 2018

      @Lake.. – Dude she said “LEVEL UP.” That basically says that she AIMED FOR A DUDE that is BETTER than her. Now had this been the flavor of the week of some of these entertainers: rappers, singers etc. she’d be called a GOLD DIGGER or THOT. So what does this say about Ciara eh?

  12. Caleb January 21, 2018

    Am I the only one who saw the video of the pastor and thought he was flaming from the way he was spinning around?

  13. Rihboy January 21, 2018

    Future, 50, bow wow, and several others. Sis finally found someone to sponsor her behind and she want to give advice. Must be dropping a single

  14. Kdot January 22, 2018

    If you listen to the video there’s a part in the sermon where he says, “too many woman who want to be married, walking in the spirit of girlfriend.” So to me there was actually an intended audience if you listen closely, so why does everyone seem offended, if you’re not trying to get married then……. and besides these words never came out her mouth, she may have consigned on the message but hey it’s better than glorifying the h**-ism culture that is so rampant. Ciara may have had every boyfriend of hers in her music videos, and you can call her a h** if you want, but I guess she’s saying she’s went through a few bad apples in the barrel until she found the right one, and she’s only showing the the world if you as a female went through that it can change for you.

    • Superstar! January 22, 2018

      @Kdot – Save it! Where was the I LOVE MYSELF BEFORE she got her tits done? Where was the SELF-LOVE BEFORE she got her nose done or BEFORE she started bleaching? Ciara is walking in the spirit of a FOLLOWER aka a PUPPY. She BECOMES WHOMEVER IS LEADING HER because she has NO IDENTITY. Since this is the case THIS WOMAN has absolutely NO CAUSE TO DISPENSE ROMANTIC/RELATIONSHIP advice to ANYONE.

    • Chica January 22, 2018

      Yeah she’s acting all high and mighty because she marired and she seems to think that she’s so virtuous because she waited until she got married until she had s** with her husband. However she forgets that she had a child out of wedlock with a rapper who had loads of other girls on the go at the same time as her.

  15. Chica January 22, 2018

    Wasn’t ciara just side chick to future.

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