Nicki Minaj Under Pressure To Part Ways With H&M

Published: Monday 8th Jan 2018 by David

Shame and disgrace has befallen the clothing retailer H&M after they dubiously placed one of their black child models in a monkey-branded outfit.

Undeniably loaded considering the black community’s painful history with images which depict its people as primates, the image caused uproar and prompted The Weeknd to end his working relationship with the company.

Now, Nicki Minaj– the world’s highest selling female rapper- is under pressure to do the same.

Enraged by the blatant disrespect, Minaj’s fans have urged her to consider leaving the company and her commercially successful venture with them.


Minaj’s union with the company stands as one of her more lucrative forays into fashion.

However, can she afford to stay silent on this issue?

Weigh in below…

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  1. Abel Minaj January 8, 2018

    She better do something about it, if she chooses to remain silent, I’m done with her and her BS

  2. XYZ January 8, 2018

    She won‘t. She‘s too thirsty to quit this job

    • Ciah’s Turtle January 9, 2018

      To quit? The job was completed.

  3. Ashanti January 8, 2018

    sis is struggling on the charts .let her keep her H&M check

    • TAMMAH January 8, 2018

      EVERYTHING IS ABOUT A NUMBER OR A CHECK!! That Is The Problem With Y’all….Can Y’all Stop Lookin’ @ Numbers & Stats For A Second & Look @ The BIGGER PICTURE?? WHERE ARE YOUR VALUES & MORALS?? WHERE IS THE QUALITY IN YOUR WORK EITHIC?? It’s Not About The Money, It’s About The Respect & Matter of Fact. If Nicki Looks @ This Situation & Still Goes After The Check, Then That Right There Should Speak Volumes On How She Operates & How She Controls Her Craft.

      • Faf January 8, 2018

        Three top tens in 2017

        If that’s the struggle some artists won’t even live up to ????

      • Caleb January 9, 2018

        @faf there’s “Rake It Up” and “Motorsport” I can think of off the top of my head. Which single was the 3rd one?

  4. Guest January 8, 2018

    Leave Nicki! if she stays there is gonna be an huge backlash from the black community,Social media will tear her apart.

    • January 8, 2018

      Well, the black community doesn’t really fck with her, most don’t even give her the respect she has earned over the years, see how hard they are trying to replace her with cardi b. but as soon as some sh!t happen they want her to ask how high shall I jump, well yall can use this as an excuse to hate her more. wasn’t jay-z in a certain situation and the black community gave her a pass, but when it comes to Nicki Minaj is like the woman is walking on thin ice, every time someone disrespects her not on wax they get mad love. i’m just saying people should just leave her they don’t give a damn about her, just looking for another excuse to judge and hate on her, yall blow that situation with her brother out of context, it had nothing to do with her her brother is his own person. but people with high light the least little thing about her in hope of putting her in a bad like, and again how is H&m doing nicki’s fault, it’s not like she had a full line with them.

      • The One January 8, 2018

        Girl you just wrote a whole autobiography about nothing. All that rambling and ish!!! ???

      • Its me Gowrl January 9, 2018

        Girl stfu! She a money hu get flop

  5. Mother January 8, 2018

    She ain’t gonna drop them, she’s trifling and will continue securing the bag.

  6. Fancy BISH January 8, 2018

    Do the right thing Nicki ??

  7. Jamie January 8, 2018

    Where is the child’s mother? That’s my question.

  8. Meme January 8, 2018

    Chile y’all acting like wrote the contract between HM and Nicki. Nicki little ugly campaign been up in HM for a grand total of 2 weeks. And the photo was horrible. I highly doubt they will be running another ad with her. Not even Beyonce got a call back. They normally use celebs for 1 season. That’s it.

    • Fancy BISH January 8, 2018


      • Faf January 8, 2018

        Sis it’s a select few items what does she have to part ways with?? This is not an entire collection it’s literally a capsule handful of items

        Y’all so pressed it’s ok

    • Fancy BISH January 8, 2018

      @Faf Why are you saying that to me? lol, chile I don’t care ?

      • Meme January 8, 2018

        ????? right. Why she replying to you. But that’s too funny.

      • Fancy BISH January 8, 2018

        Meme, you had me rolling when you said her lil ugly campaign! ? ? ?

  9. Dopecommentsbymarc242 January 8, 2018

    It was only a holiday special you idtiots!! She doesnt have a full clothing line with them the weekend does!! On the other hand WTF this has to do with Nicki Minaj

    • Faf January 8, 2018

      Thank u! Common sense

  10. Fran Cisco January 8, 2018

    Why tf is the ppl that Don’t like nicki, up here telling her what she needs to do tho….Confused undercover fans smh

  11. Justincredible January 8, 2018

    “Why is you serious for? I was just kidding when I said you look like Curious George.” ?
    “Look bubbles, go back to ya habitat.” ?

    With lyrics like those I wouldn’t expect the biggest fraud in female rap to drop H&M. This is why Barbz are hypocrites. Same b!thes dropping ? emojis over Remy’s social media like it’s nothing then wanna be down for the cause. Tf?! ? Nicki Minaj is the house that racism and self-hate built and her handlers gon keep that industry s**** c*** a$$ shackled. ?

    • Dopecommentsbymarc242 January 8, 2018

      You people are crazy!! I am convinced now

    • Electrikblue January 8, 2018

      You said all that but then called Nicki out of her name…please

    • Caleb January 9, 2018

      Damn. I’m kind of a Nicki fan but you just dragged her for filth. ?

    • Ciah’s Turtle January 9, 2018

      That was a black woman calling another black person a m*****. Doesn’t have the same undertone. U know like.. when we call eachother Nigg@ and flip sh!t if a white person does it? Same energy here. Your post is nothing.

  12. Mark111 January 8, 2018

    Y’all know Nicki doesn’t care unless it affects HER. She’ll be silent on this, but weeks later cry racism because she didn’t go #1 or wasn’t nom for Video Of The Year VMA.

    • Faf January 8, 2018

      She’s not like rihanna flip flopping ass thirsty to be a social media activist and had to delete the ugly white Quasimodo looking racist b**** off her page when the gofundme campaign was expose as a fraud

      • Meme January 8, 2018

        Keep rihanna name out ya dusty mouth. Rihanna is real! Which was why she deleted with the quickness. Has nicki deleted?

    • TAMMAH January 8, 2018

      @Mark111 LMFAO TRUE TEA Right There!!!

  13. DanYiel Iman January 8, 2018

    Please she isn’t running away from any money, “All these b****** is my son’s “ Tricki Garbagh wants to be the princess of pop!!

    • Electrikblue January 8, 2018

      You’re such a negative person along with a lot of other people on this site. How mature to call her out of her name. You’re no better.

  14. Yolanda January 8, 2018

    Okay Cardi B. You say you’re black, then let’s do this !!! Where is your post? Girl, you ain’t fooling nobody. You only say that you’re black just so you can say the word n**** freely. It aint easy being us. Now go back to your light skin, Spanish dialect, black d*ck, 3C hair and GTFOH!

    • Davii January 8, 2018

      Nicki is a trash stink loose půssy høe

  15. Yeah! It’s deep January 8, 2018

    All Nicki has to do is get a promo for a featured song followed by a video like she is concerned about her black people. So, she won’t look like she sold-out. Boom!

    • January 8, 2018

      do most black people give a f-ck about Nicki Minaj, the way yall treated her especially last year i don’t think so.

      • Yeah! It’s deep January 8, 2018

        We was trying to help her sold -out fake a**. People kept talking about how we was hating and let her make some coins. So, this is what happen when you don’t listen. So now she can make a fake a** video to her God awful talent. Amen

  16. A January 8, 2018

    Nicki was working with H&M for a holiday campaign, is it still the holidays people? NO. Ya’ll need to get a f****** brain. She is taking a step back from social media and has for the past week so I do not see her speaking on this subject as it has nothing to do with her anymore.

  17. Jasmine January 9, 2018

    She should not quit H&B like the Weend did. That is foolish to give up a check over this. Nicki should just let H&M apolo-lie to the public and then use the opportunity to publicly announce she is giving some of her H&M earnings to minority college scholarships. Just because H&M got caught with their racism does NOT mean their competitors are not equally as racist (they are just a little smarter) so Nicki giving up a check for no reason is stupid and it puts in her in a bind where H&B could sue her for breaching.

  18. Char January 9, 2018

    She’s always been a sellout h**!!! Name your price…. You can even buy a part of her soul!!! Lol

  19. Ciah’s Turtle January 9, 2018

    Ppl so dumb. The Weeknd had an on-going collection with H&M. Nicki had a holiday capsule collection with them. It’s already over. We are we to pressure anyone to cut ties with these companies. I still see ppl wearing other racist brands like Timberland & Tommy Hilfiger. STILL eating at Chik Fil A. So plz.

  20. LRainey January 10, 2018

    While I nor anyone else for that matter, can not deny that she is a talented artist. I truly feel that she does NOT display it in the music she puts out. Our youth is so misguided by what she and other artist put out. But hey, there are MANY Nicki stans who will defend her, her reasoning and music. Brainwashed at its best. I am NOT surprised by her silence. I mean, Remy Ma bodied her and she was silent for a long time and tried to come back with a dis in featured songs.
    She is a total disappointment when it comes to competition, women empowerment, the youth and culture.
    For once, make the right decision!

  21. MzQueen January 13, 2018

    First off black ppl need to stop trying to mk everything a race issuse…now let’s be clear abt this tht lil boy and his family are originally frm Nigeria but they reside in Switzerland which is not in this raggedy ass country, which means there outlook on this is more pure thn ours! With that being said I feel tht if the parents dnt have a problem with it neither should you…we have bigger issues to deal with in this s***** country and tht sweatshirt ain’t one of them so bk off Nicki and let her mk her decision, cause for me wether she quits or not she’s still my b****!
    P.S. Black ppl calm the f** dwn and focus your energy on bigger things cause this ain’t important AT ALL!

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