Video Preview: Justin Timberlake – ‘Say Something (ft. Chris Stapleton)’

Published: Wednesday 24th Jan 2018 by Sam

Justin Timberlake is marching on with vigour to the February 2nd release of new album ‘Man Of The Woods.’

Early description of the set billed it as an embrace of JT’s “Tennessee roots,” however many scratched their heads when listening to initial offerings ‘Filthy’ and ‘Supplies’ – both of which were indistinguishable from music he’d released over 10 years ago.

With newest song ‘Say Something’ though, it finally seems like the singer is ready to introduce to the masses to something…fresh.

A collaboration with Country star Chris Stapleton, the video for the track arrives tomorrow.

Before then, Timberlake has shared a preview. Check it out below…

Now “this” sounds like something we may be able to sink our teeth into (and enjoy the taste).

Kinda ironic too. Given that he clearly tried to appease his Urban fans with the first two tracks, but they sounded late and delayed.

Maybe just maybe his third attempt at “taking a risk,” will pay off. Maybe.

Your thoughts?

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  1. meme January 24, 2018

    this is really fixing to be a disaster. They are trying every genre hoping something sticks. Question tho, didn’t JT just recent have a #1 single with Cant fight feeling, or something? Why didn’t they release his album while he had that spark? He killed all his return hype releasing that stand alone track.

    • whut January 24, 2018

      He killed his hype by agreeing to do the superbowl. Most people see that move as a disrespectful slap in the face, especially with the rising women’s movement. Not to mention he’s been a condescending pr*ck about the whole thing. Can’t say I feel sorry for him though, because I don’t.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 24, 2018

      Like when Rihanna tried to release Anti first go around and didn´t stick so they cancelled and recorded new songs and then waited until Adele was done? Rihanna fans kill me when they come for other artists. She is the blueprint for basic talent and a team behind you trying to build the most commercial era possible. She can be cool. But all is gone when one has to read her fans trying to lecture others on talent and music. Or when they believe their own propaganda about her invented album sales. Just chill. This man has more talent than Rihanna hands down. He is probably very fishy though. When he broke up with Britney he didn´t behaved well, the Janet thing was a disgrace (after the event, not the event itself), his last statements on some things are not cool either.

      • Meme January 24, 2018

        Yeah you’re right rihanna…and we all see how that turned around. #1 single, #1 album, platinum album, multiple hit singles, successful tour. It’s not how start bish, it’s how you finish.

      • SMH January 24, 2018

        Exactly. This boy’s only “talent” is culture robbing. and Rihanna’s sales & track record of hits LONG surpasses anything this boy has done since the mickey mouse club. Rihanna is still cranking out Top 5 hits while this boy is struggling to make just one song stick. So let’s not.

      • Strawberry. January 26, 2018

        There goes john vidal again, predictably stickin’ up for mediocre white artists makin’ bad music. No, john. FILTHY was just bad. SUPPLIES was even worst (AND it didnt make no sense). Justin looks old, sounds fake, and is tryin’ too hard to please the urban/hip hop crowd while simultaneously remindin’ everybody that he’s white so he can get that taylor-ed-adele “white privelege” tryna’ ride dat Top40 train to world domination. Give it up Justin. you,too John. It’s not workin’ this time. Maybe if he took his time & actually came up with some great music instead throwin’ every spare part he could rustle up in 3 months includin’ the kitchen sink in a crazy mad rush to optimize the Superbowl media sweepstakes, he wouldnt be suffering this embarassing backlash. This new record sounds bad already & after the first two flops nobodys checkin’ for him. He need to take that baby & jessica biel & go Live in the dam woods for another five years. #and dont come back out ’til you find some good music.

    • Dion January 24, 2018

      Usher Should have done Super Bowl 1st

      • Sweetnothings@78 January 25, 2018

        He’s unfortunately not relevant anymore and not released anything. It’s a shame as he’s a damn good performer!

  2. ??? January 24, 2018

    lmao timberb*tch is a FLOP chile, karma ain’t through with ha yet lmfaooo

  3. Elio January 24, 2018

    This era reminds me of how insisting I was with the girl who rejected me in first grade

    • Danny Bey January 24, 2018


    • Strawberry. January 26, 2018

      I wouldnt reject you elio. #smile.

  4. SMH January 24, 2018

    Lol sit down little boy, Gaga already did this schtick with ‘Joanne’ (and much better).

    • JOHNVIDAL January 24, 2018

      I´m quite shocked he is doing something somehow similar to what Gaga did JUST last year. He is lost. He definitely never entered that group of “next-level” artists and all the hiatus and these last releases prove it. He has talent though.

      • Suicide Blonde January 24, 2018

        JT did Country first, he already has country in the 20/20 Experience, and there are videos of him as a kid singing country music in competitions, this his “copying Gaga” thing is silly, she wasn’t the first pop star to try Country, if anything we can say that Gaga keeps copying Madonna’s discography, Check to Check = I’m Breathless, Joanne = Music——-See, I can too find similarities, the only difference is that mine are actually FACTS. Besides, neither Joanne or Man of the Woods can be defined as Country music albums, they have elements of the genre but are still pop, in Gaga’s case and Urban in JT’s case.

      • SMH January 24, 2018

        Lol keep your delusional defenses of this fraud. Fact is that Gaga did it BEFORE he did, and she did it better with more success. And bringing up Madonna is irrelevant, she still holds the record for most plagiarism lawsuits lost by a pop star. Timberfake is a fraud, and the GP is finally starting to realize it. So keep your blind defense of this boy.

  5. 2Bad2Bme January 24, 2018

    Why is everybody hating so hard on this man all of a sudden. His first 2 tracks were fire and this one sounds promising as well but people just want to hate for no reason. Ya’ll mad weird yo. But be the first ones to hop on that bubble gum pop mess.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 24, 2018

      I agree people flip flop like crazy. But i can definitely say i have always had the same opinion of him. He´s not as great and he is not bad.

    • Haters Gon’ Hate January 24, 2018

      People hatin’ because Super Bowl got folk woke that he did Janet wrong, he’s aged and can’t pull off Urban now he’s not dancing, he talked about this new album concept and it’s disconnected from the visuals we’ve seen so far which comes of as fake an inauthentic. And the first two tracks were reductive and no sign of progression.

      But – vocally – despite being into him first 2 albums (and then turned off by 20/20) this track sounds different and NOT what he’s done before = potentially interesting

      • Danny Bey January 24, 2018

        Cant even use the “hes not dancing” as an argument anymore. When MJ was his age, he was at his popularity speak and touring across the globe selling out stadiums dancing his ASS OFF!! Janet too! Her body during All For You was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Thats why i cant respect todays generation outside of my fav Beyonce. Shes the only one really holding true to being a true performer as in getting better with time and honing in on your craft and taking care of it. The likes of Britney, JT, Xtina are all washed up. Usher needs to come save the day on the male front with a KILLER album bc he can still perform his ass off too.

    • SMH January 24, 2018

      If you have to ask why folks have a problem with him, you’re part of the problem.

      • 2Bad2Bme January 24, 2018

        Child bye!

    • Boytoy1814 January 24, 2018

      Its not all of a sudden. Its been 14 yrs of shade & it will continue until JT come out of the woods & brings Sexxxy Back.

  6. Suicide Blonde January 24, 2018

    OMG this sounds so good, I know I’m going to love it ?

  7. pat January 24, 2018

    another flop on top of more bad press……the super bowl should help him out a couple of weeks tho

  8. XYZ January 24, 2018

    This might catch my interest. The snippet sounds better than the last two singles

    • Haters Gon’ Hate January 24, 2018

      Agreed. First two tracks were so dull and a recycled pile of mess.

    • Caleb January 25, 2018

      “Don’t Tell Me” is a bop!

      • Fancy BISH January 25, 2018


  9. Djknows January 24, 2018

    Justin has good music but this project wasn’t executed properly. They rushed to get his music out before the super bowl without having a well thought out plan. Not good for veteran….put Mary j blige’s ass up there for half-time. She’s worked with so many artist of different genres…would be great to see her U2, lil’ Kim, wyclef, drake…..

  10. Jasmine January 24, 2018

    She is grasping at straws. Now Justina Timberflake is piggy backing off of Chris Stapleton’s fame. Well, Chris has more talent and a better voice. Justina is lacking.

  11. Francis January 24, 2018

    Ok, this one sounds really great!

  12. Boytoy1814 January 24, 2018

    Looks like Janet will be performing @ Superbowl. Justin needs every opportunity possible 2 lift this album & performing w/Ms.Jackson might do the trick. Stay tuned

    • SMH January 24, 2018

      Stop spreading lies. Janet will take no part in this mess.

    • Caleb January 25, 2018

      Why do you think so? I have yet to see any indication though I’m hoping it’s the case. Just hope her camp will say she isn’t beforehand so I will know not to watch.

  13. Jamal January 24, 2018

    Sounds to me like this should have been his first single.

  14. Jamie January 24, 2018

    After listening to the three songs thus far, the album doesn’t gel at all.

  15. MATEO January 24, 2018

    He definately is inspired by Beyonce “Daddy Lessons” and Brandy “Beggin & Pleadin”

  16. Justinincredible January 24, 2018

    What is this… RT&B (Redneck, Trap&B)?

  17. RealNegro January 24, 2018

    Give Janet a chance. Let her retire with dignity.

    • Caleb January 25, 2018

      Trust me, she’ll retire with dignity regardless of whether she’s at the super bowl or not. Anyone who went to her last tour knows that!

  18. RoyalKev January 24, 2018

    Pop music … check
    Urban music … check
    Country music … check
    Indie Rock
    and Gospel to go!

  19. Bad_B January 24, 2018

    Now this sounds great! He should stick to good melodies, those first two tracks didnt do it for him. Filthy was a confusing mix of good and bad hooks while supplies sounded like a 2012 chris brown reject! Just simple beats with a banging melody is what he needs. Hes not 22 anymore, at this point he should stick to making mature music. Hes no madonna.

  20. Tim Brown January 24, 2018

    When you followed trends for a large portion of your career and now your considered “old” which = lost pop artist ??‍♀️

  21. IMJUSTSAYINNN January 25, 2018

    Okay this one might be better…. Chris Stapleton’s got even more soul than JT…. Check out how he sampled Etta James’ I’d Rather Go Blind on his song Tennessee Whiskey….. that boy can SANG.

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