Nicki Minaj Was Allegedly Working On TV Project With ‘The Queens Court’ With Khia & TS Madison

Published: Tuesday 20th Feb 2018 by Sam

Nicki Minaj has been missing from the media arena for months, but it appears she’s  been watching. So much so that she was prepping a project with an unlikely duo.

Full story below…

The Queens Court, a YouTube roast show anchored by Khia and TS Madison, had been growing in popularity before it imploded after a live fallout between its hosts.

And as that drama continues to play out in a series of tit for tat videos, Maddie has revealed that Nicki reached out to her about collaborating on a TV project with the ‘Queens.’ She alluded to Khia squandering the opportunity due to not feeling Onika’s “energy.”

The tea is poured from the 1.38 mark…

Interesting pairing on paper. Wonder what Nicki’s end-game was?

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Wig Snatcher February 20, 2018

    For Nicki’s sake, I am glad it did not happen.

    • Mel February 20, 2018

      Agreed. Khia is truly her own worse enemy. She doesn’t deserve the friendship of Madison

  2. NOBITCHASSNESS February 20, 2018

    We miss you Nic.

  3. IAMME February 20, 2018


    • DanYiel Iman February 20, 2018

      Especially when her legacy is spewed through the Queen herself Lil’Kim 👑

  4. Jasmine February 20, 2018

    Aww three fake silicone b*** having whòres. Cute

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 20, 2018

      Go back to trolling the tranny esc0rt sectin of backpage. You are not welcome back. Princess Jasmine is back from vacation so you get lost. Every time I catch you trolling on here you Redneck Trash I am going to put you in your place you ugly WHITE TRASH tranny F A G G O T.

      • Hmmm February 20, 2018

        I’m sorry for cut & pasting i’m a lazy h0.

  5. Christina February 20, 2018

    Come on Nicki lol the only reason why is cuz khia sided wit her on the Remy beef but Khia also dissed Nicki and was highly disrespectful about it. Sounds a bit desperate lol

  6. Kim.Kesha& Pam February 20, 2018

    This shows how SHADY & messy Nicki truly is behind the scenes!

    • RihNaj February 20, 2018

      How? That she wanted to make herself and others money? Bush she dosnt have to tweet abit every single thing she does….do u see beyonce Terri g about her life? No bishhh! Now stfu and go read a book x

    • Abel Minaj February 20, 2018

      Wtf are you talking about?? Nicki’s been a fan of these 2 for years and now that they were gaining steam she wanted to help take them to the next level.

      • Essence_Of_Sean February 20, 2018

        Lmao no tf she was not! Show proof of Nicki ever being a fan of Khia? Who has talked mad s*** about her and saying she was in on her brother raping that little girl!

        Stop lying dip s***

  7. Sza February 20, 2018

    Knew these two were on Onika payroll 🙄🙄 Nicki is this the length you’re willing to go to to stay relevant!? Sweetie u washed! Hang it up flatscreen.

  8. ??? February 20, 2018

    lmao i still dont know who khia is lmao.

  9. Casual February 20, 2018

    They had interest from the producer Will Packer too. Talk about a cluster.

    The real problem wasn’t the Mo’Nique fiasco — Isht happens! — but Khia’s refusal to work with her cohost to right the ship and show the world they were a viable and marketable product. Even with Khia walking off the set two Monday nights ago, she should have connected with Madison BY THE NEXT DAY to hash things out and present a united front to the world. They should have resumed their shows the next Monday and consistently won the confidence of the industry again. Nobody is going to invest in a trainwreck.

  10. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. February 20, 2018

    This proves what people have been saying about HOnika for so long now. She is a bitter jealous backstabbing b*tch who works behind the scenes to do shady sh*t to people she doesn’t like. She’s underhanded as f*ck. This is what she did to Kim and Remy. She tried to do it to Cardi, but Cardi’s flame is too bright. Cardi B took the spot. HOnika is done.

    HOnika is an evil bum b*tch. Karma is about to get that silicone a$$.

  11. DanYiel Iman February 20, 2018

    She only started to deal with them when they spoke ill of Remy Ma & Lil’Kim In December I caught that jush while Ts was speaking about it on live…🗣Tricki Garbagh is a #FRAUD

    • MissMasters February 20, 2018

      🤣 That Part

  12. stan February 20, 2018

    khia is her own worst enemy. maddie should continue working on the show and have other people as co-hosts.

  13. Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 20, 2018

    Girl bye

  14. Fancy BISH February 20, 2018

    That rinky dink faux Judge Judy set was NOT IT lol…as soon as I saw it, I was like what in the school play hell is this? 😂

    • MissMasters February 20, 2018

      Hahahahaha not the school play 🤣😂 .. those haux should’ve stayed in the living room

  15. Crabs in a barrel February 21, 2018

    Ain’t taking no sides but, talented Khia is a real mama with grown children?!?
    Khia is the STAR she has layers and levels to the rap game.
    She been doing everything by herself, homegrown recording, advertising, distrubution, selling, makeup/costume like a real bonafide G making something out of nothing.
    Shoutout to ProperlyBonafide YT.
    No doubt Khia is – Milli Jackson/Dolemite/Sweet P*ssy Pauline etc all wrapped up in one!
    Creative Khia’s vulnerable sensitivity is on full display because she should’ve legally protected her trademark that’s business law 101.
    The popular QC should resolve their differences$ fairly and reunite soon.
    Otherwise I wish Nicki- CardiB- JayZ any genuine producers reach back help sistah KHIA cuz she’s long overdue her spotlight. Bravo

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