Shocking! Quincy Jones Slams “Greedy” Michael Jackson For Plagiarism, Plastic Surgery

Published: Wednesday 7th Feb 2018 by Rashad

Talk about news we didn’t see coming!

A recent interview with legendary songwriter/producer Quincy Jones sees the 84-year-old in serious “IDGAF” mode, name-dropping a number of his famous past collaborators and nemeses in a tell-all sitdown with our friends at Vulture.

On hand to promote a forthcoming CBS special and Netflix deal, Jones was quizzed on his thoughts on everyone from Oprah and Donald Trump to Paul McCartney and, of course, his most famous collaborator, Michael Jackson.

Just months after winning an unpaid royalties lawsuit against the King of Pop’s estate (click here to read more), the information he shared was jaw-dropping to say the least. See highlights inside:


You worked with Michael Jackson more than anyone he wasn’t related to. What’s something people don’t understand about him?
I hate to get into this publicly, but Michael stole a lot of stuff. He stole a lot of songs. [Donna Summer’s] and Billie Jean. The notes don’t lie, man. He was as Machiavellian as they come.

How so?
Greedy, man. Greedy. “Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough” — Greg Phillinganes wrote the c section. Michael should’ve given him 10 percent of the song. Wouldn’t do it.

What about outside of music? What’s misunderstood about Michael?
I used to kill him about the plastic surgery, man. He’d always justify it and say it was because of some disease he had. Bullshit.

How much were his problems wrapped up with fame?
You mean with the way he looked? He had a problem with his looks because his father told him he was ugly and abused him. What do you expect?

What’d you think when you first heard rock music?
Rock ain’t nothing but a white version of rhythm and blues, motherfucker. You know, I met Paul McCartney when he was 21.

What were your first impressions of the Beatles?
That they were the worst musicians in the world. They were no-playing motherfuckers. Paul was the worst bass player I ever heard. And Ringo? Don’t even talk about it.

Quincy on longtime friend Marlon Brando:

[Marlon] Brando  He could dance his ass off. He was the most charming motherfucker you ever met. He’d fuck anything. Anything! He’d fuck a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.

He slept with them? How do you know that?
[Frowns.] Come on, man. He did not give a fuck!

Going on to share his candid thoughts on the #Metoo movement, reveal he dated Ivanka Trump, knows who killed Kennedy, and so much more, read the in-your-face chat with the music legend in full by clicking here.

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  1. Janet Xone February 7, 2018

    Uncle Quincy has spoken.

    • Fancy BISH February 7, 2018

      lol, Uncle Quincy spilling tea all over the place lol…messy, but interesting!

  2. Adina… adina… say adina February 7, 2018

    Quincy is at that age and point in legend status where he has ABSOLUTELY NOOOO fawks to give sis. THIS:
    What’d you think when you first heard rock music?
    Rock ain’t nothing but a white version of rhythm and blues, m***********. You know, I met Paul McCartney when he was 21.

    *mic drop* #truetea

  3. Dutty Gyal February 7, 2018

    The MJ fans will cry but how can they argue with the man who have him that many hits. Such a shame that he is such a TEEF!

    • Jasmine February 7, 2018

      Get your facts straight and don’t listen to this old dimentia fool named Ms. Quincy. MJ got permission unlike other artist who outright stole stuff. MJ went out of his way to ask for permission. The rubbish Quincy says about Greg Phillinganes is stupid when many pressings of the single “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” list Greg Phillinganes as a co-composer. Greg Phillinganes got paid and if he was underpaid then Ms. Quincy is on the hook too because Ms. Quincy produced the song:

      • Electrikblue February 7, 2018

        Please don’t ever use Wikipedia as your source lmao anybody can edit he “facts”

      • Jasmine February 7, 2018

        Electrikblue you are always coming for me girl. Here is a better source (a video interview with Greg Phillanganes). Obviously all was cool with him and MJ and he worked for MJ as a keyboardist for a few of his tours:

    • Amber February 9, 2018

      No. MJ fans wont let just lie on Michael. As it has been said, NO ARTIST IS 100 percent original not even Quincy. I heard the song and it is not the same. There are still differences in the song and MJ wrote many song so to say he stole a lot is stupid. Q do not know that we have social media wher ewe can hear and judge these songs. You might be happy in what Q said about MJ because it fuels you need to hear stuff on MJ. Q is still upset that MJK ditched him after “Bad”

  4. TeaOnly February 7, 2018

    No wonder he’s Beyoncé idol.

    • Jasmine February 7, 2018

      MJ is her idol because he was the most popular artist in history. MJ is the idol of numerous artists, including Usher and Chris Brown.

    • RoyalKev February 7, 2018

      He’s everybody’s idol sweetheart! I don’t stan for him and I know it gets no bigger than MJ!

  5. Stephy February 7, 2018

    Yes, MJ did steal a lot. And so did almost every pop star after the 1940’s. Oh, and he’s right about The Beatles and Rock Music in general.

    • Amber February 9, 2018

      Stealing and being inspired are different. MJ was inspired by difference sources just like ALL artist do (MJ always said that himself but mj take it and make it his own style even MJ biggest influence like Fred Astaire and James Brown said that about Mike).

  6. Jasmine February 7, 2018

    Ms. Quincy should have respected MJ enough to make those claims years ago when MJ was alive so that MJ could defend himself. Now Ms. Quincy is making these claims at 84 when many suspect Quincy has dementia and MJ is not alive to dispute those claims.

    Quincy forgets that Greg Phillinganes and MJ had their own business agreement and since Quincy was executive producer of the album Quincy is on the hook for any alleged underpayments:

    Quincy forgets that MJ was an adult when he started getting plastic surgery and adults have the right to do what they want with their bodies. MJ did in fact suffer body dysmorphic disorder, lupus, vitiligo, and depression. Where did Ms. Quincy get her medical degree from that qualifies him to speak on MJ’s illnesses?

    • Meena February 8, 2018


  7. StarXavi February 7, 2018

    Sure he’s old and has no f***s to give but I don’t hear him airing out all his dirty laundry. Quincy got more skeletons in the closet than anybody I’m sure.

  8. RoyalKev February 7, 2018

    Quiiiiincy! What are you doing uncle? You need to go to Wendy’s house with all this kitchen table talk! I don’t even know what to say! Did Quincy just accuse MJ of stealing from Donna Summer?

    • The Wig Snatcher February 7, 2018

      Michael and Quincy wrote for Donna. I’m wondering what Ms. jones was insinuating by bringing up Ms. Summer’s name.

    • Bon Bon February 7, 2018

      Quincy is old and bitter. Michael did want to pay him $10 million or more upfront for the next album. Like he said his real money is from Thriller. So Q a former heroin addict is a doctor now, the coroner confirmed Michael had Lupus and Vitiligo let the man rest in peace.

  9. Stephy February 7, 2018

    Quincy Jones said that Michael Jackson stole ‘Bille Jean’ from Donna Summer based on the “notes” in the song. Here’s the problem, the “notes” that are similar (at best) are in the production, and QUINCY JONES PRODUCED THE SONG.

    • king z February 7, 2018

      quincy jones CO-PRODUCED the song. meaning MJ could’ve brought him the idea and he simply went along with it.

      the reality is who would know better than quincy if the song sampled Donna without permission, whether he (qj) produced it or not

      • RoyalKev February 7, 2018

        Which Donna song though?

      • Stephy February 7, 2018

        State of Independence. And again, the song sounds NOTHING like Jackson’s Billie Jean, so I’m trying hard to hear what exactly Jackson “stole”

      • RoyalKev February 7, 2018

        Ok, it’s not even close to Billie Jean! It’s all production… Smh!

    • Dutty Gyal February 7, 2018

      You fool! He means the notes Michael is singing.

  10. king z February 7, 2018

    man there are only so many keys on a keyboard and only so many ways the same notes can be arranged over a decade. all musicians are influenced by what they hear on the radio.

    that doesn’t mean one should take another’s ideas without credit, but plagiarism occurs all the time. it doesn’t take away from MJ’s brilliance

    • Dutty Gyal February 7, 2018

      Kind of does if he got the idea for one of his biggest hits because he stole it. Poor Donna

      • Stephy February 7, 2018

        Poor Donna? She didn’t write nor produce nothing on that record. And again, what exactly did Jackson take from – the song lyrics, harmonies, melodies, hooks or vocal arrangements sounds NOTHING like Billie Jean.

    • Jasmine February 7, 2018

      “Plagarism” is not something an artist would be solely liable for. The record producer and label are also on the hook for liability so lets not try to shift all the blame to an artist, especially after that artist has passed and cannot speak up on what actually occured.

  11. Suicide Blonde February 7, 2018

    He was right about MJ but so wrong about The Beatles, Lennon alone >>>>

    • Dutty Gyal February 7, 2018

      The Beatles were impactful but their music is bad. I’m sorry. Duran Duran is better.

      • Suicide Blonde February 7, 2018

        I love Duran Duran but no, lmao ?

    • Stephy February 7, 2018

      They were overrated as hell.

      • RoyalKev February 7, 2018

        Extremely overrated!

      • Suicide Blonde February 7, 2018

        The Beatles are simply the greatest music act of all times, they’re influence alone >>>>>>

      • Stephy February 7, 2018

        How are they the most influential – when nothing they did was innovative? Most most successful in terms of album sales, that’s it.

    • SMH February 7, 2018

      Interesting how you say he’s right about the black man but wrong about the white men. FYI, he isn’t the first to say that the beatles were overrated trash.

      • Stephy February 7, 2018

        He’s a racist POS. Always bashing top black talents like MJ or Beyonce. Then claiming “he loves black people” … What a bizarre individual.

      • Suicide Blonde February 7, 2018

        The Beatles cannot be criticized, period, they are the Gods of music.

      • The Wig Snatcher February 7, 2018

        The Beatles were the gods of generic pop for basic white people. Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift are their heirs. Enough said. NEXT CASE!!!

      • Stephy February 7, 2018

        Well, certainly they can be judged… seeing how someone more talented than they were put together just called them wack.

    • Jasmine February 7, 2018

      Suicide why are you still here? Nobody likes you racist trash. Get lost.

      • Suicide Blonde February 7, 2018

        I love you Jasmine ❤️?

    • Amber February 9, 2018

      No, he was right about the Beatles.

    • Dutty Gyal February 7, 2018

      Are you questioning the man who produced the song? Haha. Your delusion is sky high m’dear!

      • Stephy February 7, 2018

        Absolutely, his ears are old as hell and outdated. Please tell me about that song that screams Billie Jean?

  12. Stephy February 7, 2018

    According to Quincy Jones, Marlon Brando and Marvin Gaye were having b*** s** as well. Wow, Quincy has really lost his marbles.

    • Suicide Blonde February 7, 2018

      My FAVORITE ACTOR of all times Brando was bixesual, he was always very honest about that.

      • Stephy February 7, 2018

        I don’t care about that… But saying Marvin Gay was having sexual relations with him is absurd. And disgusting 🙁

    • Jasmine February 7, 2018

      @Stephy I think Quincy Jones is subliminally telling on himself or is trying to take the attention off himself having gay rumors that have lasted well over 5 decades. He reminds of a Diddy with those everlasting rumors and similar to Diddy, Quincy has been unmarried for nearly 30 years. If all of these men Quincy worked with for years were bisexual one has to wonder what was Quincy’s role with these men…top or bottom?

  13. February 7, 2018

    sh!tting on the dead this is bullsh-t the guy is dead he can’t defend is self. fck quincy.

  14. Jason February 7, 2018

    ?? He’s Just spilling all the teas!!

  15. Stephy February 7, 2018

    Okay, so I did my research and found out that Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones physically met with the guys who wrote “State of Independence”. Told them, that they drew inspiration from the riffs and made it funky on the song Billie Jean. Quincy Jones was there with Michael, meeting with the men they supposedly stole from… Why didn’t Quincy talk about this in his article?

  16. Superstar! February 7, 2018

    Well Richard Pryor’s widow just confirmed that this bit of gossip is true about her late husband. Other’s have noted that Richard mentioned this in some of his stand up before too. My question is WHY IS HE MENTIONING THIS?

    He could have just said, when speaking about Marlon, that Marlon would have screwed anything, even a mailbox and left it at that. I don’t know if this dude was on a roll or what. What I find EVEN MORE INTERESTING is that he doesn’t mention HIM F-ing dudes. Since he’s letting it all out, why didn’t he go THERE and mention about HIS past. Nope, he only mentioned that “young” women that he got and gets. Man puh-lease.

  17. Bam February 7, 2018

    Lol, people please realize that this man knew your faves much more than you ever will. What he said is quite tame compared to what he probably could let out. He’s old and for some reason he feels the need to speak on some sh*+. This doesn’t take away from MJ as one of if not the greatest performer of all time it just shows that behind such a great was some shady sh*+.

  18. Paulo February 7, 2018

    I’m choking on all this tea omg

  19. Ropeburn February 7, 2018

    Dayum, he over here spillin all the T! And Richard Pryor’s widow just confirmed the story about Marlon and Richard gettin it on. She said he wrote in his diary about being bisexual.

  20. Jasmine February 8, 2018

    What was Quincy’s role with Marvin Gaye and Marlon Brando and Prince…top, bottom, or versatile? LOL

  21. Zubenqa February 9, 2018

    Well, I never liked this man. I dont know why he is so credited with his work on Thriller album, he didnt event want major hits to be on Thriller. In every interview he had full mouth how he wasnt want this and that but Micheal told him lets do it this way.
    And now he let this s*** come out. He is senile jealous old man

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