The Predictions Are In! Toni Braxton’s ‘Sex & Cigarettes’ Set To Sell…

Published: Saturday 24th Mar 2018 by Rashad

8 long years separated fans of Toni Braxton from her last solo studio effort, ‘Pulse,’ and her newest offering, ‘Sex & Cigarettes.’ 

Granted, it’s only been half that time since the diva released new music overall, last time tapping longtime collaborator Babyface to assist.  But, unlike that album – 2014’s Grammy-winning ‘Love, Marriage, & Divorce’ – ‘Cigarettes’ puts the 50-year-old beauty back front and center by her lonesome.

Kicked off by the Urban contemporary cuts ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Long As I Live,’ Braxton’s latest project, critically speaking, has been welcomed by longtime fans as a worthy entry to her impressive discography.  Unfortunately, if industry analyst predictions are to go by, that sentiment was not shared by the music buying public at large.

Undoubtedly experiencing a “soft launch” to say the least, ‘Cigarettes’ (to date) has not been provided the promo push its predecessors were afforded.  If that will impact the album’s commercial performance in the long run has yet to be seen, but in the here and now the LP looks to have an uphill climb ahead:

‘Sex & Cigarettes’

Predicted First Week Sales Overall:  13-18k (SPS)

Predicted First Week (Pure) Sales:  9-13k

Predicted chart placement:  ???


If the numbers above ring true the set will be Braxton’s lowest first week sales to date.  However, with a week of promo ahead of her, the newest season of reality show ‘Braxton Family Values,’ and a reported world tour in the works [click here to read more on that], there is hope for the LP yet.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Carlitos March 24, 2018

    Whoa…was not expecting this.

    • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

      My boooty hole is sore.

      • Carlitos March 24, 2018

        You mad?

  2. Jay March 24, 2018

    Why is this still a thing? No one cares about 1st week numbers anymore, everyone numbers are going to be low especially in a dying genre!! I’m super proud of Toni and other artist who are brave enough to give us new music despite what the climate looks like for R&B and the industry!

    • Jasmine March 24, 2018

      A large part of her fan base wants physical CDs. I went to 3 separate Best Buys and they did not have the album. Target is only selling their exclusive version at $13.99 and both Targets I went to were sold out. It is quite obvious Toni is still being blackballed and retailers did not order enough copies. I had to buy the digital version but I still want to buy a physical CD for my music collection

      • Jasmine March 24, 2018

        Shaniqua are you ok today? I’m just checking in

      • Jasmine March 24, 2018

        Leave me alone you racist bully and stop impersonating me.

  3. Court March 24, 2018

    Under predicted #fakenews

    • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

      I have the monster

      • mimo March 25, 2018

        lmao!!! 🙂

  4. Olusheyi March 24, 2018

    I hope it sells more than that. I’m rooting for you Toni

  5. mr.m March 24, 2018

    I expected LESS tbh … with no hard promo
    I guess that’s kinda good in her situation
    she will sell more with promo 25-30 k

    • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

      I have no walls

  6. Keith March 24, 2018

    Im not surprised…lets hope it gets some legs. I got my copy.

    • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

      My legs are wide open. If you don’t mind the smell of sh!!t and pee I’m all yours

  7. Jasmine March 24, 2018

    I love this pic but Toni definitely should have been rocking a side pony tail and some Jordan’s. I’m a part time stylist, T ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️Hit me up #JazzyDaBaddest

    • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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    • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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      • Jasmine March 24, 2018

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      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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  8. Caleb March 24, 2018

    This is the same as TLC’s first week sales. Also, technically her last album came out in 2014 if you count the one with Babyface.

    • SdotB March 25, 2018

      They said this is her first SOLO in years.

      • Caleb March 26, 2018

        You’re right. I shoulda read it more thoroughly.

  9. Jacob March 24, 2018

    For her to have a title for the album, as stand out as that. And u give us lackluster material. Toni could of came better than this, Cant wait to see what Mariah delivers, Voice is great as usual

    • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

      I am broke

  10. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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  11. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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    • Jasmine March 24, 2018

      Wow I didn’t know bisexual Asian could get lice in their #9 yacky wigs. That’s crazy! Just go buy a new one??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️SHANIQUA!

      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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  12. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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  13. MUSICHEAD March 24, 2018

    This album is very underwhelming. There are maybe 3-4 good songs and the rest are weak. In addition, Long As I Live needs a club remix because that song is fire and deserves to crossover. It also needs a hip-hop remix for mainstream urban.

    • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

      I live in a homeless shelter

  14. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

    My breath smells like asss

  15. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

    I ain’t sh!!t and I ain’t never gonna be sh!!t.

    • Jasmine March 24, 2018

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      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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      • Jasmine March 24, 2018

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      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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  16. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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    • Jasmine March 24, 2018

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      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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  17. Jay March 24, 2018

    Are we really surprised?? It’s an R&B ALBUM! We know how it goes by now. Let’s be real! And it only has 8 Songs! That’s an EP! Not an album, not to mention she’s been in the headlines for her relationship with birdman more than her music… ??‍♂️

    • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

      Hi Jay wanna fnck? I’m an eager bottom looking to get pounded and fisted.

    • Kaz March 24, 2018

      It may be an R&B album, but Tamar’s album Bluebird of Happiness was an R&B album as well, ands till managed to do much better numbers than this. #justsayin

      • Jasmine March 24, 2018

        This is only day one of the sales predictions. You have to seal the real numbers before startig comparisons,

  18. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

    I auditioning for Rupaul drags race next season. My drag name is Mother Suicide.

    • Jasmine March 24, 2018

      Oh great, Ru is always leaning towards dark skinned and Asian queens so u have a good chance

      • Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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  19. Kaz March 24, 2018

    Damn… Tamar’s last album did more than this………….. #shade

  20. Jasmine March 24, 2018

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  22. Suicide Blonde March 24, 2018

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    • Jasmine March 24, 2018

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      • Jasmine March 24, 2018

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    Tony fkkkn birdman was her best move

  24. #TeamTinashe Stan (STREAM “No Drama” Available Everywhere) March 24, 2018

    Unfortunately this is what I predicted; less than 20K.
    1) No promo
    2) “Deadwood” was simply… DEAD (I didn’t like that song personally)
    3) Music videos have done poor views
    4) MOST IMPORTANTLY R&B fans don’t buy music or even stream much anymore

  25. JOHNVIDAL March 25, 2018

    The concept of the album is good and the cover too. The first two singles were great genre songs. Her voice sounds as special as ever. They tried to keep the momentum going coming from the Babyface album. But this is a little bit less classy (especially that last video, I don´t like it, people don´t like that anymore. mariah should take note cause she also likes that type of “I live in my own glamurous buble” and people and society are not here for that) and doesn´t have the aura of their runion.
    Promo push has been little too.
    So this is to be expected cause even Alicia Keys and the likes sold like 30k last go around. The genre (music industry, but especially this genre) is dead except for a couple of exceptions.

  26. Walter White March 25, 2018

    I really loved this album. There was a lot of emotion in each song.

    Btw, this comment section and whole site for that matter is so messy with this suicide blonde jasmine bs. It is annoying af

  27. G7Pat March 25, 2018

    Over 35 artists need a stan base to sell these days she never really had one

  28. Kevon March 25, 2018

    She don’t seem to be very comfortable in this video plus the video really don’t go with song … But I like the song

  29. Casual-T March 25, 2018

    Not surprised. I doubt that most of her fans even know a new album is out. Toni is very much a 90s artist, and her core fans are now 35+. To sell this album, she needed a huge Adult Urban hit, and she didn’t have that.

  30. eric March 25, 2018

    Like someone else noticed, not even her videos are getting enough attention, and it doesn’t cost a thing to sit and watch a 4-minute video. I don’t understand. Her most recent movie with Lifetime pulled in great numbers. Where did all of that attention go?

    • Your Name March 25, 2018

      Toni is a nostalgia artist these days. The majority of her REAL fanbase are in their late 30’s-early 50’s. They aren’t buying albums, streaming music or watching videos.

  31. Junior in Jamaica March 30, 2018

    I loved the album but way too short!

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