Beyonce Dancer Reflects On Epic Coachella Experience & Michael Jackson Comparisons

Published: Sunday 29th Apr 2018 by Sam

With the world still catching its collective breath following Beyonce‘s epic Coachella performance, so too are the team of dancers she drafted in for the desert spectacle.

Jacques Bell, a Jamaican native who currently resides in Atlanta, was one of said talents recruited for the most talked about showcase of the year.

A professional dancer, choreographer, musician, and creative director, he performed alongside Queen Bey as a percussionist/member of her troop of dancers.

We caught up with him for a quick chat about the experience. Find out what he had to say below….

How did you get involved working with Beyoncé on the Coachella show?

I was initially contacted by Don Roberts, CEO of Drumline Live Entertainment. He explained that there was an opportunity to perform with a major artist. At that time not much information could be given about the artist nor the actual project. However, he thought that I would be a great fit because of my unique background in both dance and music. I have worked with Don on many other projects including the stage production ‘Drumline Live,’ ‘Drumline 2: A New Beat,’ and the BET series ‘The Quad’ to name a few. In this case, It was a leap of faith but something told me it would be worth it.

What was Beyonce’s work ethic like and how did that impact your role?

Well I think it’s no secret that Beyonce’s work ethic is unparalleled. She has spoken many times about how hard she works to make sure everything is done right. This project was no different. When you’re working in that type of environment, the desire to give 110% is inevitable. It just makes you want to always be on top of your game, knowing that you’re a part of something so powerful.

What is something you could tell us about the process that may surprise some people?

As we all know, there were probably 150 people on that stage giving it their all to make this project come to life. However, it might be shocking to know that (despite mass) we all became a really close knit family. It was always a fun, positive, and friendly work environment. It’s actually hard to call it work when you’re literally having that much fun. I feel like I gained 150 new brothers and sisters… B?K family (laughs).

What was your favourite part of the show itself?

This one is easy….THE WHOLE THING!!! This performance was so necessary and fitting during today’s social and political climate. The show brought a profound sense of awareness to be apart of African-American culture that far too few of us are even aware of. I think we all needed this.

Reflecting on the process, what’s the one thing you’re taking away from working with Beyonce?

I think this process just reinforced the idea that hard work does pay off and that we should always believe in ourselves. It is important that we just never give up on the things that make us happy. This has been a goal of mine for almost 2 decades, and to see it manifest is a dream come true.

Finally, there’s a lot of talk about Beyonce being on-par or having surpassed Michael Jackson after the Coachella performance. What’s your take on that?

This is a pretty loaded question (laughs). But, I think it’s important to recognize how amazing both of these artists have been. It’s interesting that many of us don’t seem to think this conversation should even occur because of the legacy that Michael Jackson has left. However, to those people, I will say this. Go to a live Beyonce concert and you will see how relevant this discussion is. She is truly a living legend.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 29, 2018

    She’s the best of this generation but she lacks one thing artists like a Michael or Janet had- innovation. She’s just FRIGGIN AMAZING at what she does and for that she’s the best of her peer and our generation. But innovation and originality is not her bag. I love her regardless. 3rd fav entertainer of all time for me!! Slay bey

    • Jasmine April 29, 2018

      Shut up Suicide Trash Blond. You b|tch STOP using my username ugly troll. Every time I catch you doing it I am going to put you on blast. Why can’t you just use your own username to post your queeny opinions. You busy writing those disgusting perverted posts under your own username so you mind as well write all your comments under your own username b|tch and stop biting off mine. TRASH BAG you belong in a dumpster.

  2. Gurlwepa89 April 29, 2018

    Bey is amazing yes indeed. One of the best of this generation, however she’s nowhere near Michael Jackson status. Michael is an innovator, he create the legendary moonwalk, music videos, choreography among many things ahead of his time. Bey is a great performer and singer and that’s about it. There’s no comparison.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 29, 2018

      MJ didn’t create the moonwalk he just popularized it. He’s said it many times, he took it from kids in the ghettos that he drew a lot of his inspiration from. Everything else you said tho I totally agree with.

      • Jasmine April 29, 2018

        Shut up Suicide Trash Blond. You b|tch STOP using my username ugly troll. Every time I catch you doing it I am going to put you on blast. Why can’t you just use your own username to post your queeny opinions. You busy writing those disgusting perverted posts under your own username so you mind as well write all your comments under your own username b|tch and stop biting off mine. TRASH BAG you belong in a dumpster..

      • Amber April 29, 2018

        MJ perfected the moonwalk to his style. That is why he is given a lot of credit for doing it as well. He glided backs like he is on water.

      • Jasmine April 29, 2018

        Michael was much bigger than the moonwalk. He was the Jackson 5 before he ever went solo. His dance moves, singing style, writing style, and song production was truly a gift from God. On many of his songs the “instrumental” we here is simply Michael’s voice. For example, “Human Nature” which has been sampled and remade over a hundred times by numerous artists like SWV has an instrumental that is composed of mostly MJ’s voice. There were no idols for MJ to look up to when it came to dancing and entertaining. That was all innovation and just being truly talented. Look at how naturally / effortlessly he does spins with a corded mic:

    • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 29, 2018

      Micheal Jackson made the moonwalk popular but he didn’t create it ….

      • Jasmine April 29, 2018

        …and? Are you saying the moonwalk was the only dance move he ever did? Don’t try and discredit him or pretend like he only did one dance move. More than anything the moonwalk was just a small part of longer dance moves like Billie Jean:

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 29, 2018

        No, that’s not what I said ya big dummy

    • A&R April 30, 2018

      MJ did not create the moonwalk lol There’s a youtube video that goes into detail about MJs ghost choreographer. Unlike now, trolls of the Internet didn’t live to expose the concept inspirations of the legends like MJ and Janet. So we’ll never know or be able to pen point what cause them to do what.. or what source did their creative team pull from to make Scream’s/ Thirller’s mood board and what stage performances they referenced when designing Rhythm Nation combos.

      Get off Beyoncé’s d*** and respect that she’s able to surpass MJ because she can literally examine what he did that was good and not so good and build upon that.

      Case and example, MJ did place a lot of emphasis on his vocal performances as much as dance and he didn’t celebrate black culture like beyonce, let elevate it by placing on in the face of mainstream like she’s doing. Hell, instead he went from a black male to looking like an Asian woman. World renowned singer/dancer but he wasn’t perfect and had areas he could definitely improve in.

      • A&R April 30, 2018

        Correction* MJ did not^

        He started off demonstrating strong vocal abilities (as a child to teen) but MJ didn’t finish off being known as one of the top vocalist of our time. Whether people want to say it, Beyonce is definitely one of our top vocalist and intentional about showcasing her vocal chops in her live showcases.. see the operatic insert from Coachella?

        And much like those who don’t connect with Beyonce, I never connected with MJ. Growing up I remember not ever feeling like I was included in his approach and or representation in the industry. I always objectively respected the skills he had but as a black man, I didn’t see any of me in him. That’s part of what makes Beyonce so legendary and this Beychella Performance groundbreaking. She just defined what it means to do it for culture. We won’t understand how crazy this was until were all 50+ years old lol and the woman is BLACK and elevates our culture. Her approach is intentionally inclusive. Beyonce literally creates a signature dance move every era so that there’s an ionic moment that ppl will always associate with her momvent. And it’s aleays something the average person can do along with her. The business and branding of Beyonce is world class man. I’m done.

  3. Brent Christopher April 29, 2018

    it really annoys the hell out of me how the editors of this blog continuously post articles that post the FALSE narrative that Beyonce stands in parallel to Michael Jackson. she does not — by any imagination. HERE IS WHAT PEOPLE OF THIS MINDLESS GENERATION DO NOT REALIZE — when Janet, Michael, Whitney, Madonna & Prince EARNED their legendary and icon statuses, they were each presenting an aesthetic, standard and catalogue of sound/artistry that have never been witnessed before. BEYONCE is merely doing what she watched those individuals do, but on a level that presents far less originality, creativity and unique composition. THE ONLY REASON why Beyonce “appears” to be as “great” as she does in this day and time is because she is standing amongst a sea of pop + r&b starlets who either sing or dance. NONE of the other women do both. Beyonce is the only. HOWEVER, when you put her up against even the ways in which Janet Jackson & Madonna were seamlessly able to reinvent themselves between the introduction of every era in their careers, she pales miserably in comparison. Out of Beyonce’s 15 year solo career, no era has looked, sounded or appeared any differently than the previous one, aside from ONLY the aesthetics of Lemonade. however, the associated FORMATION tour matched the choreography, theme, style and melodic blend of all other previous projects. Michael, Prince, Whitney, Janet & Madonna are considered ICONS because if you were to erase them from the music industry, you lose an entire slew of other artists whose brands and celebrity mirrored their exact images and style. If you were to erase Beyonce from the music industry, NOTHING changes with the music or artists who came after her — aside from the fact that albums are now released as “surprises” on Friday mornings instead of Tuesdays.

    • Jasmine April 29, 2018

      I agree Brent 100%

    • Amber April 29, 2018

      I have not seen one site, call in polls on radio or print in which most people say Beyounce surprise MJ. To me, it is just a few people who are fond of what she did who are saying that BUT the overall public even many in THIS generation who know of MJ and his style and music does not agree with this. Again, I think it hype as it is always been done to Michael from the 70’s with Donny Osmond, to the 8u0’s with Ralf Transvant, Bobby Brown, El Debarge, to the 90’s with MC hammer, Tevin Campbell, to the 00’s with Justin timberlake, Usher, to Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, and Now Beyoncé. Same old thing comparing. And MJ been dead 9 years and still mopping the floor with these artist.

    • Jeans April 29, 2018

      Totally agree Brent.

    • Wow April 29, 2018

      God damn you just did it! WELL SAID!!!

      This was THE best writing on this blog.


    • D April 29, 2018

      Agreed 100%

    • Tim Brown April 30, 2018


    • A&R April 30, 2018

      Bih you’re bih dumb for this!

      •James Brown birthed MJ= see documentaries and movies about the hardest working man in show biz.
      • Little Richard = Prince
      •Aretha/ Dianna Ross birthed Whitney

      You remove Beyonce you remove every female singer/Dancer post 2000 to now. To deny that you don’t see the beyfluence in every chicks approach now is to pledge Beyonce hate.Org If you want to see what Beyonce brought to the game, look at how her style was compared to her peers that were leading when she dropped… Brandy, Monica, Mya, and Ashanti. Besides Monica, they all literally try to duplicate what she was bringing to stay in the game and she ate them alive. The T. Turner dancing in heels meets the signature hair-agraphy and burlesque meets street jazz meets hip-hop heels choreography style smh should I break down her vocal style that’s also being referenced by new singers?. ok, I’m realizing that I’m debating with someone who is in clear denial lol

      I’m out✌?

      • iamdiego April 30, 2018

        lol. why bother? ppl will continue to discredit her and 10 yrs from now they will be saying the same thing while she’s in her late 40’s slaying.

  4. @theelusive1 on IG April 29, 2018

    She was destined to fail after the group destiny child’s bad publicity after losing members….but with hard work, dedication and Matthew knowles SHE has surpassed Christina and Britney to become the icon she is today. NOT a fan but I do acknowledge her greatness as a live performance artist

    • Brent Christopher April 29, 2018

      Beyonce is NOT an ICON. In the music industry, an ICON is someone who changed the scope of music for the artists who came after them. MARIAH introduced the blend of pop music ft. hip hop samples and features. Beyonce has achieved nothing more than changing the release date of “surprise albums” from Tuesday mornings to Fridays. STOP HAILING SOMEONE with only a 15 year solo career as an ICON. never once in all of these 15 years has she reintroduced herself with an identifiable image or style that is drastically different than the last. Each album look, sound, and tour copies the ones of the past. When Janet and Madonna released new albums, they presented an entirely different scope of themselves. There is NOTHING that Beyonce has created since 2003 that makes you see her as a layered, impactful ARTIST. Beyonce does not write her own music. She does not come up with her own tour ideas, album titles, costuming, video treatments or production. SHE DOES WORRY ABOUT HOW EVERYTHING COMES TOGETHER AT THE END, but none of the ideas pasted on the blank canvas for a new project are hers… alone. Beyonce is NOT an ICON!

      • Jasmine April 29, 2018

        Now Brent Beyonce is an icon just like Tyler Perry is an icon. They tapped into a market and made it mainstream. Tyler Perry took stage plays and movies geared towards a church audience and made it mainstream. Beyonce took ratchet chicken head songs (Bootylicious, Bills, No no no, Check On It, Yonce, etc) and took it mainstream. She is an icon to the thousands of chicken headed women and men that look up to her as icon. There are thousands of people that look up to Beyonce as a role model, including ministers dedicating sermons to her, young children, and grown adults. You are analyzing her more as an artist but if you analyze just her celebrity impact alone you will see that she is an entertainment icon whose fame exceeds music.

      • Blessed April 29, 2018

        Beyoncé is an pop icon. Every album she prove her haters wrong. After her Coachella show, Perez Hilton was saying, she was the best female performer ever and he’s a Madonna Stan. In the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, there were Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson. They were at the top of the pop and r&b charts. Black and whites looked up to them. Whitney and MJ broke thru the color barrier on MTV in the 80s but don’t act like there music fought for black rights. What Beyoncé is doing right now, Many arist of the past wouldn’t do. She is creating her on lane.

      • Jasmine April 29, 2018

        Blessed I was agreeing with everything you said up until you wrote the delusional comment: “Whitney and MJ broke thru the color barrier on MTV in the 80s but don’t act like there music fought for black rights. What Beyoncé is doing right now, Many arist of the past wouldn’t do.” First of all, Michael Jackson was the first black person to fight to get his music videos played on MTV. Michael was also the first black person to have the highest selling album of all time which made record labels invest more money into black artists. Whitney was the first black woman to get major label backing for her crossover appeal and success. Both Michael and Whitney gave millions to African American charities like the NAACP, National Black College Fund, and several other black charities. What exactly has Beyonce done for black rights other than pose at black functions with her tired blonde wig on. Bey is a poser, not an innovator. We love Bey but lets not disrespect our truly talented legends just to overhype the nontalented yet popular Beyonce.

    • Amber April 29, 2018

      I will agree to that. I even think she is better than Madonna whose overall success and fame was due more to her shock value. Compare her to those people but NOT Michael Jackson.

  5. Alex April 29, 2018

    Beyoncé is an innovator and has worked her ass off in this male dominated industry. There is nothing new under the sun and since she is so young, she wasn’t given the opportunity to break barriers like Michael did in the 80s. But it’s not her fault that she was not born when he did. She has made her own lane and is constantly compared to the greats. That she tell the naysayers something. You know what that is?? That she HAS A SEAT AT THE TABLE. She has NOTHING left to prove. The critics, music royalty, and other heavy hitters in the industry have spoken. She is the GREATEST. Point, blank, period ??‍♂️

    • Brent Christopher April 29, 2018

      Beyonce has a LOT to prove. She needs to prove that she can introduce an idea, concept, look, images and themes to the world at large that have not already been delivered repeatedly by other entertainers or herself for that matter. Beyonce does not innovate. Do you understand what INNOVATION means? THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ONE RECORD, COSTUME, TOUR THEME, SONG LYRIC or performance that has inspired an entire generation of new female performers to mimic their look or presentation after her. Beyonce is a derivative of Diana Ross and Janet Jackson. She did not push open doors. Diana and Janet did that for her. THEY ARE THE ICONS. The same way that Madonna (THE ICON), did that for britney & christina. they are not ICONS. An ICON changes the stratosphere for those who follow. Beyonce has never still achieved that. Beyonce is the best ON STAGE FEMALE PERFORMER of our very limited generation, but she does not exist as a legend when you think about the Tina Turner’s, Lena Horne’s, Diahnne Carol’s, Judy Garland’s, Barbra Streisand’s and those ladies who possess true style, grace, pise, decorum and other ORIGINAL talent.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 29, 2018

      The definition of “innovation” is something new, a new method or original breakthrough. Beyoncé’s is great but she is NONE of that which is mentioned in the definition of “innovation”. She is amazing though, just not an innovator by any means.

      • Brent Christopher April 29, 2018

        we definitely agree. Beyonce is the BEST that we have in 2018 when you consider that Alicia Keys & Mary J. Blige only sing, Ciara really only dances, Ashanti is pretty, Monica & Brandy didn’t segue seamlessly into adult stardom as they did as teens… so Beyonce pretty much stands alone. IT LOOKS that she is truly doing something amazing, but it’s easy to standout when there is hardly anyone else standing alongside you. Beyonce has never in our time presented a song, image, style, concept or idea on screen, on album or otherwise that is original, unique or intriguing beyond belief. so for me, she will only reach LEGENDARY STATUS for the years she will continue creating music and NOT for the years she has spent changing the sound of music, the dance craze in american pop culture or even the look of little black girls across the country. NO ONE dresses like Beyonce. there’s no popular dance created by Beyonce that ever became a fad for at least 10 years and no song she has EVER released changed the scope of how other female or male artists recorded their singles, records or albums. WHEN YOU HEAR MICHAEL JACKSON, you hear Usher, Justin Timberlake & Justin Bieber. WHEN YOU SEE MICHAEL JACKSON PERFORM, you see Chris Brown. I have not yet seen one female artist whose celebrity mimics anything that Beyonce first put on public display.

      • OLivier April 29, 2018

        Who invent something nowadays or in her generation ?im waiting .. then that makes all the other singers from her generation n today worthless ..

      • Brent Christopher April 29, 2018

        EXACTLY OLIVER. they all ARE worthless. that’s the point. that’s why you all think beyonce is such an incredible artist worthy of Michael Jackson’s acclaim. the bar is set so low by the trash we have running around nowadays with record deals, that it makes Beyonce’s stage persona stand out far beyond the nonsense we now call entertainment. it’s easy to fall for this notion that she is such an “ICON” because there are no Madonna’s, Janet’s, Tina Turner’s, Whitney Houston’s or Diana Ross’ of our time to challenge this “Beyonce as Michael” propaganda.

    • Amber April 29, 2018

      Wrong, the industry and critics say she is good and yes, she has achieved success and has her place; but she is NO Michael Jackson and that is what MOST people are saying OVERALL not just one or two people.

  6. Caleb April 29, 2018

    Bey is Bey, which is great in and of itself. Why are people so intent on pushing these Michael Jackson comparisons.

  7. Amber April 29, 2018

    She is good but she is NO Michael Jackson. MJ also had a stage presence like no other artists. he could just STAND there a bring the house down. Also what Beyoncé is doing is Michael JACKSON BLUEPRINT. Plus, Michael can take a stage ALL BY HIMSELF if he choose and bring the house down. And look at this final concert how that was turning out, it was going to be GREAT.

  8. DanYiel Iman April 29, 2018

    That’s awesome ?? & gladly they enjoyed the show!!

  9. Amber April 29, 2018

    Again, I will give Ms. Bey her dues. She is good and she will make her mark in her own way BUT do not put her in the boat with MJ. Just few months again, Bruno Mars was getting this comparison. This is nothing new when it comes to MJ. Here is the difference: Beyouce is good artist; Michael is a GREAT GENIUS in music/performance, etc. That is the difference.

    • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 29, 2018

      MJ was the best performer of his generation and Beyonce is the best performer of hers. End of discussion.

      • JeansTRue April 29, 2018


      • Brent Christopher April 29, 2018

        NO. Michael Jackson’s reign extended across generations. His likeness wasn’t limited to solely the baby boomers. That’s the difference. Michael Jackson is a global entity whose contributions to music & pop culture are considered historical & other worldly. He changed the entire scope of music video production. He opened the doors for black artists to be seen visually on MTV. Beyonce has achieved nothing singular that is pioneering or historically heralding. Don’t water down MJ’s influence. His competition was also a lot more intense. He stems from a period where record contracts weren’t being handed out like cups of water at a relay race.

  10. Blessed April 29, 2018

    Some of you need to listen. The comparison with MJ comes from stage comparison. Not single sales, album sales, popularity, or anything else’s. Beyonce moves like lightning on stage and MJ too. That’s the comparison once again. Beyonce is an Icon, whether you agree or not. From Britney Spears to Fifth Harmony are inspired by her. Britney has been in the game since 98 and Fifth Harmony came along this decade. She has inspired artists from the early 2000s to now. That’s an Icon and living legend. Someone you has inspired and have been the legs for the next generation. From pop, rock, rap, country and other genres, Beyoncé has inspire artists in these genres. You may no like it but Beyonce is one of the greats. This woman has took career chances that many artists in the past would past on. MJ, Janet, and Whitney were the Icons of the 80s and 90s. This is a new generation and Beyonce is it. Her last 2 albums were like events. That’s when you know, you are something special. This woman had an First Lady saying, I wish I can be Beyoncé for a day. Ask Oprah who Beyoncé is? Has Patti Laballe you Beyoncé is? Ask Mariah Carey who Beyoncé is? Ask Mary J Blidge who Beyoncé is? Ask Bono who Beyoncé is? Ask Celine Dion who Beyoncé is? These people are legends and icons and they will tell you, Beyoncé is one of the greats.

    • Brent Christopher April 29, 2018

      Beyonce DOD NOT inspire Britney Spears. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Beyonce was still only a “black artist” with no crossover appeal at the HEIGHT of Britney’s early 1999/2000 career. What are you talking about. Beyonce’s Likeness nor influence is evident in watching any of the present generation of young female performers. Beyonce doesn’t even have a unique sense of style that can be copied. What are you even talking about. She has done NOTHING to change the sound of music, to create new dance crazes or to reinvent the scope of the music industry. NOTHING AT ALL. She doesn’t even dance. Janet Jackson DANCES. Beyonce twerks, gyrates & pops her cooch. She does it all on beat and whips her weave in unison, but what that lady does on stage isn’t intricate DANCING.

      • Blessed April 30, 2018

        LOL Just google Britney inspire by Beyoncé. Just because Britney was a solo artist before Beyoncé, don’t mean she can’t be inspire by her. Look how artists like Janet and Rihanna are big fans of HER the singer. Your opinion is your opinion and it don’t mean anything. Artists and music critics have place her as one of the greats. She has talent in singing, stage presence and dancing. Janet has dancing and stage presence. I’ll put Tina and Beyoncé as a better performer, due too they have all 3. And let’s not forget she’s been in the game 20 years strong. She may have been in DC since 97, but she was the Diana and MJ of that group. Her longevity, talent, and respect makes her an Icon and Living Legend.

    • Jasmine April 29, 2018

      Blessed Beyonce is great but Michael Jackson was TRULY gift from GOD. Stop the comparisons and just love on Beyonce or better yet love on both. Michael Jackson was truly gifted and the best entertainer of all time. He had God’s gift and it shined. Beyonce does not have that gift. She is just a try-hard. Beyonce is not even as good as Janet and Janet also does not have the natural gift.

  11. RealNegro April 29, 2018

    Beyonce is an icon but not a legend. However, she will be a legend when all said and done. She is the new standard. Just like streaming has replaced pure sales. She has assumed her position at the pinnacle. No she is not original, but neither was Prince and Michael(James Brown) nor Janet. They all got inspired by life and those before them. I’m not about to write a novel because y’all do enough of that. Beyonce is a great!#FACTS

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 29, 2018

      Michael Jackson was inspired by James brown but did things original that nobody, including James brown NEVER DID. Same thing with Janet and Prince. Beyonce literallly takes other people’s things and recreates them or steals them. It’s a BIG BUG DIFFERENCE. But I agree that she’s great. But not original, not Michael, or Janet or prince. But I love her tho.

    • Brent Christopher April 29, 2018

      please name for me the artist, performer or entertainer who existed before Janet who she directly stole from, copied & called it her own? please name for me the single artist who pulled off 1/4 of what Prince pierced into american culture and the overall music landscape. DONT WHITEWASH their accomplishments to help push your narrative about Beyonce’s Lack of originality being good enough to still be deemed an ICON. that lady does not sit at the table with your Liza Minelli’s, Diana Ross’, Tina Turner’s, Barbra Streisand’s or Michael Jackson’s… not at all. She gives you a great booty popping in a leotard stage show, but her music lacks substance and her presentation is borrowed.

      • A&R May 1, 2018

        Janell Monea is prince as a woman. Paula Abdul literally choreographed for Janet and while being her own artist. MJ took the moonwalk and had a ghost choreographer that did huge Chunks of his work. Note, the Internet became a thing when? That’s why beyonce’s creative process is being exposed and MJ one isn’t lol Trust me pimp, those artists are too buys to police majority of what comes their way. They approve concepts and hold creative meetings with a team that does the actual piecing together. Nothin is new under the sun. Sorry.

    • Theman April 29, 2018

      Well streaming is grown a ton. But it hasn’t fully replaced pure sales. It really just disguises flops.

      • iamdiego April 30, 2018

        streaming is not pure sales

  12. Retribution April 30, 2018

    Beyonce is nowhere near Michael Jackson’s level and I don’t care how many times here husband or stans say this, it an’t true. Michael was a phenom and genius as a young boy who matured into a man and became the greatest pop singer of all time. Michael had two tours where he sold out stadiums worldwide and saw over 4 million people and not to mention that he is best selling artist of all time. Michael is the only artist in history who could sell out stadiums anywhere including places like India. Michael not only broke records in sales and touring, but he inspired every artist that came after him in some for or another and changed the entire game. He broke barriers that no other black artist were able to break before him. What has Beyonce done to even come close to Michael besides being a good performer? Her impact is not even close to his, sorry about it. Even Janet and Madonna have had way more success and impact than her before you even think about talking about Michael. Just stop it.

    • Blessed April 30, 2018

      The comparison is them performing on stage and that it.

  13. G7Pat April 30, 2018

    Shes alwsys been the tina turner of this generstion Huge touring n performing act w minimal innovation, album sales, hits, n not much influence on next generation of artists. This generstion lost their possible mj when chris could no longer book certain stages

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 30, 2018

      I’m Chris doesn’t have the music to be an MJ. MJ is music first and foremost not just dancing

    • A&R May 1, 2018

      Lol the Beyonce hate is blind yet passionate. You are fixing your mouth to say the woman has no influence when RCA literally tried to turn Tinashe into a baby’s beyonce lol. Rihanna was introduced to us as a mini Beyonce… see unfaithful.. 5H is DC. Normal is Beyonce dropped in chocolate lol as of now, we have almost no baby Janets. Ques what?! Ciara started off as a baby Janet and started duplicating Beyoncé’s style and fell flare. Guess what?! Brandy did a whole interview on 106 & Park saying how Afrodiasac was her aiming to get her Beyonce s*** on. Before Beyonce dropped crazy in love, the hyper feminine, lady in heels killing choreo and selling/ serving face and hair was not a thing. It died when Tina Turner slowed down. Beyonce was inspired by Tina and turned that style into a who different beast.

      Go sit down bruh..

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