Bow Wow Gives “Last Radio Interview” On ‘The Breakfast Club’ / Talks Suicide & Reveals #BowWowChallenge Is Becoming A Show

Published: Thursday 12th Apr 2018 by Sam

Bow Wow sure knows how to drum up attention.

The rapper, who made headlines recently for implying that he wanted to die, stopped by The Breakfast Club today for what he’s calling his “last ever radio interview.”

True to the platform, the 31-year-old was grilled on a number of topics, including suicidal thoughts, feuding with Future, falling out with Jermaine Dupri, going from a child star to an adult, and the now infamous #BowWowChallenge. Interestingly, he revealed the latter is being spun into a ‘Punk’d’ style show in partnership with Mona Scott Young.

Watch below…

While we’re glad he’s in a better place, he came across all sorts of jarring here.

This “done did it all / music got boring” rhetoric is played out. Especially in an era where Cardi B’s success and status as the “people’s champion” is very much built on her “realness.” Is it so hard to be frank about how the clowning affected him? Or how changing tides in the music biz has seen his sales fade?

To watch Bow Wow is to watch defensive delusion in motion and an inflated sense of self.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how he and Mona spin the “#BowWowChallenge” into something fruitful.

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  1. April 12, 2018

    hope they take him seriously, because people talking about suicide is no joke.

    • Ariel April 12, 2018

      I absolutely agree

    • IAMME April 12, 2018


  2. SMH April 12, 2018

    Oh please, Cardi B is as big of a clown as any of these streaming magnets nowadays.

  3. Abel April 12, 2018

    This guy gonna die in days

  4. DanYiel Iman April 12, 2018

    Oh ok ??

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