Chance The Rapper: “Beyonce’s Coachella Performance Was Better Than Any Concert Michael Jackson Ever Did”

Published: Saturday 12th May 2018 by Sam

Fresh from polarizing the masses with comments in defence of Kanye West, MC Chance The Rapper is stepping into the role of provocateur once again.

For while delivering the commencement speech at the Dillard University graduation, the Chi-town native made some choice words about Beyonce and Michael Jackson.

Full story below…

While encouraging graduates to strive for greatness beyond those they’re inspired by, he illustrated his point by saying:

“Beyonce’s Coachella Performance was better than any performance Michael Jackson ever did”

For yours truly, the comparisons are a little grating – though understandable in their rooting.

Beyonce is, without question, this generation’s lead performer. There’s no doubt about that. And given that MJ was the same to his generation (and subsequent) makes it easy to see why some are setting the stage for that debate.

However, why must it always be a person a vs person b?

For us, Michael authored the handbook of greatness that Bey and co have studied and adapted. Emphasis on adapted.

What they deliver comparatively is similar only in that it’s rooted in precision, extravagance, and being masters of the stage. Beyond that, their offerings are so vastly different that making comments like Chance’s just feels…odd, off, and unnecessary. Just our two cents.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Stephy May 12, 2018

    This is tired. And he is hella corny, with his wondering eyeball self…

    • Jasmine May 12, 2018

      I agree. Chance Girl Bye. First your illiterate black gums were flapping on twitter supporting Trump and then you backpeddled. Now you are disrespecting the King Of Pop saying his and Janet’s lessor is a better performer. Chance girl shut up. Let the people talk. There are millions more people now in the world than when Michael was touring and yet Bey can’t even pull a fraction of the numbers Michael did with his tours despite there being millions more people who could buy tickets.

      Now from a performance perspective let’s get into it. Michael had a natural gift from God and he shares that gift with the world starting at age u. NO ONE has ever been able to do his moves while singing live. Chris Brown is better than Beyonce as an entertainer. Janet is better as a performer than Beyonce. Beyonce impresses the chicken heads and black gays but Michael was for EVERYONE!!!!!! Thriller is the best selling album of all time (over 50 million physical copies sold) and it’s supporting tour is still one of the highest grossing tours of all time. The Bad tour and the Dangerous tours also were legendary and outsold any tour Bey has ever done. Bey font impress me at all. She does not have that natural gift from God. She is a poser and unfortunately too many people see right through her so the people have spoken already! Just love and enjoy her but don’t diss anot her legend at her expense because then you are just telling lies!

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED May 12, 2018

        Go watch Beys BABY BOY performance from Destiny Fulfilled tour. It’s better and more dynamic than any MJ performance. The formation tour Mrs Carter tour and soon to be On The Run tours all out grossed any MJ or Janet tour. Beys recent tour is the HIGHEST GROSSING BLACK TOUR of all time. And plenty of STRAIGHT men go buy tickets to Beys concerts and plenty of gay men dislike bey. Men in general like bey because she’s somewhat a tomboy when first came out

      • Jasmine May 12, 2018

        Girl I will continue to trust Forbes and CNN which clearly shows MJ sold more per concert than Bey. He just had less tour dates. You are obviously obsessed with Beyonce because you are telling me to watch footage of her I have already seen. You need to get over your Beyonce obsession and get obsessed with the gym because you look a mess and being obese is not healthy.

      • KING-BRIEJ May 12, 2018

        Whoever said Beyonce tours outgrossed MJ is a ridiculous statement when it’s clearly called inflation. Besides Michael didn’t like to your but when he did… Bad tour 4.4mill Dangerous 3.5mill and History 4.5mill now multiply that by today’s ticket prices b4 you say silly s***.
        Also Michael Jackson didn’t need elaborate productions especially after standing there for 3mins doing nothing but when he did use them they didn’t get in the way of the talent

      • Jasmine May 12, 2018

        I’m going to post some MJ tour clips to shut this nonsense down. MJ had God’s gift of talent. Bey don’t have that.

      • Jasmine May 12, 2018

        Bonus (I have yet to see any artist be able to do the spin at 3:06 while singing live into a corded mic). This is a perfect example of Michael’s energy on stage. That spin was not planned. With Bey everything is rehearsed and planned like a ROBOT. Bey is not a natural talent. Michael was a natural talent and that natural energey oozed out of him on stage:

      • Jasmine May 12, 2018

        Bonus: Janet – All For You Concert (Again, better than any Beyonce concert ever. Also Janet performs in heels the entire concert and never just stands there like Beyonce does for long periods of time)

      • Jasmine May 12, 2018

        THE DOOR IS CLOSE. The EVIDENCE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. Everything Beyonce can do (strut on stage with heels, hire an army of backup dancers, special effects and lighting for the stage, wear a lion king wig, twerk for 30 seconds and stand there for the next 6 minutes, etc) Michael and Janet can do with ease. Those are like elementary steps and antics that Beyonce does to artists like Michael and Janet. Now can Beyonce do Michael or Janet’s moves? HELL TO THE NAH. This, Michael is still the best performer of all time!

      • Nick May 13, 2018

        @ Jasmine, thank you. You took words out of my mouth. Bey is good but she is nowhere near MJ

      • Suicide Blonde May 13, 2018

        OMG Diabetes still exists

    • Corey Anton May 12, 2018

      Thank you..#Corey Anton #Pop Culture Realness With Corey Anton fb & #Ms. Jackson-RELOADED fb and Instagram

    • Cory May 13, 2018

      Delusion of Grandeur! Is Beyonce the top performer of HER generation? Maybe…. There’s also P!nk who puts on a hell of a show.

      “The Velvet Rope” tour is years ahead of anything Beyonce has done.

      The idea that Beyonce is better than Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, has got to stop.

    • Jenna May 13, 2018

      The problem with Chance the rapper comparing MJ to Beyonce is that they are from two different generations with different technology. He’s comparing MJ in his prime in the 80s to Beyonce in her prime in 2010s… c’mon now, you just can’t do it. Back then, stage presence was more important than all the theatrics that can be done today. Look at This Is It. MJ was going to use modern technology and truly put on a performance for his last concert in 2009. Even then technology has changed in the past 10 years. It’s so dumb of CHance to compare modern day performances of Beyonce with 80s available technology that MJ had…. MJ is and will always be a legend. People who’ve been to his concerts said they could FEEL his energy in that whole stadium, that’s the difference between an MJ concert and others, the fact that he could make you FEEL it was enough. Plus he always had a message whether it be about racism, destroying planet Earth. MJ had a freaking Tank on his stage for Earth Song! C’mon now!

  2. I HatE WWHYYYyyt n BLaccck. Bitchezzcc May 12, 2018

    That is an insult to Michael it’s old news but Michael never fell down 12 flights of steps on his face in front of his fans….. and busted both of his knees on stage tumble dwarf Beyonce is not the greatest

    • TrellBeyLike May 12, 2018

      Lmfao gis hair caught on fire and he fell down the stairs. Do you even know MJ.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED May 12, 2018

      Mj almost died on stage… Once from exhaustion/dehydration the other from fire lol

      • Jasmine May 12, 2018

        That is not funny. You won’t be laughing when the doctor has to cut off your legs and arms from diabetes you fat ugly asss.

      • Jasmine May 12, 2018

        I want you to consider getting the gastric bypass surgery. Diabetes is not cool and not something to be “unbothered” about.

      • I HatE WWHYYYyyt n BLaccck. Bitchezzcc May 13, 2018

        Over-exerting yourself and tripping and falling down 12 flights of steps and busting both of your knees is completely different

  3. Ispeakfacts May 12, 2018

    He has lost his got danm mind! What is wrrrong with this dude!!! I’m sure he haven’t even watched all of Michaels performances & to be completely honest that coachella performance really to me wasn’t Beyonce’s best performance I’ve seen her do! She’s had waaaay better performances….

  4. Beystansince1997 May 12, 2018

    That’s his opinion. With that being said, Beyoncé is the STUDENT of those very people he tried to demish by oVERLY praising Beyoncé. Beyoncé herself would never say this! Chance have a seat… We haven’t forgot about your Trump comments ?


    Charlamagne put it best… James Brown was thought to be the best performer then MJ happened and then Beyonce tops MJ at PERFORMING (not dancing). Anyone care to debate this needs to go watch the Baby Boy/naughty girl Crazyinlove (Beys solo set) from the destiny fulfilled and loving it to. Bey killed and slaughtered that stage from beginning to end back in 2005. I saw that show live during it’s lice tapping, my first ever concert… #EPIC

  6. Faf May 12, 2018

    PLz stop the ass Kissing
    U carebear gay looking b****

  7. Lanafan1 May 12, 2018


  8. Faf May 12, 2018

    Like Jesus the gratuitous praise is just cringeworthy they talk More about beyonce than jay z and he f****** her !!! Like when coonye went up taking Taylor’s mic capping for her when her HUSBAND sat in the audience


    I love MJs music and iconic videos but he as the performer BORES me. I’d try to watch but I always skip through even his best performances. I prefer usher Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake over the Jacksons. Just Not a Jacksons fan. Ironically my fav mj performance is his post death performance on that hologram lol. I think MJs dance style just bores me and his discography never stepped out of the typical MJ box. Bey seems more versatile and more present when she performs. Not the show off “look what I can do mommy” type that MJ was. MJ is the better dancer, artist, and writer tho.

  10. You know it May 12, 2018

    Oh, because Chance The Rapper said it makes it factual? Oh ok, got it! ????

  11. DIABETES UNBOTHERED May 12, 2018

    I think Beys LOVE DROUGHT and SANDCASLES performance alone proves that bey is the ish when it comes to performing. Bish was practically 10 months pregnant and sitting down for much of the performance and still had the best performance of the night. But what do I know? I think USHER CHRIS BROWN and dare I say Justin Timberlake are all on MJs performance lvl.

    • Suicide Blonde May 13, 2018

      Dead at 10 months pregnant, I agree though

  12. Truth May 12, 2018

    Where’s is the lie?

    • SMH May 13, 2018

      Every word he said, from start to finish.

  13. Jj May 12, 2018

    Janet’s old concert destroy bee Janet 52 and performs better mj is the greatest ever yet I love Janet 10x more I fell to sleep watching beyonce it on stream at Coachella soo to be honest her mtv vanguard performance was perfect and I don’t like Beyoncé so I don’t get them trying to erase the jackson narrative of being the greatest when beyonce can’t do better than an older Janet this generation accepts less we had Prince mj Janet Madonna whit Mariah Anita Baker Chaka khan Sade tina turner patti Aretha g Michael I’m adding Lauren hill because she’s legend for only having1 album but this gen only got beyonce and lady Gaga and if Rihanna would be consistent she would be great too ohh Bruno cb drake Kanye West not many that do it all and that don’t compare to the 80 and 90s artist I mentioned

  14. Brazio May 12, 2018

    Now thats a lie and the truth ate in him..
    Kissing beyonce a$$

  15. olusheyi banjo May 12, 2018

    Chance get off Beyonce’s nutts

    • Jasmine May 12, 2018

      I agree 100 percent.

  16. Jacob May 12, 2018

    Finally a celebrity admits that beyonce is better than micheal andhis sister

    • Fancy BISH May 13, 2018

      Chile cheese lmao ?

  17. DanYiel Iman May 12, 2018

    IMO both artists have done something a lot of artists won’t get the joy of doing!!?

  18. I HatE WWHYYYyyt n BLaccck. Bitchezzcc May 12, 2018

    Chance want some p.ussy from Beyoncé, .,,,,,, some men will tell you anything

  19. Cbeylive May 12, 2018

    B**** why you start something.

    • Fancy BISH May 13, 2018

      Too high to get over
      Too low to get under
      He’s stuck in the middle
      And the pain is thunder ??

  20. Kevon May 12, 2018

    Guy you need to keep your s***** thoughts to your self

  21. Alex May 12, 2018

    Chance said what he said and that’s that! ??‍♂️. People hate BEY so much CUZ their faves DONT stand a chance against her. At the end of the day, it’s subjective. If Michael is your fave, fine. If Bey is your fave, fine. But the mere fact that she is ALWAYS compared to him, speaks volumes and makes the other “Z list” entertainers look bad.

    • Jasmine May 12, 2018

      Everything Beyonce can do (strut on stage with heels, hire an army of backup dancers, special effects and lighting for the stage, wear a lion king wig, twerk for 30 seconds and stand there for the next 6 minutes, etc) Michael and Janet can do with ease. Those are like elementary steps and antics that Beyonce does to artists like Michael and Janet. Now can Beyonce do Michael or Janet’s complex dance moves? HELL TO THE NAH. Thus, Michael is still the best performer of all time!

      • Alex May 13, 2018

        Your opinion. Michael and Janet’s moves were NOT theirs. Paula Abdul taught Janet and Jeffrey Daniels taught MJ the moonwalk. Not original. VH1 has dubbed Bey’s 2016 performance the GREATEST of all time. Now after Coachella, music critics have deemed her the greatest. NEITHER of our opinions really matter cuz we’re not experts. They said what they said and that’s that.

      • SMH May 13, 2018

        And Frank Gatson taught beyonce her basic moves. Therefore, she’s not the greatest because she had to be taught how to dance so basic. Janet and Michael are born dancers, it’s in their blood. So much for your opinion…

      • Jasmine May 13, 2018

        Alex you sound dumb. Michael and Janet had numerous moves created and acquired from numerous people. Since you talk like a simpleton I’ll break it down simple for you slow asss. Michel and Janet can easily do Bey’s moves bit Bey cannot do Michael and Janet’s moves. Thus, Michael and Janet are still better performers.

      • Alex May 13, 2018

        Both of you seem triggered!! Like I said to both of you 7th grade dropouts, SHE IS THE GREATEST to Experts in the field. Save your essays! It’s not gonna change. Run along now

      • Jasmine May 13, 2018

        Alex is a simpleton. The “experts” say Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer of all time. I don’t even see the reason why people are trying to discredit Michael in the first place. You can love on Bey without discrediting other artists. People that discredit legends to promote their favs are insecure and small minded. Hell, Bey is a Michael / Janet fan and student herself. She praises King Michael and Queen Janet. Any stripper or average shaped hood rat chick can do Bey moves but they can’t so Michael and Janet moves so stay in your lane. Chris Brown is a better performer than Bey too.

      • Alex May 14, 2018

        I said what i said.

  22. Gurlwepa89 May 12, 2018

    I love Bey and I love Chance but I totally disagree with that statement. This site is dickriding B so hard it’s not even funny.

  23. Caleb May 12, 2018

    He is doing the most.

    • Fancy BISH May 13, 2018

      ✅ ✅ ✅ ?

  24. Tino May 13, 2018

    Lmao Chance must be raw dogging Bey, Kanye and Jay SMH

  25. Lal’Kol May 13, 2018

    Shame on y’all, R.I.P. MJ

  26. G7Pat May 13, 2018

    A glorified unoriginal twerking rudimemtary 8 count weave blowing mumble singing majorettr better than mj ….. u wish

  27. Jj May 13, 2018

    This makes beyonce look bad cause you then have to examine how she’s not that great after all by comparison thanks Chance you did her more harm than good

  28. Fancy BISH May 13, 2018

    Beyoncé is better than Miss Chance! That’s for damn sure lol ? ?

  29. SMH May 13, 2018

    This nonsense has gotten old. All it proves is just how insecure beyonce fans are. They’re on this delusional relentless campaign to force the world into thinking this girl that does nothing more than botty than basic stripper moves is somehow the greatest of all time. You fools don’t even realize how desperately insecure you look. The Greatest doesn’t have to tell anyone they’re the Greatest, folks already know. Michael never had to say it, its already known. Janet never had to say it, it’s already known. Prince never had to say it either. So for you roaches to keep trying to make fetch happen and force people to swallow your delusions means that she’s NOT the greatest. Especially if she has to lie about her streaming totals and this so called great performance barely brought in 458k views in the streaming age. The Greatest?

    LMMFAO ???

  30. Sean May 13, 2018

    Ummm Micheal owned Beyoncé Sony will tell u that oh they hated on him hardest. I’m sure many people didn’t know that her coin is his coin while chance the rapper playing. Micheal Jackson? Wtf he talking about she can never ever in her days feel completely comfortable with him saying that

  31. JOHNVIDAL May 13, 2018

    LOL What? In her wildest dreams. I just think certain people are not able to understand things that heppened before they were a thing just because they belong to whatever generation. I think it´s a lack of empathy, because I personally have never been like that. At ANY point of her career Beyonce has been like a Michael Jackson type of phenomenon and at any point she has shown so much talent.

  32. Achooo! May 13, 2018

    Apples and Oranges

  33. Makiba May 13, 2018

    Dude, like En Vogue said your never gonna get it so…stop wasting your time with fantasy. Beyonce is a Michael Jackson disciple and the disciple is not greater than the master. Find some other female son.

  34. Nakiyah Laney November 21, 2019

    Hell to the nah

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