From The Vault: Christina Aguilera – ‘Not Myself Tonight’

Published: Sunday 27th May 2018 by Joe

This week’s From The Vault comes courtesy of Christina Aguilera and her infectious comeback bid ‘Not Myself Tonight.’

Issued as the lead single from 2010 ill-fated ‘Bionic’ album, ‘Tonight’ was produced by Polow Da Don and penned by Ester Dean alongside Greg Curtis and Jason Perry.

Lyrically, the track saw Xtina ditch the PC for PVC as she veers out of character… for one night

Despite its mixed reviews, the song still managed to peak at #23 in the US, and #12 in the UK.


It’s difficult to divorce the release from the climate it arrived during; one which saw Christina’s popularity polarized while a certain Lady Gaga was becoming a Pop fixture. It  was no surprise then when comparisons started to arise, as both ladies were presenting futuristic themed projects.

And the song’s video only pour fuel on the then-raging flames of debate.

Hype Williams helmed the clip, which immediately drew comparisons to Gaga thanks to its variety of outlandish looks and themes (see: bondage, religion, exhibitionism).

The visual was also critiqued in some corners for “borrowing” from Madonna’s work – specifically the iconic ‘Express Yourself.’ All of which was met with a lukewarm response with the masses judging the clip contrived and try-hard.


For many, it is “this” song that marked the start of Christina’s commercial decline. We say it’s unfortunate as, though not as cutting-edge as ‘Dirrty’ was years prior, it showcased yet another reinvention for Aguilera after the throwback ‘Back To Basics.’ It’s just that the climate not necessarily in her favor; it quite literally overshadowed the rest of the project which houses many a musical gem (hello ‘Woohoo’ and ‘Sex For Breakfast’).

Now, with her ‘Liberation’ near, we sincerely hope Team Xtina will right the wrongs that were made during the ‘Bionic’ and ‘Lotus’ eras respectively.

Clearly this time around the focus seems to be on quality music without necessarily insisting on complicated artistic concepts. Thus far the promo has been on-point; fingers crossed it continues.

For now, though, welcome back, Legend X!

Your thoughts?

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  1. HOWYOULIKEIT May 27, 2018

    Still one of my favorite songs and videos from her. People were wrong for treating her bad during that era

    • Baleia May 27, 2018

      I agree with you

    • Meme May 27, 2018

      This was during the Gaga craze. It just came across as though she was trying to compete with Gaga. This video was strikingly similar to bad romance. Ppl just wouldn’t feeling it. And the lyrics was so basic.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 27, 2018

      The problem was that the public expected better quality music from Xtina. If Rihanna or any other current pop star today did this song and video it would be a hit because they are known for popcorn music that is hot and then is never played on the radio any year after it’s release. Xtina is known for having music with a substance and her previous album before this one ‘Basic To Basics’ was oozing with substance so for her to do this song and video it was more looked at as desperate to be current. The album does have songs with substance but this one ain’t it.

  2. L May 27, 2018

    Yassss issa faya??? #justiceforBionic

  3. Meme May 27, 2018

    This single was a mess. I still remember when she release the lyrics to this single and everyone went into a fit like wtf is these basic lyrics. This was the downfall to Xtina. I still f** with woohoo.

    • Martaevia La’wayne May 27, 2018

      I feel the opposite. I think the song is amazing as well as the video and album.

  4. Caleb May 27, 2018

    I actually remember her saying the video was something of a tribute to Madonna’s Human Nature (although there are scenes from Express Yourself as well). That’s more than can be said of Gaga as it relates to Born This Way borrowing heavily from Express Yourself.

  5. Jackx May 27, 2018

    Stronger than ever was my favorite from this album

    • HOWYOULIKEIT May 27, 2018

      That’s a very good song. Her best songs are underrated

  6. truthteller May 28, 2018

    Bionic was actually a decent single disc album, if you made a playlist from some of the tracks and cut the filler

  7. mr.m May 28, 2018

    The Gaga comparison was PLANNED to sabotage her career
    and unfortunately, they did … perez, akon, and gaga’s team. ALL did it.
    the video seems nothing to gaga’s expect for that bed scene (which I HATE)
    they’ve could’ve used the other beautiful looks instead of shown that p*** part.
    ANYWAY, KARMA IS A B****. Gaga flopped and thew them all away .
    this is still a very underrated video and album

  8. Evannnn May 28, 2018

    It boggles my mind to this day at how much HATE and discredit this album receives. It is still very much a great addition to her catalogue. The album is filled with bops and slow jams that were SERIOUSLY pushed aside…for what?? Oh she decided to go futuristic …(which makes PERFECT sense after “BACK TO BASICS”) but because Gaga was around, she was copying?! I find a lot of people forget that Xtina is a very quirky artist and she loves to experiment and have fun.

    I love Bionic and that album cover is GENIUS!!
    It pisses me off that everyone feels the need to jam every female artist in the same category/lane…like listen to Christina for Christina and Gaga for Gaga.

  9. eric May 28, 2018

    This is a terrible reminder of the lowest point in Christina’s career thus far. Christina wasn’t herself that night or ANY night during the Bionic era. It was all bad, and things aren’t looking much better this time around either. The music just isn’t there.

  10. Charli Cheer Up May 28, 2018

    Back then Nicki was still a rising star. Her collab with Xtina was pretty sick. Too bad the whole album flopped. Wohoo never became a single and received airplay.

  11. Junior in Jamaica May 28, 2018

    Back when she looked like herself. Her face has gone through so much.

    Her voice was still somewhat intact too.


  12. Antincia foster May 29, 2018


  13. TheTerranceJ May 29, 2018

    Eight years later, I still think Woohoo should’ve been the first single. The album was really good.

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