Janelle Monae Slammed For “Raunchy” Performance on ‘The Voice’

Published: Wednesday 2nd May 2018 by Rashad

Concerned parents took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with NBC’s ‘The Voice’ for Janelle Monae‘s “racy” performance on last night’s (May 1) episode.

The songstress, hot on the promo trail for her tertiary album, ‘Dirty Computer’ (in stores now), took to the reality singing competition to show off one of the project’s gems, ‘Make Me Feel.’  With hip thrusts, pop, locks, and drops galore, some viewers were none too pleased with the song’s already sexually suggestive content, let alone the choreography used to support it.

Deemed “raunchy” and downright “lewd” by some, look inside to see the hoopla in response to the showing and weigh in:

Your thoughts?

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  1. NOT JOHNVIDAL May 2, 2018

    This closet d*** is always doing the most. I remember when she performed on BET awards with her boooty hanging out. Why can’t she just learn how to sound more like Kelly Rowland or Ashanti so that she can sell her records. Ain’t nobody checking for her nonsinging self. I remember at Essence Fest when she got boooed. She is too much gimmick and not enough soothing vocal talent.

    • SMH May 2, 2018

      Lmao um, last I checked, neither Kelly Rowland nor Ashanti were selling records. And both have performed with their asses out as well.

      • Martaevia La’wayne May 2, 2018

        Check again! Lol … People always got something to say about these celebs like they’re not human or something..Say what y’all want but I bet their accounts are pretty damn full!

      • JOHNVIDAL May 2, 2018

        Nah what I’m saying is that if you put a Kelly Rowland or Ashanti voice on Jonelle’s creativity then you got a new Lauryn Hill for this generation. Lauryn Hill had a soothing voice and creativity and that is why she sold so many records. This girl is missing the voice and the way she sings requires she has a stronger voice like Fantasia but since she dont got that she should take vocal lessons to make her carry-a-tune voice more soothing so people buy her records. Right now her voice is too scratchy and annoying and that overrides her creative songwriting abilities. Give Kelly or Ashanti some of those Jonelle songs and they would have a hit on their hands because their voices work better than Jonelle’s.

    • Teflon Boy May 3, 2018

      Holding Ashanti and Kelly Rowland up as vocal perfection is a bit delusional considering how inconsistent they both are. Ashanti while pleasant, has a very basic RnB voice, nothing special or unique about it and Kelly for the most part really struggles live. Janelle might not be that amazing vocally but she’s no worse than the two singers you’ve compared her to.

    • Markjones May 3, 2018

      First off Janelle Monae is classically trained and vocally trained with technique. Do your research idiot have you even listened to her records because her voice fits into every genre unlike those people you mention which have good voices but they have no creativity nor do they know how to use their voice properly. Her goal isn’t to sell records its to give a message to your materialistic ass!!! I’m sure her businesses are making her money.

  2. Audreyherbsburm May 2, 2018

    But they let these men thrust and crotch grab

  3. Truth Dot Com May 2, 2018

    I actually loved the performance!

  4. Curt May 2, 2018

    So what the masses are NOT going to do is give Queen Janelle the JJ Superbowl treatment. Y’all need a new hobby, hating on women for having a sexuality is played out.

  5. SMH May 2, 2018

    Isn’t this the same show that had Miley Cyrus as a judge? The hypocritical irony?‍♂️

  6. Tim Brown May 2, 2018

    Waiting for her to do Broadway—her voice reminds me of those stars….plus she’s very dramatic and pretentious.. 🙁

  7. Parker May 2, 2018

    it’s only because she has come out as q**** girl boo

  8. Justme May 2, 2018

    The gag is when miley did it we just danced along with her

  9. Buzz Off! May 2, 2018

    ?First And Formost .. They ain’t Paying to See Her.. They Watching Her Perform For Free. So They Will Take What They Can Get.. hmm America Is Always Complaining About Something smh .. When is this Season going to End??‍♂️?

  10. Achooo! May 3, 2018

    When a stiff robotic non rhythmic fool does it everybody embrace it but when a talent performer does it everybody is offended. Sexuality should be explored never suppressed.

  11. jammy May 3, 2018

    This wasn’t really that bad… like what?

  12. No One Watches ANYWAY May 3, 2018

    on my 3 replay and still can’t find what all the fuss is about… Beyonce goes out all the time wearing the same minus a jacket and doing much more than janelle did. seriously, calm tf down people. this performance was hype & it was everything

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