Britney Spears Subpoenaed In Child Support Case

Published: Friday 8th Jun 2018 by David

Britney Spears may be forced to share more than she would like to with authorities now that she has been subpoenaed to discuss her personal finances.

Her ex-husband Kevin Federline continues to burden the star with trouble because he can’t find work which pays him enough to support the children they created.

His excuse? He isn’t as famous as he was the terms of their child support agreement were carved out and so requires more money from the hard-working singer to support them.

US Weekly reports…

Kevin’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has insisted the request for increased support is “reasonable”. He said recently: “A court hearing will be set, and the parties will engage in financial discovery, which will enable guideline support payment that Kevin should receive.

Britney’s father, who helps the star manage her millions, is against the Kevin’s disappointing request.

One can only hope Kevin finds the strength to become a positive, hard working and  independent role model for his sons.

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  1. Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 8, 2018

    With child support cases the judge will look at the income of all parties so Britney, Kevin, and Kevin’s wife have to submit income and bank statements. What is strange about this case is that Kevin has primary custody. What mother does not want custody of her own children? Likely Kevin will get an increase in child support but it wont be the amount he is seeking because his wife works and the judge will ask where the 20k per month he already gets is going.

    • Erica June 8, 2018

      that lady wants full custody but since she still under her dad care, she cannot, plus she have them all the time and she’s definitely has put them before her career so I just don’t understand why kevin needs more money? 20k a month is enough to take care of his financial needs

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 8, 2018

        I agree. 20k is plenty. Greed is the answer.

  2. StarXavi June 8, 2018

    He’s trash

  3. Wow June 8, 2018

    They had 50/50 but after her dark time they gave him full custody.

    In previous documents he’s mad because they go from hanging out with mom in Hawaii, 20,000 sq ft house and everything they his measly 2500 sq ft house and 6 people under one house. But guess what?! YOU GET 240,000 a year AS IS! She ain’t paying for your other children honey! Grow up and get a job like a real man.

    • F* that P*** RKELS June 8, 2018

      Or invest that 240k. i mean, wtf Kev. aint that hard to be grown

  4. gina June 8, 2018

    Can we say DEADBEAT? They would if he was black.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 8, 2018

      No this is not about race. It is about class. Everyone thinks of him as a loser already, even when he was married to Britney. He is classless and untalented. Loser is slightly better than dead beat and the only reason he is not a deadbeat is because he raises his kids whereas a deadbeat is a loser that does not raise his kids.

  5. Antincia foster June 8, 2018

    Get a job kf geez this is too much

  6. DanYiel Iman June 8, 2018

    Hopefully her mind is set right now…

  7. SNF June 8, 2018

    If it was Brittney asking yall wouldn’t think twice. He has custody and she has more than enough to pay what he is requesting for them boys. NONE of us knows whats really going on behind the scenes but hell if I was kevin I’d do the same thing and I’d fight tooth and nail until i got that s**t…

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 8, 2018

      There is a difference between greed and being reasonable. Yes he may be entitled to more because she earns more now but he won’t get 3x more under a court of law because a judge will ask what expenses on two children equates to 60K a month. 20k a month affords a very lavish lifestyle for 2 kids, food, a luxury house, private tutors, clothes, etc. The judge will probe and ask how 60K will benefit the children more than 20k and also ask how much Britney spends on the children. Please remember this is not about fattening your wallet as it is about what is reasonable child support payments.

  8. Goaldigger June 9, 2018

    I could barely read this horribly written article.

  9. Navy Gravy June 9, 2018

    Isn’t he married? He should go on marriage boot camp. They take ALL the has-beens and used-to-be’s. He could get a nice check from them if his complaint is that he isn’t as famous as he used to be.

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