Lady Gaga Teams With Diane Warren For Major Power Ballad

Published: Friday 1st Jun 2018 by Sam

Lady Gaga steps into her first lead role on the big screen this Fall when Bradley Cooper‘s remake of ‘A Star Is Born’ hits the box office.

As widely reported, the project – which sees Gaga appear as Ally – will feature a heavy musical component. Hence, its soundtrack is almost as anticipated as the film itself.

To ensure it delivers, Mother Monster has re-teamed with Diane Warren.

Details are dished below…

In an interview with Music Week about her illustrious career, Warren (whose classics include ‘Unbreak My Heart’ and ‘Because You Love Me’) reveal:

“I’m not against co-writing with an artist,” Warren, who is known for writing songs entirely on her own, said. “I wrote something with Lady Gaga that’s coming this year. So, every now and then, I’ll write with somebody. But I won’t get in those rooms. I won’t go to a writing camp and sit with five people on a track.”

Shortly after the news hit, the ever reliable Gaga Daily revealed that the song will be featured on the movie’s soundtrack. 

Word is that the latest Gaga/Warren cut is christened ‘I Will Never Love Again’ and that it’s a huge power ballad and one of the main themes from the flick. 

Prior to now, the pair collaborated on ‘Til It Happens To You’ – a song featured in ‘The Hunting Ground,’ a documentary about victims of sexual assault. It went on to nab an Emmy and was nominated for an Oscar.

Time will tell if their newest number bests that success.

Either way, we can’t wait to hear it!

Your thoughts?

[Photo credit: Gabriel Goldbeg]

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  1. pat June 1, 2018

    This is about to be her Bodyguard. come on gaga

    • Ughhh June 1, 2018

      Lmao you tried it!

      • DanYiel Iman June 1, 2018

        Totally hopefully she doesn’t scream her lyrics!!

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 1, 2018

      She looks and sounds more like a contestant on Rupaul Drags Race. Comparing het to Whitney is disrespectful.

      • Hmmm June 1, 2018

        Couldn’t agree more

  2. Adele June 1, 2018

    I’ve seen the movie the song is just pretty good but it’s not amazing. She sings it at the very end of the movie after Bradley Cooper’s character commits suicide at a Gala to honor him. It’s the last scene and song of the movie. The best song in the movie is her duet with Bradley Cooper.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 1, 2018

      Thanks for spoiling the movie. What a duch!

      • Adele June 1, 2018

        You act like this isn’t a remake to a movie in which the male main character dies….which he does in the other two versions idiot.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 1, 2018

        You are assuming everyone watched the original. I did not. That was before my time. Plus you know remakes do not always keep the same script as the original anyway so you intentionally spoiled the movie. It’s not like this post is about the movie plot. It is only about a movie song.

      • Adele June 1, 2018

        In the age of the internet if you wanted to see those movies you could. Sorry that you’re to basic to know the history of A Star is Born but wikipedia can help you out. You also need spelling lessons because you spelled d***** incorrectly.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 1, 2018

        N ot interested in learning the history of an old all-white film and everybody knows wiki. Back to what YOU did. You purposeful spoiled the movie and you should just OWN that you did it purposefully instead of deflecting.

    • Shazell June 1, 2018

      You are an ahole, you know what you purposely did..

  3. Harajuku June 1, 2018

    Madge come get dis

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