Chris Brown Arrested / Mugshot Surfaces Online

Published: Friday 6th Jul 2018 by David

Chris Brown has been arrested.

Full story below…

Brown was performing at West Palm Beach on Thursday and was startled when he discovered that a group of police officers were waiting in the wings to arrest him.

His alleged crime? An alleged assault.

TMZ reports…

Law enforcement sources tell us Brown was arrested for an outstanding warrant out of a nearby county. It’s appears the warrant was issued in connection with an assault case.  TMZ broke the story … Brown allegedly attacked a photog during a club appearance in Tampa last year.  All indications point to that case.

His mugshot surfaced online shortly after his arrest.

Stay tuned for more on this story.


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  1. BeyJayBlu July 6, 2018

    oooff, looks rough

    I look worse on Mondays

  2. China July 6, 2018

    Chris Brown has a Dark cloud over him. He just can’t seem to keep out of Drama/Trouble. Usher is clearing the Bigger Star — and never had these issues. This boy clearly has some mental issues that are destroying his career and life……….

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 6, 2018

      I agree. I think he looks good but suffers drug addiction and body dysmorphia. He has too many dumb tattoos, is not earing well, and is not working out. His face still looks good but I can see he has already started tattooing his face. One bad night of drug binging and him walking into a tattoo shop he will probably mess up his own face with tattoos. Sad. He needs an intervention and rehab asap!

  3. Achooo! July 6, 2018

    Wow he look old, tired, threw and delay in that pic. Somebody please save him before he become another Whitney or David Ruffin. Borrow Time!

  4. Jeans July 6, 2018

    Smh. Wow Chris.

  5. madbrax July 6, 2018

    shocker. funny how ya’ll say he’s treated unfairly cause he’s black but completely ignore the fact that he beats women.

  6. Hoodrat July 6, 2018

    Please leave him in prison. He’s such a waste of talent.

    • Chris Breezy July 6, 2018

      He is already out

  7. Umberto Olivo July 6, 2018

    However he has already been released and the tour will keep going on, today’s concert isn’t cancelled.


    lol chris looked pretty young in a more recent video i seen of him last year but maybe that video was photoshoped cuz he looks 10 years older than he really is here and hes been looking like this for 5 years now. get well soon chris THE FALLEN ANGEL 😇😈

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 6, 2018

      Girl check your glasses because that receding hairline in that video tells a different story. Ain’t no makeup for that unless u like MJ and wearing wigs.


    29 going on 40.

    Black don’t crack unless u smoke it. 😂


    Self defense….. Chris can’t defend himself

  11. mr.m July 6, 2018

    It’s always sad to me how BIG this boy could be
    was looking like a good clean talented cute black kid
    he was so mainstream. so young MJ .. so much potential
    turned into a ghetto trash mentally ill old flop … smh
    Graffiti album was his best work. he lost it for me.

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