Gospel Singer Leandria Johnson Goes Off: I’m ‘Tired of this Christianity Bullsh*t’

Published: Saturday 7th Jul 2018 by Rashad

From handing out loose cigarettes in church to cursing on social media and beefing with Matthew Knowles, gospel singer Leandria Johnson has been no stranger to controversy in her short, but storied career.

Now, the Grammy-winner is making headlines again as she has her sights set on the gospel music industry in its entirety, but pointed out Marvin Winans (of the Winans family).  Claiming the gospel legend dissed her and treated her like ‘a peasant,’ Johnson insists the incident is one of many with fellow artists of faith that’s led her to a breakdown.

‘I’m tired of being Leandria Johnson,’ she says.  Find out why inside:

After taking to Twitter with the following:

She followed up with an attack on Marvin Winans:




See the rant in full below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Olusheyi July 7, 2018

    Wow that’s why she was going off. That’s messed up what Marvin did to her

  2. Achooo! July 7, 2018

    The Church is a corrupt business that preys on the weak. Please understand that all religion is man made and the GODS left humanity to die. Just be kind, love yourself and leave a legacy for your children. Religion=Mental illness and the smart become dumb because of Religion. Religion only promotes hate not love to the loss souls (modern humans). Once again, the GODS speaks to no one as they left humanity to die!

    • olusheyi banjo July 7, 2018

      that’s the truth

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 7, 2018

      That is complete nonsense. There are millions of churches,and no one church. Obviously you only know the corrupt churches with weak members. Churches help people develop morals, enhance their relationship with God, provide spiritual counseling, martial counseling, fellowship, friendship, networking, jobs, and charity. If you are too simple minded, negative, or dumb to see the bigger picture then STFU. I think you are the who is mentally ill because you clearly expressed yout paranoia of churches and religion yet fail to grasp the need for the business side of the church.

      • Achooo! July 7, 2018

        Child Bye! It’s nothing worst than a educated fool (Jasmine)! Let me say it one more time as you can’t comprehend. Churches are a CORRUPT business that preys on the WEAK. Please understand that ALL religion is man made and the GODS left humanity to die. Just be kind, love yourself and leave a legacy for your children. Religion=Mental illness and the smart become DUMB because of Religion. Religion only promotes HATE not love to the LOST souls (modern humans). Once again the GODS speaks to no one as they left humanity to die! FACTS! Now sashay away! Jasmine

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 7, 2018

        Achoo nothing is worse than the man who thinks he know everything but know nothing at all. You cannot generalize churches because every church / religion is different. For example most Baptist churches survive off the tithes from its members (likely why you find them to be corrupt). Most catholic and Presbyterian churches survive from their endowments (ie they don’t need tithe money at all to survive. IE less corruption). You are also generalizing and falsely assuming why people become members of churches. You idiotic ally assume people join for the single-minded reason of faith but fail to see people who join to promote their business, find friendship, find a sense of community, network, find dates, counseling, charity, want to become a minister themselves, etc. You need to stay in your lane and gain humility because you come across as a scorn single-minded person who cannot grasp the numerous benefits churches offer. Instead you cannot see past the corruption you assert all churches engage in when that simply is not true. If you think a particular church is corrupt then don’t go but do not attack or name call its members because that ultimately just shows what type of gutter person you truly are and not them.

      • Ethel July 7, 2018

        So true. Some people who go off like this were never

      • Diane Williams July 7, 2018

        Wow this is so very sad to me I am one of her biggest fans But this bad languish and the smoking all the profanity is so unbecoming Even if Pastor Winans walked pass her thats on him he’ll have to answer for that No one should ever belittle themselves because of someone else’s ignorance because he’s not GOD So one minute you give all praises to God for what he brought you through and the next minute you act like people are the gods cant worship 2 masters Hot or cold Sounds a little luke warm to me Straddling the fence But I’ll continue to pray for her she Sounds like she needs it It saddens me that all that God has delivered her from it’s like she slapping him in his Face be careful you may find yourself Back on that ladder but going in the opposite direction .

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 7, 2018

        Yes preach Diane. You explained this situation perfectly. Ladies never let anyone steal your joy because they did not give that to you. The Lord God almighty gave that to you. Same goes for the fellas. Stay prayed up, blessed, and highly favored, and can’t nobody take that joy from you or cause you to act out of character.

      • Pastor D July 8, 2018


      • Edith Parks July 9, 2018

        God said come ye out from among them. Religion was MN ade up by the why s**** master to keep you true Israelites away from your true one and only Elohim this is why you have so much trouble living right. YESHUA is coming back really soon for us true Israelites who He only knew we are Elohim’s true People come back to Him and repent and obey his Ten Commandments, and HIS dietary laws stop eating the pork, and all Shell fish. And lets also start keeping HIS Sabbath Days which is Saturday not Sunday. And He will restore us unto Himself. Yeshuah is very soon to return for His people get ready to return to YESHUA and let’s go home. Our 4000 year captivity is soon up 8-20-19 is it we are going Home Israelite’s. And Elohim said He will see to it that they pay us Great Wealth Silver And Gold, and send us back home.

    • Dionysus July 8, 2018

      SPEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL THEM!!! It’s time to put an end to all that BS Church stuff!!!

    • Wayne July 10, 2018

      This is the dumbest reply I think I’ve seen to date!

  3. SusiQ July 7, 2018


    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 7, 2018

      No one forces you to buy anything. That is why there is traditional gospel and contemporary gospel. If you want less secular influence then listen to traditional instead of contemporary. It truly is just that easy.

      • Latoya July 9, 2018

        The church is a business. 2 many fake ass Christians.The preachers screwing women in the church. Please if I need entertainment I will open a book. It’s almost like a pimp / ho relationship. Lol.

    • JG July 7, 2018

      I totally agree with SusiQ. JESUS IS Lord and true believers follow the bible and govern tbeir lives thereby.

  4. JasmineIsTrash July 7, 2018

    She sounds like ghetto trash….

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 7, 2018

      She has a wonderful voice and did extremely well on the Sunday Best competition. With a name like ‘JasmineIsTrash’ it is clear you need spiritual help. Good luck on your journey dear.

  5. Lana Del fan July 7, 2018

    Can’t wait for religion to die. It’s a bunch of judgmental people who sin more then the people they judge

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 7, 2018

      Religion will never die. Nobody is forcing you to join a religion so get lost!

    • Neo July 8, 2018

      Indeed !!! I said the same thing!!! Religion has caused a great division amongst the brethren. It has also caused so many to miss manifesting the Kingdom from within!!! All of it is man made foolishness used to control the masses it has nothing to do with our divine source or spirituality.

      • Latoya July 9, 2018


      • Jamie February 27, 2019

        The problem is that too many people focus on religion and people. A lot of us get tired of the crap in church but there is bull crap everywhere. It’s not about religion it’s about your relationship with God. Not all churches are the same and there are some that actually help people. Wherever there are people, there will be foolishness because there will always be people who are not saved and/or delivered. Calling people names because you don’t agree is childish but that’s your opinion. I have never been weak but I believe in a living God. I was raised in church, left the church and went back because people are people wherever you go but my relationship with Christ is what keeps me going and I am enjoying life more now than ever. You don’t have to agree with me, it’s okay but stop people watching and focus on God. That’s my opinion.

  6. JOHNVIDAL July 7, 2018

    Pretty much everyone who leaves religion behind instantly opens their minds lol Yay for Science and knowledge!!!

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 7, 2018

      Nope plenty of “religious” people are vastly more intelligent than non believers. There is no one type od being religious, no one type of church, and no one type of religion.

    • Barney Wheoki July 7, 2018

      If u ar tired of christianity dont blame it on God but yourself . Godpel music is the best music for the world it touches innermost part of the soul bring about an awareness in our lives . Itz so up lifting and if u think like that leandrea johnson then the lord has no place for people like u .Your choice Heaven or hell . U need power of forgiveness in your life or otherwise satan will eat u up.

      • Latoya July 9, 2018

        Loving the Lord doesn’t have a damn thing 2 do with giving my money away.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 8, 2018

      I don´t have to blame anyone for being an atheist. Grow up. I´m happier than most people. I have NEVER been into any religion. I am all for people finding solace in something. For many it is religion. Cool, as long as they don´t hurt others in the proccess. But whether you like it or not, religion normally collides with science and reality. It is what it is.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 8, 2018

        JohnVifal Girl bye. You tried to condemn Christians for having faith in your comment above and now you’Re trying to backpedal. I remember when u use to claim u were on this site only for the music. U are a liar and a weak individual who can’t even form a solid opinion without backpedaling.

  7. Gharris July 7, 2018

    He exposed her true Identity she mad because he walked by u and didnt acknowledge you? If you know who you are then you dont need validation from anyone!!! and to rant on social media about it only put light on you and yes you were tired of being fake you could only hide behind your voice for so long…..

  8. MWard01 July 7, 2018

    Sit down. Everything that is going on in your life is your business. The world does not need to know all of your business. What ever you do , do it for your Heavenly Father. Any other reason outside of that does not matter.

    • S.Brown July 9, 2018

      Girl get it together, starting with you first. do not tell all your business on social media to be relevant you are relevant but you look real off. Everybody does not have your best interest at heart. Sometimes saying NOTHING means more and carries more weight than your tyrants on line an in church. If you want respect then don’t do wild tyrants. Why do you want to be on any level with anyone? Get you together before you search out a team. Your fan.

  9. Robert July 7, 2018

    She is part of the reason there is so much hate and self hate.

  10. JEAN July 7, 2018


  11. eric July 7, 2018

    People want to do what they want to do and not be held accountable in the end, so they allow some bad experiences or examples speak for Christianity as a whole and dismiss the practice of following Christ. If you can still celebrate black culture in spite of many black people doing wrong and misrepresenting our culture every day, than you can still be a Christian and celebrate Christ our Savior even though some Christians do wrong. Don’t let that be an excuse for you to go your own way and dismiss the importance of the Church.

  12. Jonna Allen July 7, 2018

    Ok…I kmow that Leandria is upset about Marvin Winans acting snobbish..but good gracious!! The profanity is horrible sister! That type of filthy language TOTALLY make u sound like a sinner! Ok..he brushed you off…yes that was cold and rude…and he is wrong for that. But to curse at him about it is much worse and that is going way too far! I have seen and experienced much worse treatment myself from saints I have known for years..and I never cursed at them. Oh I have used words like “Stuck up..two- faced.carnal..inmature or hypocritical..but I never used filthy language! Just read James chapter 3 about the tongue. Now just go ahead and ask God to give u the strength to forgive Marvin..that would be a more spiritually mature thing to do than to curse about it . Jesus hears every word we speak and it’s all recorded sister. So if u can boldly do evil and curse.let’s turn that around and boldly forgive Marvin. .in public! You should also apologize for that language cause sinners and baby christians are watching..and you sure don’t want somebody to refuse Jesus based on profanity being used by a gospel singing saint.

    • SC July 8, 2018

      Let’s come together and love one another if you Believe….no one has a Heaven or Hell each other. Just show Love not Hate and pray for each other, forgive those who has done and/or said something offensive.

    • Latoya July 9, 2018

      So she’s cursing . It’s the same sin as putting the pastors d*** in yo mouth. Not u per say.

  13. SNF July 7, 2018

    I feel for her & Wish her the best. Church folk are no different from any other “folk”…

  14. DanYiel Iman July 7, 2018

    I stand with LeAndria Johnson because a lot of Christians hate the homosexual or lesbian spirit but a murderer gets into the pearly gates?!!??‍♂️

    • Tanika July 8, 2018

      I agree with her regarding some of the sa ints.Im in ministry and the church world is no different than the secular world.Hustlers,pimps, playas…they charge you for prayer conferences,oil,handkerchiefs to keep their lifestyle up and their bills paid.I know sum fat sisters rite now in Matteson I spoke to them and they ba rely spoke…yea I said it…I will never visit or support ever!!! I’m not in my feelings it’s truth

  15. Gideon July 7, 2018

    Leandria is the greatest gospel singer of all times!!

    • Tanika July 8, 2018

      Yes she is!!!

    • Jannette Thompson July 8, 2018

      Yes the Girl is a BEAST when it comes to Gospel singing

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 8, 2018

      Tamela Mann has a better voice.

      • Latoya July 9, 2018

        I do love some Tamela

  16. Thaddeus July 7, 2018

    I see no wrong in what she said or how she said it! Unfortunately church has become more about the business of making money and less about the people in it. Everybody knows the church is full of fakes and phonies! Just ask sister Donnie!

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 7, 2018

      There is no one,church dear. Proud Presbyterian here! I know u ain’t saying her church is the only church cause there are millions of churches! Open you mind and stop generalizing!

    • Tanika July 8, 2018

      I totally agree.she just keeping it real profanity or not.The church can’t handle realness.Ive been saved for 20 years..I always walked alone.NEVA been in the clicks in the church or trying to run with the stars the great Evangelist n the so called. power packed intercessors who can or think they can pray you out of hell,want an offering but can’t speak..Baby bye

  17. Gregory E Holland July 7, 2018

    She is midding spmething m thr Holy Ghosy. Prriod

  18. Ksherell A. July 7, 2018

    I loved this article and referenced it on my youtube video, also linking others to your site. Her career is not over yet!

  19. Gregory E Holland July 7, 2018

    She doesn’t have any power. Holy Ghost power like alot of gospel artist.Talent but no anointing.Prriod

  20. Brandon July 7, 2018

    Thank you Leandria for showing your ignorance to the world and making it hard for those of us who are true to this. There is a way to do things but since you will not let the Spirit be president these mistakes are made.

    • Pastor OG July 8, 2018

      Everyone is so focused on the few profane words she used to. But we need to look deeper at her comments I understand there is another dynamic at play here. Some say she doesn’t have Holy Ghost power. some say she’s ghetto or even called her trash. I see so very judge mental remarks by very self-righteous Christians who seem to think they get it right 100% of the time. Whatever not seeing from these people is compassion and love. This sister is deeply wounded but none of you deep spiritual Christians would dare to even consider that. Her pain is much deeper than some famous gospel artists ignoring her. This is something that has been bothering her for a very long time and is finally coming to the surface. This woman has experienced some very negative situations in the church. As a pastor this makes me look at what I can possibly do to minimize this kind of pain on the members of my church. When I see Leandrea Johnson behaving in this way, I ask myself what did we do to cause this. How is the church complicit in her struggles. I suspect there are many more Christians that feel the way she does. As a church we have failed in and we need to do much better.

      • Bougie Closet July 8, 2018


      • Kikay Exum July 9, 2018


    • Latoya July 9, 2018


  21. Sonja July 7, 2018

    She has probably seen so much the girl is tired just pray

  22. Ty July 7, 2018

    Give it a break TGJ. CHRISTIANY IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE JUST BECAUSE IT DISAGREES WITH OUR LIFE. Its the people thats the problem! Faith is key!!!!

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 7, 2018

      I think gays should form their own version of Christianity. It is very old testament to say a man can’t be with another man or a woman can’t be with a other woman. Using that old fashioned logic the whole purpose of hooking up is procreation so in my opinion if two gay men or two gay women find love and marriage kids will come (ie procreation is fulfilled). Whether you believe in the old testament or only the new testament the answer is LOVE! Love God, Love your family, love thy neighbor, and stay blessed and annointed. Never waiver in faith and if you do find fellowship and rely on faith to carry you through. God is listening, God answers, God loves, and God grants blessings.

      • Casual July 8, 2018

        There are many other great belief systems than Christianity.

  23. Professional July 7, 2018

    Depression= Anger, Hurt and resentment all these are things she is and has experienced. Im praying for her mental health she needs to see a counselor. She has experienced so much and lashing out, drinking and now smoking seems to be her coping mechanism. I am yet praying the God will direct her to a professional to help her learn healthy coping skills.

  24. HolyGhost July 8, 2018

    I’m surprised that the Gospel industry didn’t blackball her a long time ago. This chick has a history of fuckery. Maybe now Churches will finally stop booking this disrespectful harlot. She has no desire to change or be Godly. LeAndria wants to do what LeAndria wants to do, and does so unapologetically.

  25. Shika July 8, 2018

    She mad because he pass by her… and didn’t speak!!!! Child please there’s a lot of people that will pass by you… and don’t speak… Thank God we know who we are in Christ!!! Nobody will steal my joy… because you pass by and didn’t acknowledge me!!! Moving On!!!

  26. Patrick pride July 8, 2018

    I thought she was on ” that level” I truly see her hurt.

  27. Kisha July 8, 2018

    I absolutely love Le’Andria Johnson because she is human, real and transparent. Everybody worrying about her smoking and cussing and her being Saved and ya’ll think that she is faking the font. Man, bye. Leave her alone, because I guarantee that if you guys were in her shoes you probably would of done the same thing, and trust me it’s more than Pastor Marvin being snobbish to her of why she’s mad. It’s a numerous of things that she maybe not be speaking on. She is not petty to be doing all this because someone mistreated her in one incident. It’s more to it, but yall getting mad because she’s being REAL, what many people are afraid to do. I say Kudos to you Le’Andria, you still my girl, one of my favorite Gospel artists, and this does not take away from God’s Anointing. You are still ANOINTED. Man didn’t give you that Anointing, God did. I support you no matter what and I still love you.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 8, 2018

      She is ghetto. Everyone is not ghetto so they react differently.

  28. Jennifer Long July 8, 2018

    LORD help us all to see our own faults,misgivings,instead of poking @ out sisters & brothers!!,with all the baggage of highly lifted up spirits,looking down @ others!! while all the time having all kind of demons in their own closet which can be hid for so long,as Eddie long found Out!!

  29. Sylvia Clabon July 8, 2018

    My heart goes out to her. Praying for some of these gospel greats, who place themselves above others…we don’t know what happened, but for this woman to become so upset is troubling. I pray she realizes, Greater is He who rules the world, than he who is of the world…..I’m not passing judgement, but just maybe it needed to be said.

  30. Karen Simon July 8, 2018

    Just a work in progress. I don’t know any one Christian who has not had a setback that makes them feel like giving up. We may not express it in the same words or way or words, but if we are honest with ourselves, sometimes the going gets ruff. Thank God, He’s a forgiving, graceful, and merciful God or we would all be doomed to hell. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

  31. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ July 8, 2018

    Christianity is fake and Mary was just some loose thot having s** before marriage that didn’t wanna Get stoned to death for getting jizzed in by a random guy. It is what it is

  32. SHINE July 8, 2018


  33. Joanne Williamson July 8, 2018

    She is full of anger. She had a terrible witness.

  34. Bougie Closet July 8, 2018

    You’re my sister and I love you I can care less because you are right I’ve been hurt in the church more than anywhere you’re my girl speak your mind because they lie and hide talking about the church folks I’ll be glad when Jesus comes back and expose all of them

  35. Darlene July 8, 2018

    Everybody round here telling us what we can and cannot do? Time out women are no longer content with sitting at the feet of men selling their souls just to belong.

  36. Gayle Carter July 8, 2018


  37. CHARLENE Burns July 8, 2018


  38. Leo a July 8, 2018

    The thing is it’s not Christianity, it’s people! I wish people would think before they get exasperated at certain things! Like for example, guess what not everyone in church is going to heaven and didn’t even Jesus tell us that even some of those who prophecy and cast out demons will hear depart from me! Church is a hospital full of sick people, when people are well they go back out to find more sick so they can be made well. Don’t get me wrong some docs in there should be sued for malpractice but the wheat and the taree grow together! Focus on Jesus and his word. As long as that’s not what she’s angry with or disputing sack the rest. Just me. ?
    Mate! I love you girl but him walking past you was that really cause for you to make yourself look totally unstable, Rachet even? Well you know what I hope his lack of attention was worth it! I really do. Cause people walk past me all the time and I’m a good person but I ain’t never gonna make myself look like an idiot because they passed me! A person who knows who they are and are stable don’t need to post that mess. Babes your hurting, it’s okay. Yes be real, but be sober at the same time! MAte!

  39. Catrina July 8, 2018

    Le’andria is human she not a super hero only thing different is she’s a gospel singer and a pastor. Pastor go through a lot where us as society hold them up to higher standards as if they don’t have to get up and fight the same battle as we all do, I know that I would rather be judge by God and not my peers cause some of the religious people kill me. I’m not saying it’s right I’m just saying everybody goes through something,my I just understand how she feels and coming from!

  40. Meka Smith July 8, 2018

    Well she gotta be bothered!!! She don’t have to preach for God or sing. The world will still turn around and she will be a unknown to the world in another month or two. The awesome thing about this is that God knew her before she cussed everyone out anyway. Nothing catch him by surprise.


  41. Kikay Exum July 9, 2018


  42. Tina July 9, 2018

    Maybe he DIDN’T….know you! Honey you need to worry about your salvation instead of people knowing you. I love gospel music and I don’t know the faces of all the artist I listen to. I have more gospel music in my phone than any other type of music but I don’t concentrate on the individual singing the song. It’s the message of the song that grabs me. Have a seat.

    • S.Brown July 9, 2018

      This comment makes more sense than any comment I have read thus far!!! This chick thinks she should be recognized by Mr. Winan?.. she is, only as a drunk, angry christian woman lol. Have several seats Leondria you are losing so much respect from the community and yourself it sounds to me. I followed you no more. Good luck an be blessed.

  43. Concerned citizen July 9, 2018

    We became Slaves and Christian’s at the same time…at the end of the same whip.

  44. Cie July 9, 2018

    Leandria is a disgrace! She needs to go somewhere and get clean and sober and quit blaming others for her own mess

    • Kisha July 9, 2018

      @Cie I will make sure I pray for you and your perfect personality in Jesus name, Amen

    • S.Brown July 9, 2018

      Right!! That what her rant sounds like a drunken rant.

  45. Rene July 9, 2018

    Le’Andria Johnson… HALLELUYAH and praise Yahweh Elohim!!! Yes ma’am the scales are indeed falling off your eyes!!! CHRISTIANITY IS A LIE!! Away to keep the so called black person in mental slavery…..Wake up to the truth…..We are Judah…. We are the chosen….Deut 28 explains it all

  46. Liz July 9, 2018

    Leandria, you need to get SAVED!!!

  47. Patricia July 9, 2018

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3acBig52wvM Enmity
    Hostility; hatred.
    And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: and I will put ENMITY between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. The book was Never about Re-Legion, But a War between the female “Her” Seed/Fruit/Son(S) Genesis 1, 1:11 and 1:27 and the Serpent Genesis 1:25, 2:7, 3:1 and his seed/offspring Genesis 2:22 Eve-L. ?

  48. No Longer a fan July 9, 2018

    Churches are hospitals for sinners. It’s childish to expect church folk to be perfect and there’s too much drama in this video for something so trivial as Marvin W. not speaking. Grow up and get into rehab.

  49. Delores July 9, 2018

    Sometimes you don’t need to vent your frustration on Facebook.

  50. Gerald July 10, 2018

    Lee you can’t serve two masters pick 1

  51. James July 10, 2018


  52. Yvette July 10, 2018

    Be on God’s level, make a change to live God’s way not man. Vent to God and not social media. Be delivered. Praying for you.

  53. Laquanda July 10, 2018

    When you are on a public platform that reaches millions, nationally and internationally, then your life is on display. You must be mindful of the people who respect, honor, and see you for long distance mentorship. That being said, when you are hurt and it is displayed in a rant on a platform such as social media, then lives will be changed but not for the better but for the worse. The bible speaks of it this way… “It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” (Luke 17:1-2). Through her pain, she has offended many and perhaps only by the one who pained her so deeply. In her humanity and sea of pain and disappointment, she has disturbed the Christian/Gospel world. I pray that she will find the love of God in the midst of her pain, and allow the Holy Spirit to heal her hurt and forgive.

  54. Henry Broadnax July 11, 2018

    These illiterate Christians. Heru is mad because the tamhu to his identity and called him Jesus.

  55. Ann wright July 11, 2018

    Black people have been brainwashed by religion for too long. The bible was written by several white men through the years. Our oppressors used religion as a way to control the slaves. For 246 years Africans were slaves. They were hung, beat, sold, r****, etc. These slaves called on Jesus and God. He never came then and he’s not coming now. Scientists and archaeologists have found people before Christ. Tell me why they haven’t found Jesus, Mary, Paul, John, Joseph, etc. Wake up people you and your oppressors can’t serve the same God. Have you compare the slaves owner verses the slaves and ask yourself why were your ancestors enslaved, but your master wasn’t and you served the same God. This is the white man b******* religious, not ours.

  56. Ann wright July 11, 2018

    Black people have been brainwashed by religion for too long. The bible was written by lmany white men through the years. Our oppressors used religion as a way to control the slaves. For 246 years Africans were slaves. They were hung, beat, sold, r****, etc. These slaves called on Jesus and God. He never came then and he’s not coming now. Scientists and archaeologists have found people before Christ. Tell me why they haven’t found Jesus, Mary, Paul, John, Joseph, etc., because rhety never existed. Wake up people you and your oppressors can’t serve the same God. Have you compared the s**** owners verses the slaves and ask yourself why were your ancestors enslaved, but white people wasn’t, and you served the same Go?This is the white man b******* religious, not yours.

  57. Ann wright July 11, 2018

    Black people have been brainwashed by religion for too long. The bible was written by lmany white men through the years. Our oppressors used religion as a way to control the slaves. For 246 years Africans were slaves. They were hung, beat, sold, r****, etc. These slaves called on Jesus and God. He never came then and he’s not coming now. Scientists and archaeologists have found people before Christ. Tell me why they haven’t found Jesus, Mary, Paul, John, Joseph, etc., because rhety never existed. Wake up people you and your oppressors can’t serve the same God. Have you compared the s**** owners verses the slaves and ask yourself why were your ancestors enslaved, but white people wasn’t, and you served the same God ? This is the white man b******* religious, not yours.

    • Wil July 11, 2018

      Exactly ?

  58. Wil July 11, 2018

    Well said I’m with you ??, I was in ministry bondage for 30 years and realize the control you’re talking about. Never again will I Tangled in that mess again..Thank you much love..

  59. Rhaun Klark July 11, 2018

    Thank You!

  60. Daisy February 25, 2019

    No matter what she is still a soul and I completely know how she feels church hurt is the worst hurt no one has room to judge for such we’re some of us it behooves us to look up and not look at people at the end of the day we all need a savior we can’t depend on the church to guide us because the church is ran by human beings that’s why the church should be in you. I still love her and I still support her and whoever has wronged her is going to have to give an account for it but is no need to make excuses and want to run away from the church everything has a gimmick in a reason that’s no reason to give up on God

  61. Carrie Diggins March 29, 2019

    I am praying for my Sister in Christ apparently she is hurting really bad and need the prayers of the righteous to intervene on her behalf. Jesus can heal all wounds, she’s just not angry with the Church she is angry with God! Only God can fix it ! you cannot run away from what God has anointed you to do ! you can try but nothing you do in your disobedient state will prosper! Jonah tried to runaway from his calling. Didn’t work and neither will it work for her! I’m going to continue to pray for her recovery and her return to use her gifts for the Glory of God! all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God! But He is a forgiver!

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