Justin Timberlake Returns To The Studio After Chart Comeback Tanks

Published: Monday 2nd Jul 2018 by Sam

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” 

These are words Justin Timberlake seems to be drawing near to.

For, just months after releasing album ‘Man Of The Woods,’ the singer is back in the lab in the Bahamas.

Details below…

Via IG, JT shared a snap of himself in the studio with longtime collaborator and seasoned hitmaker James Fauntleroy and Nineteen 85 (frequent Drake producer):

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Last week’s Bahamas Sessions.

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It’s a smart move for Timberlake, if you ask us.

‘Man Of The Woods’ – as an album and an era – bombed and is only being rescued by a tour that sold on the LP’s pre-release buzz.

Additionally, while we detest the ageism that pervades pop culture, it’s a very real reality for many of the TRL-era titans. As such, at 37, JT arguably doesn’t have the luxury of taking years between releases as he has done in times of past. Especially after a flop.

From where we’re standing though, it’s more than just the music that’s his issue.

Per the Super Bowl backlash, everyone woke up and smelt the BS surrounding his sins against Janet Jackson; then the’s the swift diversion away from Urban with ‘Woods’ – which many are now saying makes him (in hindsight) look like a culture vulture.

And, perhaps most glaring, is that in a male landscape dominated by high-octane performers like Bruno Mars and Tumblr-cool cats such as Drake, “Justin Timberlake” can’t really compete at either level. Plus what he does serve up doesn’t compensate to an adequate level either.

Put simply, there’s work to be done, but where does one even begin? Drop down below and let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. ??? July 2, 2018

    lmfaooo sorry, who?

  2. Jay July 2, 2018

    First and foremost he needs to ditch Timberland. His first 2 albums were great bodies of work but the last two sounded dated. Working with new producers to create a fresh new sound is what’s needed.

    • Carlitos July 3, 2018

      FYI: Timbaland barely produced on this album (2-3 tracks). It was mostly Pharrell/The Neptunes this go round. Maybe Timbaland should’ve produced it entirely. I’d rather listen to another 20/20-like album than MOTW.

  3. Ka July 2, 2018

    Seeing janet getting her respect back know to trusty urban music….Timberland sorry for wast your time.

  4. Section8DaGreat July 2, 2018

    Everybody was hating on him for no reason. That last album was FIRE! Any-who this generation wouldn’t know good music if it smacked them in the face.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 2, 2018

      Shut up Suicide Trash! Real men don’t hide behind fake troll accounts like some little scared sissy. You let little old me chase ur ugly racist ass off this site and now u trying come back on but u think hiding behind fake accounts means I won’t be on ur ass. U thought wrong racist b|tch.

  5. Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 2, 2018

    Go away Justina. Nobody is checking for ur man of the closet or new culture vulture projects. Look at his ugly ass using black producers and writers again. Them producers are only there for the money and I hope they give him garbage tracks. Bruno Mars got his spot and he ain’t giving it back. Keep seething and flopping Justina.

  6. Lol July 2, 2018

    So if this bombed then what about everything is love? Justin sold almost 300k the first week and the carters didn’t even do half that. Since u wanna talk about somebody flopping but nicki ain’t doing too hot right now. Get off Justin’s nuts.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 2, 2018

      No comparison. Justina FLOPED worse. Justina Trashlake’s album was heavily promoted (4 singles / 3 music videos) plus the Super Bowl all took place b4 it’s release. Jigga and Bey’s album had NO promo and no music video b4 the album. It was a surprise release with onlybone video released the same day the album dropped as a Tidal only exclusive. No physical copy or other streaming platforms had the album unlike Justina’s album which was available everywhere! Compare Justina’s album to Bruno’s and u clearly see Justina is the biggest FLOP of the year!!!!!

    • iamdiego July 3, 2018

      he’s barely scanned gold 6 months later after vigorous promo + a tour. thats a flop sis. stop comparing.


    is MAN KICKED OUT THE WOODS really out of the BB 200 ALREADY? and did XTINA really only sell 5k 2nd wk?

    • Caleb July 2, 2018

      I mean it was on there for almost half a year wasn’t it? (Not Xtina obviously)

  8. Luke July 2, 2018

    Wow this completely biased editorial has really put me off that grape juice. I’m so disappointed at such a crass piece of online journalism. It comes across as a catty school playground chat that serious ‘music journalism’

    I’m a huge Janet fan. See any of my previous comments but there’s being a fan, and there’s being shortsighted. This was such a derogatory and biased article to the point that it loses all credibility. Rule 101 for journalism. Take note.
    Saying Justin can not compete with Bruno et al is subjective. Not a fact. So don’t present it as such.
    Saying Justin is a couture culture because of he steered away from an urban sound is so shortsighted. Artists try new sounds all the time. It’s called evolving, expanding a sound, trying different things. If you eat the same food every day you’d soon get bored of it. Janet has made every genre of music there is other than heavy metal.
    And stop with the blaming of Justin for the Super Bowl incident. It was Janet’s people and ultimately Janet herself that orchestrated the stunt. She would have asked Justin if he would go along with it. So she had to take responsibility for her own creative for that performance. The reaction to it was dispicable. And yes racism pervaded in terms of radio blacklisting her. Justin could have handled things way better and been a man about it too. BUT let’s not forget. This was Janet’s performance. Her idea. Her creative. Why should he take an equal fall for it.

    • eric July 2, 2018

      “Why should Justin take an equal fall for it?” It’s not about him taking a fall. It’s about him not taking a STAND and choosing instead to benefit from completely turning his back on Janet in her time of need and then thinking it’s okay to come back and sing over her dead brother’s music like the appropriator he proves himself to be time and time again. He uses black artists and musicians for his own gain and without an ounce of sincerity. You cannot listen to “Supplies” and call that a natural evolution. Justin is playing whatever role he can to gain favor. The spell has been broken and people are waking up.

      • eric July 2, 2018

        In his televised interviews after the Superbowl, Justin casually said he didn’t know what happened. In 2018 he now says he was fumbling his way through the performance and made a mistake. He says he apologized privately, but that didn’t help Janet in the public where she needed it. The tables have turned and it’s a long time coming.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 2, 2018

      Luke STFU with your LIES! Janet and Justina rehearsed that performance together. It was their performance and it was during the performance of his song that it happened. Here is real proof from the Queen herself that they were both in on it but it certainly was an accident. Hence, wardrobe malfunction. Oprah asked Janet directly if Justin hung her out to dry and the Queen answered Oprah’s question. Justin is not to be trusted.:


      • Luke July 4, 2018

        It was Janet’s Super Bowl. She was in charge of the performance. She had an ornate nipple ring as she knew it was going to be exposed. Ps do you normally swear at people within a regular discussion. It is a sign of lower intelligence and emotional immaturity. Your arguments will carry more weight without them.

  9. tru.teeetelller July 2, 2018

    look mayte black twitter r controlling whats hot right now…hes done culture vulture time is done he should go away ffs so desperate he is annoying idiot

  10. Hive July 2, 2018

    Nasty boys, don’t mean a thing, huh
    Oh you nasty boys
    Nasty boys, don’t ever change, huh
    Oh you nasty boys

  11. Keith July 2, 2018

    Although I dont wish to hear another record from Justin, perhaps refreshing the creative all around – sonically and visually – might restart things. OR he could just stick with acting. While its still too early to sayif Bruno has PERMANENTLY taken his spot, there does seem to be some truth that the streaming (young) urban audience didnt really take to “Man of the Woods”. He may, in fact, have lost them….

  12. Tellingthetruth July 2, 2018

    Hes a Trump supporter!!!! F*** him

    • Caleb July 2, 2018

      Are you sure? I’m not a fan at all but I’m also certain there’s no evidence of this is there?

    • Shontaka Laquita jackson July 3, 2018

      Fuc you too. Your a Barack Hussein sympathizer

  13. Arlene July 2, 2018

    JT could walk into a room and breathe and I’d buy a ticket.

  14. audreyherbsburn July 2, 2018

    i don’t want white drake, if that’s where he thinks he’s gonna go

    • iamdiego July 3, 2018

      drake is the white drake what are you saying? lol

  15. DanYiel Iman July 2, 2018

    I mean if that’s his idea..

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