Mariah Carey Kicks Off ‘The Butterfly Returns’ Las Vegas Residency – And Sounds Sensational

Published: Friday 6th Jul 2018 by Sam

Mariah Carey is back and sounding better than she has in a long while!

The superstar chanteuse kicked off her eagerly anticipated Las Vegas show ‘The Butterfly Returns’ last night at The Colosseum, Caesars Palace and was in fine form.

A musical and visual extravaganza, the residency serves as Mimi’s second on the iconic Strip following a two-year run with ‘#1 To Infinity’ at Caesars Palace.

This series is perhaps most notable for being her first live show since parting ways with her former management regime, signing with Roc Nation, and battling back to better health – mentally, physically, and vocally.

Based on pics and clips from the evening, attendees are in for a treat from the singer, who belted out classics such as ‘We Belong Together’ and ‘Emotions,’ as well as fan-favorites like 91’s ‘Can’t Let Go.’

What are you waiting for? Check out the new-new from Mariah after the jump…

‘The Butterfly Returns’ Setlist

Fly Away
Shake It Off
Make It Happen
Always Be My Baby
Vision of Love
I’ll Be There
One Sweet Day
Can’t Let Go
Can’t Take That Away
My All
It’s Like That
Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
Touch My Body
We Belong Together

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  1. Yup July 6, 2018

    Yassss MiMi!!! ?

  2. King July 6, 2018

    “Can’t let go” is from her 2nd Album Emotions. Which came out in 1991.

  3. Boytoy1814 July 6, 2018

    ‘Can’t Let Go’ is from “Emotions” album. Not “Rainbows”. Lol

  4. Dezo45 July 6, 2018

    OMG Can’t Let Go was Soo Good ??

  5. MJ July 6, 2018

    Cant Let Go is from the Emotions album and not from Rainbow. The setlist ends with Hero and Butterfly Outro.

  6. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ July 6, 2018

    Inc not really feeling the set list I wish she added in some other gems. I love all these songs but she has so many better ones

  7. China July 6, 2018

    Girl, she sounds incredible, looks incredible but the Set-list — she promised B sides and/or rare songs — and we get THE SAME DAMN SETLIST as usual. Girl, i’m gonna pass – on this “samebullshit”. But love the looks honey

  8. Hoodrat July 6, 2018

    I can tell she cares more, but it was still rough.

    • pat July 6, 2018

      agreed….the background singers sound grea! but she’s still strugglin with mid belts and lipping high notes…..looks good tho

  9. Tori July 6, 2018

    Mariah voice has aged pretty well, with a lil flare and rasp to it now. Is she insecure about her voice not being the same as 20, 30 years ago? She still sounds incredible! BUT the setlist, outfits and set itself NEEDS TO GO. Mariah needs a new stage manager, stage director, production manager, creative director and choreographer all from the 21 century because this ain’t it anymore! This is not 2006.

  10. DoveLove July 6, 2018

    She no longer has that beautiful bird-like voice. It sounds very hard, strained and tired now. Her notes sound very forced and not effortless like they used to. I guess that’s what hard living will do to ya…

  11. olusheyi banjo July 6, 2018

    She looks and sounds fantastic. Welcome Back Mariah

  12. IG @ mixedboy July 6, 2018

    Sounding good Mariah. Can’t wait until your Saturday show in Vegas. ❤️

  13. Meme July 6, 2018

    Wow she looks amazing.

  14. Teflon Boy July 6, 2018

    Mariah looks and sounds great. Of course her voice is a little weathered but when she treats it well; steaming, voice care etc. she sounds stellar. Bring on the new era!

  15. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 6, 2018

    Needs to RETIRE.

    • @Kurtz July 6, 2018

      You need to stop eating! Maybe lend Mariah’s gastric band

  16. China July 6, 2018

    Girl, stop playing with these same corny songs: Faded? I Wish You Well? Fly Like a Bird. All Alone in Love? Migrate? something new? fresh

  17. Arthus Nico July 6, 2018

    Can’t believe Hero is not part of the track list

    I think Butterfly and the roof are missing too

  18. Bravo!! July 6, 2018

    I have been around since the beginning when Mariah Carey arrive on the Scene. But I can tell there to much focus for Mariah to be still and try to get those notes out. It was ok. Mariah Carey voice should be better and stronger than the young Mariah. Her body & hair look good though.

  19. JOHNVIDAL July 6, 2018

    Wow I LOVE that third outfit in the pic. Reminds me so much of the Glitter era. Especially the hair.

  20. TheTruth July 6, 2018

    What would be very nice is a show that would be raw, stripped, pretty much a spotlight and the band. Sometimes just an acoustic guitar or the piano. It doesn’t have to be the full residency but just a couple concerts to show people what she got in her.
    Then transition to your Mimi diva extravaganza for the rest of your residency.

  21. StarXavi July 6, 2018

    She looks and sounds wonderful…the only issue I have is this is The Butterfly Returns show….and the song Butterfly is not on the set list.

    • taustin13 July 6, 2018

      Mariah sung it at the end as her outro. She sang it after hero.

  22. MusicLovah July 6, 2018

    I am never one to comment on fashion, that is not an immediate standout to me, but those right there…i cant find the words to articulate at the moment

  23. J. Antoinne July 7, 2018

    Wayment. How can this be called “The Butterfly Returns” and the setlist NOT have the song “Butterfly”?

    I need more b-sides. Underneath the Stars, Looking In, Close My Eyes, Petals…come on Mariah.

    • Arthus & Nico July 7, 2018

      Oh right Petals !

  24. Jonny5 July 7, 2018

    SLAY MEEEEE!!! That Emotions performance I am shooketh

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