Christina Aguilera Thrills In Vegas With ‘Fall In Line,’ ‘Fighter,’ ‘Dirrty’ & More [Video]

Published: Sunday 28th Oct 2018 by Sam

Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Liberation Tour’ cruised into The Colosseum Las Vegas this weekend and proved to be a must-see spectacle.

Shaking off vocal strain that forced the postponement of a number of preceding shows, Xtina was in fine form as she performed songs such as ‘Fall In Line’ from the ‘Liberation’ album such as classic smashes like ‘Dirrty, ‘Fighter,’ and ‘Beautiful.’

Watch the 38-year-old in action below…

After such a lengthy hiatus, it’s great to see Ms. Aguilera back, touring, soaring and soldiering through momentary set-backs.

Fingers crossed she keeps the same energy and maintains the momentum.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Theelusive1 on IG October 28, 2018

    2:21 of beautiful:( what happen?? She is bold about claiming she’s a great vocalist. This was bad.

    • Fancy BISH October 29, 2018

      Exactly! ✅ This was a mess! And that Dirrty performance is giving me Vegas Elvis teas

      • No name October 29, 2018

        She’s the greatest vocalist of her generation stay pressed

      • Fancy BISH October 29, 2018

        @No name, You must be crazy lol

    • Richard 86 November 3, 2018

      Don’t judge if you did not attend any of her shows. I was at the Chicago theatre and she did not miss a note, just absolutely amazing LIVE vocals while battling bronchitis. I’d suggest you go look at other footages from her tour before commenting……..

  2. Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by trash demon FAKE JasMAN da gay TRaShMAN BEGGING to Eat Her Box and Impersonating Her Every Day October 28, 2018

    What is she eating? Britney would never go on stage that big. Xtina love your voice girl but I’m not buying tickets to see you waddle around on stage like somebody’s grandma. If u gonna be a big girl then show off ur figure proudly and dance girl. No more tent dresses

    • Truthtea October 29, 2018

      Xtina wouldn’t dare go on stage and half ass a performance like Britney does so there’s that…. all Britney does is pace around and wave her arms in the air. At least when Xtina performs, she does so with emotion, compassion, and conviction!

      • Rasputia Lattimore is ANNOYED of trash demon FAKE JasMAN da GAY TRASHmane BEGGING to Eat Her Box & Impersonating Her & talking to her EVERY DAMN DAY October 29, 2018

        Anybody (including Britney) could go on stage and act like a WWE announcer. If you call what Christina does singing then you are tone deaf. That is not singing. It sounds like a wrestling announcer or circus announcer shouting.

    • DanYiel Iman October 29, 2018

      In other words Britney Spears is a lip singing artist compared to Christina Aguilera whose a vocal performer!! ?

    • mr.m October 29, 2018

      AND Xtina would NEVER play her 1999 CD version of “genie in a bottle” and lip-sync 20 years later… lol I’d rather see her fatter than watch her lip her songs and walk like a robot pretending that shes dancing… pathetic.

      • @Nate October 29, 2018

        Britney is too busy being dragged for the wack vegas announcement to be concerned with Christina, and Christina is doing her thing.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 29, 2018

      @Rasputia.. – hahaha

  3. Ocean October 29, 2018

    She sounds awful

    • No name October 29, 2018

      Stay pressed she’s a queen

  4. Seth October 29, 2018

    Saw her in Chicago a few weeks ago (after she cancelled Detroit for laringhitis) and she sounded incredible and put on a great show. The most under appreciated pop star of all. And to those that say she’s rude to her fans she came across as quite warm and genuine when speaking to the audience

    • Rasputia Lattimore is ANNOYED of trash demon FAKE JasMAN aka TRASHmane BEGGING to Eat Her Box and Impersonating her EVERY DAMN DAY October 29, 2018

      How she look though? A mess.

      • No name October 30, 2018

        Not like you I’m sure!
        Stay pressed

      • Richard 86 November 1, 2018

        Sit your basic food stamp whoring ass down. You don’t know s*** but running your s*** trap on the internet. It’s ok if you cannot afford a ticket to her concert, we’ll understand…..

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