Brandy Previews New Music

Published: Monday 3rd Dec 2018 by Sam

Brandy has been earning praise aplenty for her role as Cassie on FOX hit ‘STAR,’ but make no mistake – she has music on the mind.

The Grammy winning songstress has been in the lab baking the follow-up to ‘Two Eleven’ – which arrived over six years ago.

B-Rocka, who many dub The Vocal Bible, has been racking up ample studio time with hitmaker DJ Camper. 

And moments ago, the pair took to social media to share a morsel of the material they’ve been working on.

Take a listen below…

Brandy’s harmonies are as rich as ever.

We’re loving what we’re hearing so far. Fingers crossed the long-awaited project arrives imminently.

Your thoughts?

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  1. DeanD December 3, 2018

    Fire! Bring on the album!

    • Yesmame December 3, 2018

      Yes she is about Quality, which is better than most these new age quick jiffy mix singers! She is respected by Ariana, Beyonce, Kelly, Solonge and the list goes on and on so when she drops music its about the sound not sales. She isnt worried about the money or charts so this will probably why takes her time..

  2. truthteller December 3, 2018

    Waiting for the comments from her deluded fans along the lines of “Come through and slay Vocal Bible!”

    • Anutha1 December 3, 2018

      I would love to know who the f*** started that quote cause they need to take a long ass seat ?

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily December 3, 2018

        @Anutha1 it was her peers that started it. Jazmin Sullivan, Fantasia, Tank, Missy, Baby Face, Luke James.. you know the HIGHLY SKILLED vocalists &musicians. that truly wtf they’re talking about .

      • 2bad2bme December 3, 2018

        @Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily

        You better let em know!

      • truthteller December 3, 2018

        If those artists said that (and I’d like to see the receipts) they are deluded as well. I’ve only ever heard her referred that way by overweight African American gays. Brandy is more the Vocal Book of Obadiah than a Bible and that’s being generous

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily December 3, 2018

        @TruthEludesTheFuckOuttaMe : girl there are receipts a-plenty(see link below).. I’m sorry that you just don’t know music or vocals not have the vocals chops to make an educated perception of the subject. Not everyone has that to their credit but to your credit.. you tried! Brandy is a SANGERS Sanger!

  3. Gee December 3, 2018

    Brandy is a respectable vocalist who has a great tone and her riffs are no joke. But musically sense 2001 no one has paid much attention and honestly with the position the industry is in I doubt things will change after a six year hiatus. But I hope that she is putting together a strong body of work that her fans and supporters appreciate.

  4. Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily December 3, 2018

    Whew, brandy is such a musical/vocal wonder. She really does just get better and better with time.

  5. Ughhh December 3, 2018

    Lmao she does this ever year. Her in he studio. A snippet of music and then nothing. See you next year for another round of “why do you keep paying for studio time?”

    • Lee December 8, 2018

      Someone’s been keeping tabs on ol’ gal Brandy. It’s true that haters are the biggest fans.

  6. Selah December 3, 2018

    Who cares? She’s been posting snippets for years and no new music has come out of it. Just drop the music sis. All the teasing is tired.

  7. pat December 3, 2018

    it’s not possible for her to make bad music….and thank u for not chasing trends

  8. Lucas December 3, 2018

    She is a singers singer. All of our faves fave. She is one of our blueprints. one of our archetypes. She was the first major black superstar to have number one albums, singles, tv shows, movies, endorsements, dolls etc. She is the original. She has nothing to prove. Her only job is to enjoy being her and making music she is proud of and everything else will follow! Im so excited for this new album! Go head Brandy!!!!!

    Side note: Why are fans/stans so obsessed with charts and numbers and what’s number one and whats not. What happen to just enjoying the MUSIC and the ART. Who ares what numbers it does. There are plenty of artists not charting that are making great music but no one pays attention because it doesn’t “chart”…kind of backwards.

  9. Anutha1 December 3, 2018

    She’ll go copper first week sales no one cares FLOPANDY

    • 2bad2bme December 3, 2018

      She already had major success and has longevity unlike these so called singers this generation. She now only makes music for her core fans that loves REAL soulful music not this microwave bubble gum mess ya’ll like.

  10. JCP December 3, 2018

    I love Brandy. I have all of her albums. But enough with the studio snippets. Drop that album, boo…a single…something! #BRocka

  11. Sandra December 3, 2018

    I like the sound of this, I loved two eleven, but I also need to dance. I love brandy’s music in general

    You cannot give us Cassandra on STAR and not come out with a club track.

  12. HOWYOULIKEIT December 3, 2018

    she still has it

  13. Mariah The Queen December 3, 2018

    since its been a long while since you posted your top 5 songs of the moment..
    here it is
    1. 8th grade -Mariah carey
    2. 8th grade -Mariah carey
    3. 8th grade -Mariah carey
    4. 8th grade -Mariah carey
    5. 8th grade -Mariah carey

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iBully TROLLmine Rasuptia (hermaphrodite) on the daily December 3, 2018

      That’s my number 6th or 7th on the album but I do enjoy that track!

  14. Aretha Franklin December 3, 2018

    Who isn’t flopping these days? No ones expecting Brandy to move units in 2018. She’s been working on music for 6 years I think it’s about time for her to stop with these snippets…

  15. Fast_Persuader December 3, 2018

    Yea, I’m sure the layered harmonies will be lush as anticipated.

    But this time around, I want fresh evolved production, grown n s*** bops. And NOT EVEN A HINT of the contrived ‘brokenhearted’ ‘triflin men’ ‘baby mama’ ‘do you still want me?’ ‘say you need me’ themes.

  16. Mother December 3, 2018

    Come on harmonies!!!!! This woman’s voice gives me life

  17. DanYiel December 3, 2018

    She has it for sure!!??

  18. RoyalKev December 4, 2018

    Ahhhhhhh … vocals just like butter!!!!

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