Lady Gaga Unleashes Epic ‘Enigma’ Trailer Ahead Launch In Las Vegas Tonight

Published: Friday 28th Dec 2018 by Sam

Lady Gaga makes her grand debut on the Las Vegas strip this evening when her ‘Enigma’ show takes up residency at the Park Theater.

Easily one of the most anticipated spectacles of this year and next, the concert series is already being hailed as a game-changer for Sin City – which has been experiencing a transformation in recent times.

Once the desert where careers went to wither, contemporary Pop stars have delivered electrifying bolts of relevance with various residencies – making a lucrative Vegas residency one of the most appealing gigs going.

As for what Gaga will be delivering? Beyond the fact she’s playing TWO shows (one Pop, one stripped back Jazz), she’s been relatively mum on details. Opting instead to tease.

Moments ago, she unwrapped the most measured insight into the show – which looks to be a high-tech affair.

See what we mean below…

Come through Mother Monster!

We’re hearing murmurs that “Enigma” will serve as or encompass some form of “alter ego.”

In any case, we’re all sorts of buzzed. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Brent Christopher December 28, 2018

    there’s absolutely nothing innovative or intriguing about this little trailer ?

    you all overhype EVERYTHING — like 14 year old school girls.

    • JanStan December 28, 2018

      The video itself is not innovative but Gaga IS. And it doesn’t take a genius to know that she’s going to do things no one has ever done (like she always does) and we’re here for it.

      • Brent Christopher December 28, 2018

        have you read the OTHER honest comments beneath mine, you kween?

  2. Ugggh December 28, 2018

    Dead at how easily you gays are amazed. I’m unimpressed, but okay. It’s cute

  3. Ropeburn December 28, 2018

    Sam clearly must’ve watched a different video cause I was not impressed at all. It looked liked some old tired anime mess.

  4. Wyeom December 29, 2018

    “epic” LMAO

  5. Jeans December 30, 2018

    Pls. Janet did this on the discipline album ?

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