Nicki Minaj Preps Legal Action Against Journalist

Published: Tuesday 11th Dec 2018 by David

Nicki Minaj’s decision to enter a relationship with an alleged sexual predator is wreaking havoc on her public image and seen her face criticism from members of the press.

Today, after she defended her new romance, she has threatened to deal with one journalist mercilessly after he dared to go after her with what she says is inaccurate information.

A disconcerting developing in this very confusing chapter of Minaj’s career below…


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You better have a good lawyer, #JessePalmer #ArnoldPalmer You just lied on me on nat’l TV & now you’re being sued. You better be able to back up what you just said about me with FACTS. #SuperFacts #Defamation ? #GoodFormVIDEO link in my bio. ?

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You better have a good lawyer, #JessePalmer#ArnoldPalmerYou just lied on me on nat’l TV & now you’re being sued. You better be able to back up what you just said about me with FACTS.

The chart-topping rapper has been washed by a wave of negative press ever since she stepped forward with her new man and condemned those who urged her to dump him over his alleged ties to sex abuse and violence.

Hit this link to read her mind.

The Daily Mail is yet to respond to her legal threat.

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  1. DanYiel Iman December 11, 2018

    She’s been living her life like it’s golden for so many year’s!! She’s been a constant fan of sexual predators all down her career!!??‍♂️

    • Jasmine December 11, 2018

      Yall keep making a big deal out of this sexual predator stuff but ignore the BIG PICTURE. That man is a COLD BLOODED KILLER! He served hard time for killing a man. Kenneth Petty PLED GUILTY to first-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of a man named Lamont Robinson. Kenneth Petty shot Lamont Robinson with a loaded handgun MULTIPLE times thereby causing his death.

      Which one is worse: r*** or murder????????????????? Murder is always worst. I don’t know how Nicki met this loser but she should drop him off wherever she met him and never return there again!

      “The complaint claims on April 27, 2002 at 12:30 AM, Petty shot Robinson “with a loaded handgin (sic) multiple times thereby causing his death.”

      Officials originally charged Petty with murder in the second degree, but he was able to get it knocked down to manslaughter when he cut a deal.

      A police blotter posted at the time of the shooting describes an unknown man who was shot three times in the stomach and died at a nearby hospital.

      Petty pled guilty to the manslaughter charge in March 2006 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, for which he served 7. Court records indicate Petty was released in May 2013, and had been on supervised release for 5 years, until May of this year”

      • Caleb December 11, 2018

        Yet she called out Remy Ma for shooting at someone who stole thousands of dollars from her?!

  2. suhsuh December 11, 2018

    SO I am not a big fan but has she been molested as a child because this pattern is very very troubling ALL Jokes aside

    • Kimmy Blanco December 11, 2018

      Same and I’m worried that this is what happened. I’m not joking. Creating multiple alter egos is a form of defence for abuse victims to shield their brains from the trauma of abuse. I’m praying for her and hope she can heal from whatever pain she is feeling.

  3. I hate whyyyyte and blaccckbi December 11, 2018

    Y’all just are mad…the rap Queen has a man and that other b**** don’t

    • Dumb Ass H*** December 12, 2018

      What other b****** though? Like please stop. That man said nothing wrong about that lady and he said ALLEGEDLY and he spoke nothing but the truth. So I’m trying to figure out where the defamation was in play at.

  4. Maya Bell December 11, 2018

    wasnt she lying about mad s*** on her radio show!

    like niki get it together ma

  5. Caleb December 11, 2018

    This is royal considering the way she has attacked journalists and had her fans attack and threaten them because of their being critical of her work.

    • Jasmine December 12, 2018

      I agree 100 %

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