Watch: Janet Jackson Reunites With Paula Abdul

Published: Thursday 31st Jan 2019 by David

As Pop stars Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson ruled the 90s with charismatic personalities, razor sharp choreography and well-produced Pop hits.

As friends, they worked side by side too make magical moves for Jackson on a choreography tip.

Last night, they reunited for the first time in decades.

Watch below…



Janet surprised fans with a private concert in Las Vegas last night and then flew into Los Angeles to be honoured at the Choreographers Ball by the ‘Rush Rush’ superstar.


Here’s hoping last night’s reunion inspires them to do the same in the studio.

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  1. Zion January 31, 2019

    Paula dances better…….

    • I’ll wait… January 31, 2019

      What do you do better?

    • ayyye January 31, 2019

      stay mad

    • ??? January 31, 2019

      lmaoooo not even on mars bishhh, try again lmfaooooo ?

    • CHINA January 31, 2019

      JANET IS THE ICON. Paula is a lipsinging carbon fake copy of janet WITHOUT THE GREAT VIDEOS, TOURS, CONCERTS, SONGS, INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC. Janet is the blueprint. Paula is another casualty of the 80’s.

    • Josh February 6, 2019

      Well Paula started off as an dancer. Janet’s career began as an actress.

  2. SMH January 31, 2019

    @zion …than a giraffe maybe, damn sure not better than Janet. Sit.

  3. Zion January 31, 2019

    In that video she was better than Janet

    • Michael Bosket January 31, 2019

      Watch how fast Janet learned the Nasty choreography

    • Prince Eldarion February 1, 2019

      She was just learning the choreography. Once she had it down she would slay it better than Paula.

  4. JUST SAYING January 31, 2019

    Can we please get s*** Janet back? I have not been liking her hair or fashion choices lately. And for all who dont know it was Paula who taught Janet the moves back in 80’s its cool Janet is so down to earth! They are both Icons!

    • LUCKI January 31, 2019

      Janet is 52 YEARS OLD. She clearly isn’t with the s*** image anymore. Go watch her old s*** if you want s*** Janet back.

  5. Keith January 31, 2019

    It’s great to see these ladies together. Both are healthy and still working and have changed the “game” for what it means to be a pop diva. Don’t really think “s***” Janet is coming back but I do like that she is giving different looks now. Wonder what she will look like for the upcoming Japan shows…

  6. The Empress January 31, 2019

    They had the BEST era in pop music. Janet, Paula, Mariah, Whitney, Karyn, Tina, Anita, Sade, Mary, Pebbles, Jody, Vanessa, Cathy, Madonna, Cher, Cyndi, Patti — now compare that to the past 15 years…

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 31, 2019


  7. 4U2SEE January 31, 2019

    OMG!!! I can’t believe this website came to fruition!?!

  8. January 31, 2019

    I love Janet♥

  9. Ropeburn January 31, 2019

    Glad to see Janet getting the recognition she so richly deserves! I can’t wait to see what she’s cookin up on the music tip. But I have to say, she needs a new glam squad cause the queen should not be out here lookin like The Help. You can dress modestly without lookin like you’re wearing pajamas.

    • Kenneth Cooper February 1, 2019


      • Ropeburn February 1, 2019

        U big mad?!

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